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Executive Briefs on Hot trending – Cable, Satellite, IPTV, HDTV, 3D, Digital Video space.

EBU sets out connected TV principals http://bit.ly/h5pvNe

Apple Internet-Connected HDTV By End Of 2011 http://bit.ly/gdRK67

Boxee GPLv3 violation alleged http://tvaftertv.com/61y

Streaming growing, but consumers still love DVDs: arst.ch/p22

The Pay-Tv ecosystem needs to evolve: Insights at IP&TV World Forum 2011 from Analysys Mason http://bit.ly/g3Li9W

Motorola Mobility Acquires IPTV Software Company Dreampark http://tvaftertv.com/e5x

Publishers eyeing connected TVs should accept same VOD levies as broadcasters http://bit.ly/gdONJn

Next Up for Netflix: Family Plans http://bit.ly/exq9l7

West African Cable System lands in Cape Townhttp://goo.gl/fb/4CNzT

Russian carriers shift to all IP backhaul http://goo.gl/fb/Antnw

Mixed fortunes for Viasat http://dlvr.it/P03t7

EU to investigate ISP throttling http://dlvr.it/P03nx

Discovery eyes Polish expansion http://dlvr.it/P00pr

China’s Telecommunications Market Expected to Increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 8.8% between 2009 & 2014 reaching $ 187 bn in 2014 …http://bit.ly/gADXhx

TEO gains TV subscribers http://dlvr.it/NzvSm

HBO Go app set to stream its way to iPhones, iPads and Android devices http://engt.co/hEAQRZ

Galloping IPTV Pushes Global Set Tob Box Revenue Near Billionhttp://tvaftertv.com/eyn

VG Media signs deal with Haus & Grund http://dlvr.it/NyySm

Worldwide 4Q10 Set Top Box Market Revenues Approach $6 Billion, Says In-Stat http://bit.ly/gNUFZk

Netflix adds at least one ‘buy now’ button – FierceIPTVhttp://bit.ly/gfSIe7

Mondo Home Entertainment signs contracts with Sky, Telecom Italia and Swiss TV http://bit.ly/fLG0se

30% of US households have a television set connected to the internet. http://bit.ly/gKVaW1

ADB whitepaper: Content Convergence – the new TV frontierhttp://ht.ly/4DgF0

Over 90% watching digital TV in France http://ht.ly/4Dgz1

Irdeto – As a result, we’re all watching video online: http://bit.ly/fWzRkY

Sink or swim: Will 3D TV ever catch on? http://ht.ly/4Dgg5

HD migration drives growth in global STB revenues – IPTV Newshttp://bit.ly/eH79p7

OPTA: majority of Dutch watch digital http://dlvr.it/P0jzY

Is cord-cutting the wave of the future? In many American homes, yes: http://bit.ly/fPPfoy

Prioritizing efficiencies: energy versus spectrumhttp://goo.gl/fb/TRp0X

Who Will Blink First Over TV Spectrum? I’m of the opinion that there isn’t that big a divide between the FCC and…http://fb.me/WPMvKewu

What Worries 1st Amendment Watchdog As the FCC works on its Future of the Media Initiative, Attorney Kathleen…http://fb.me/G5Hw30uD

ADB – What an Apple HDTV Would Need to Succeed – Operator buy-in http://ht.ly/4Dl7F

Cable/telco/sat companies loving the iPad…The Big iPad TV App Smackdown http://t.co/PQ

Will streaming TV online lead to the death of the big media players? http://bit.ly/f0Cfxb

HD migration drives growth in global STB revenues: Although worldwide set-top box shipments remained flat … http://bit.ly/fQYzz3

Video Cord Cutting Remains Minimal, Except Among Younger Viewers http://bit.ly/dRFm8M

Growth continues for Telia TV http://bit.ly/hzIa1A

Ka-band satellite constellation to benefit military forces. http://tinyurl.com/43qmldp http://fb.me/wB3CaRza

China releases Connected TVs standards – http://goo.gl/VjsoF

Virtual cable companies gaining traction in US? Keep an eye on Verizon – FierceIPTV http://bit.ly/f8vBpS

EU to investigate net-neutrality http://bbc.in/hYL0cc

Viettel: “The TV will become a place where the whole family can access their media” – IPTV News  http://bit.ly/dJo2yX

Entone wins new US contract – IPTV News http://bit.ly/hMVpDx

Who Will Blink First Over TV Spectrum? Obama Administration Battles Broadcasters – Deadline.com  http://ow.ly/4DBaj

Tru2way Guides Fling DVR Content In CableLabs Demo | Multichannel News http://ow.ly/4DEiS