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Comcast ready to kick apps with ‘CodeBig’ –MSO’s Sree Kotay calls it ‘our version of Google APIs or Yahoo APIs’ http://bit.ly/liLP79

Netflix Not Getting Big Boost From Cord-Cutting http://bit.ly/k1SELx

ATIS IIF Issues Four New Metadata Standards Supporting Content on Demand http://bit.ly/ljsxLR

Is China’s market ready for web TV? http://tvaftertv.com/13r

Brightcove Awarded Patent for Digital Content Delivery http://tvaftertv.com/c4d

EchoStar Reports First Quarter 2011 Financial Resultshttp://bit.ly/li1WxB

PMC-Sierra’s HyPHY Enables FiberHome to Deliver Breakthrough Multi-Service Convergence over OTN http://bit.ly/mLRzre

TeleCable adds four HDTV channels http://ht.ly/4L67N

The Future of TV: Why Broadcast needs to adapt http://ht.ly/4L5QS [Cord-cutting speculation largely overblown’

Dish, EchoStar to pay TiVo $500M to settle DVR suithttp://bit.ly/j8qPpk

Competing With Telcos: Get Your BSS Act Together: As revenue stagnates across the cable market and competitive t…http://bit.ly/lzp8JE

icueTV Shows iTV Smarts With Targeted Trial Partnerships: Getting real-time interactive television commerce. http://bit.ly/k56zS5

Aurora Networks nabs GoBackTV, whose roots trace to cable modem/CMTS maker Com21, which later focused on digital video http://bit.ly/kIGBzu

Pay TV player BSkyB is winning the war to dominate digital – Guardian – http://ow.ly/1sMVPR

Level 3 Communications, Inc To be Included in C7’s Tier-1 …http://tvaftertv.com/cbn

Entone Hydra IP Video Gateway Deployed With Minerva Networks’ iTVManager http://bit.ly/jjomE6

Shelby.tv: A Leanback Experience for Personalized Videohttp://bit.ly/mGGnJ5

Verizon Devising Uber Strategy for Home Services http://bit.ly/lly193

NetFlix subscribers rises from 24.9m to 25.9m by end of Q2 2011, 50 m By 2013? http://goo.gl/pbMNz

HBO GO Launches on iOS and Android Devices: A Necessary But Insufficient Step: Today marks the “official” launch…http://bit.ly/lDQvvr

Zappware debuts multi-screen TV solution for pay-tv operatorshttp://bit.ly/lSaDwM

Video Content Search Gets a Boost http://ht.ly/4L7yo . Could the same technology be used to improve TV experience?

MoCA Sets Sights on In-Home Backbones in Europehttp://bit.ly/jsj9nB

SES… Happy With HD (SatBroadcasting) http://goo.gl/fb/SjLky

G4S Technology Selected to Design and Construct a 660-Mile Fiber Optic Network That Will Make Fiber-To-The-Home in Upstate New York. http://bit.ly/jBgKFf

Cablevision Offers New “Triple Play” Bundle: The new package includes about 275 channels of digital cable, high-…http://bit.ly/m6uh3y

On-Demand viewing continues to grow: http://nyti.ms/iHbFKL

Charlie Ergen sees Netflix’s streaming lead as ‘formidable…probably insurmountable’ as Dish mulls Blockbuster plan http://bit.ly/imk8cK

Marvel Content Coming to Netflixhttp://t.co/z09Kcb8

Pay TV operators target rural audiencehttp://bit.ly/mlyD7y

Consolidation is in the air! KPN acquires Dutch cable company Caiwayhttp://bit.ly/jKib4n

Level 3 Communications Earnings Preview (LVLT)http://tvaftertv.com/d6u

What is the job of DRM? Does content protection represent the bottom line for video? Find out at digitalhollywood http://bit.ly/lmivmv

Hear from our OTT video partners: Importance of security for adaptive rate streaming http://bit.ly/jXIlZs

OTT, hybrid security like CI+ card, DVB broadcast security with–or without–smart cards http://bit.ly/jphv5h

Level 3 Communications Earnings Preview (LVLT) http://tvaftertv.com/d6u

Verimatrix exhibits angacable following acquisition of Comvenient http://bit.ly/mbMezn

TiVo in its most recent 10-K filing said Cablevision’s network-based DVR (the RS-DVR) is a potential competitor http://t.co/pstPVKQ

Limelight Networks(R) Acquires SaaS Provider Clickability, Adds …http://tvaftertv.com/r7b