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VIDEO SERVICES with strongest revenue growth: IPTV (+45% in 2010) and satellite video (+13%). Infonetics report: http://bit.ly/jiFEVS

Home networking wars heat up as HomePlug claims major gains in Europe http://bit.ly/l956O5

European multiscreen TV held back by regulations http://bit.ly/kgadhi

Tuesday is World Telecommunication & Information Society Day. Theme: Better life in rural communities with ICTs http://bit.ly/lYhVfz

Comcast rolls out metro Ethernet http://goo.gl/7Z7YJ

How much of that content is really “HD?” – Time Warner Cable Hits 175 HD Channels In NYC | Broadcasting & Cable  http://ow.ly/4WkJb

Videotron To Deploy Zodiac’s Multiplatform Games System – http://t.co/qfjUvzr

More analysis predicts 500% growth for 3D in 2011 http://goo.gl/fb/2PwsH

Telekom Entertain leads German IPTV market – Broadband TV News http://bit.ly/mpg6Hj

NTT DoCoMo: Not sure whether LTE can allow a new premium revenue stream compared with existing HSPA/HSPA+ network

DVB-T2 for Philippines? – Sky 3D strategy http://conta.cc/kYMHqO

Sky and Discovery launch digital product placement: Sky and Discovery have both signed product placement deals …http://bit.ly/m9QxYG

Sky and Virgin reveal 3D strategy http://dlvr.it/Rzz9Y

UK Govt starts consultation on futuremedia regulation http://lnkd.in/rwsdbt

Wireline’s rising trends – FierceTelecom http://t.co/Ugjp03r

Dish Networks may offer Hollywood VOD movie service 8 weeks after they’re released in theatres http://ow.ly/4WhLc

A Better PVR – Smart Recording Features http://www.iptv-blog.net/2011/04/better-personal-video-recorder-pvr-with.html

LTE Supplement 2011 http://goo.gl/fb/9Rrpp

Netflix ‘wants to be the fifth US TV network’: Hollywood. OTT becomes much, much more than re-runs connectedTV future…http://lnkd.in/9tvrxD

BT’s fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband could exceed 100Mbps in future. PR spin? What if everyone in street used it at same time? http://lnkd.in/BaTwUn

Technology is a great social leveler. India’s plan is to connect 250K Panchayats to optical fiber cable. India is a nation of a connected 1 billion people! Sam Pitroda

Verizon launched in 38 markets and 60 major airports covering 110 million subscribers during December 2010.

Cameron Pace Group outlines 2D-3D vision – broadcasters not so sure http://is.gd/PV80o0

By end 2015, high-speed, one hundred megabit broadband connections will be available to nearly all in Finland @TarjaHalonen

Finland is 1st country in the world to ensure– by legislation –that all its citizens have opportunity to use digital services @TarjaHalonen

There are now 28 countries that have deployed or adopted the DVB-T2 DTT standard http://t.co/L2b5xVl

WarnerTV arrives in Emirates http://dlvr.it/RzPtx Warner Bros launches VOD in Dubai, UAE: Warner Bros has launched its branded subscription video-on-demand …http://tinyurl.com/3kb982h

UPC Czech ups 3D offer http://dlvr.it/RyV6L

Vision IPTV to brief The African TV Show on OTT TV broadcasting http://bit.ly/k25JSR

Amazon plans a line of Android based devices, including Google TV http://tvaftertv.com/7cy

India ends 2010 with 32 million DTH subscribershttp://bit.ly/mo8q63

Samsung launches 3D VOD app
service .http://tinyurl.com/3vu873k

YouSee to invest DKK250 million in on-demand capacity.http://tinyurl.com/3npfymd

Blip.tv Redesigns To Be Like Hulu for Independent Web Series http://tvaftertv.com/xwa Video: With 1 Billion Views Per Quarter, Blip.tv Becomes A Video Destination http://tcrn.ch/mczd0U

Dish, U-verse TV Fall On ACSI Customer-Satisfaction Survey – Charter, Comcast, TWC Lag in Category – http://t.co/xrJZPnR

AT&T Upgrades U-verse Total Home DVR to Control Live TV on Any TV in the Home http://go-att.us/3sgw

Social TV Startup BeeTV Raises $1.5 Million, Releases iPad Apphttp://tcrn.ch/lEgkrs

Boxx TV’s wireless hotspot service goes Street-Live. Offers big savings over sat trucks http://is.gd/GjcviK

IPTV operators name key STB features http://tvaftertv.com/7qp

Netflix Represents Nearly 30% Of Peak Downstream Internet Traffic: Study http://j.mp/l96OuU

KIT digital Powers Launch of China United Television http://bit.ly/kIpawf

Connected TV is a great development for cable http://bit.ly/mn8VnL

Viewster pioneers Connected TV VOD models http://bit.ly/mhke9T

Stream iPhone 4 Camera To Apple TV, No HDhttp://tvaftertv.com/zhv

BitTorrent still accounts for 52% of all upstream traffic consumed during peak periods, according to Sandvine  http://t.co/R1jFCVT Netflix Represents Nearly 30% Of Peak Downstream Internet Traffic: Study http://bit.ly/j7awzO

Vodafone Deepens Ties With Verizon – major implications for users, rivals and suppliers  http://t.co/3F938nj

Asia-Pacific digital pay-TV subscriptions reached 148 million in 2010 http://bit.ly/jtvurJ

Customer experience is the most important competitive differentiator for a CSP http://j.mp/lDYLTf

Driving the Connected Home http://ht.ly/4Wo6P

Shaw Communications Deploys the ARRIS Whole Home Solution, Offers New Multi-Room PVR Service  http://bit.ly/keIprP

CenturyLink dials up competition in Tallahassee with IPTV launch – FierceIPTV http://bit.ly/mr9W2n

Buffalo group accuses Verizon of ignoring minorities in FiOS rollout – FierceIPTV http://bit.ly/mnY7zp

IPTV Set to Dominate Urban Areas in CEE by 2017 – TMC Net http://bit.ly/iLKd3X

Verizon plans new push for FiOS services in next two years – FierceIPTV http://bit.ly/mP8D7J

UK pay TV operator BSkyB – 3D TV could replicate success of HD: http://tinyurl.com/3jr96as

Time Warner Cable Funds VOD Ad Vendor BlackArrow http://bit.ly/l7jzpf

Fox’s latest anti-AllVid FCC filing suggests new pay-TV service is coming to gaming consoles  http://t.co/mZRroRy

Court Invalidates Verizon Countersuit Claims Against ActiveVideohttp://bit.ly/mpW4To

China’s internet population powers ahead of US, hits 477 million http://onforb.es/lUnp9V

SeaChange debuts Infusion advanced advertising platform: http://bit.ly/m38by0

RomTelecom drives VOD take-up with Espial: Romania’s RomTelecom has exceeded 35,000 IPTV subscribers with access…http://bit.ly/kfapem

Samsung reviews 3D progress http://dlvr.it/S1VH8

Regal CEO: Talks with studios continue over premium VODhttp://bit.ly/kQpyqO

Encoding.com launched developer-friendly plan that includes free encoding http://bit.ly/msDKY6

ZDF wants HbbTV as single hybrid standard http://bit.ly/kpNN1w

Cox Communications launched its wireless service today in Rhode Island, Cleveland, Ohio and markets in Connecticut http://bit.ly/lHmQwm

The cost of telecommunications has fallen worldwide. Economist Daily Chart May 17th  http://www.economist.com/blogs/dailychart/2011/05/telecommunications?fsrc=scn/tw/te/dc/talkischeaper

3D TV set market to grow 500% in 2011 http://dlvr.it/S2z7d #3DTV

Google Kansas City Plans Now Include Both Sides of The River http://t.co/FjLDU2J

CHART OF THE DAY: Netflix Is Eating Up More Of North America’s Bandwidth Than Any Other Company by http://read.bi/kRnTC0

3G subscriptions in India are expected to reach 41 million connections http://j.mp/mLSseQ

In-Stat: All TVs 40+ Inches Will Be 3D-Enabled http://t.co/mVSSRtx

Limelight Networks Finds Traction as Online Video Platformhttp://tvaftertv.com/3vv

Cable TV goes mobile: The HBO Go app from Time Warner has already produced more than 1 million downloads ..http://bit.ly/lyJzD4

Time Warner Cable touts more than 175 HD channels in NYC with international packages like Hindi, Russian & Filipino. http://ow.ly/4WBBA

BT’s fibre rollout lagging behind – analyst http://twurl.nl/p6e04a

Vodafone CEO says Europe would benefit from mobile consolidation http://twurl.nl/8wcj6r

SK Telecom may launch services in Brazil http://twurl.nl/ym4327

MetroPCS concerned over spectrum concentration from AT&T, T-Mobile deal http://twurl.nl/h085zn

MTNL plans to recast 30 billion rupees of debt http://twurl.nl/57dwnt

TiVo’s slow-mo trip toward profitability | http://buswk.co/jPyZSZ TiVo pricing changes May 19th: $100 Premiere, $20 / month service, $500 lifetime for all http://engt.co/ix8pK4

The latest edition of the Intelsat Insider… http://ow.ly/4IhCg

ESPN goes after women, Hispanics and … male shoppershttp://bit.ly/k7IC7Z

Rostelecom reveals post-merger targets; aims to secure 50% of broadband market http://tf.to/rVJh

Time Warner Cable’s mobile TV app finds ready audience: .http://bit.ly/lsd9b1

Gigaband Networks seeks to optimize Wi-Fi to the home-http://j.mp/kc2qJv

Principles for Connected and Hybrid TV Pt 1http://ht.ly/4WcUM and Pt 2 http://ht.ly/4WcUN

Analyst – Sky Deutschland to Breakeven in 2012 http://bit.ly/iHPVjI

The World’s First Experimentation Of An Interactive TV Portal http://bit.ly/kl2XJO

Microsoft’s has Integrated Media Platform, Providing OVP Services … http://tvaftertv.com/6e1