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Compare the Apple TV, Boxee Box, Roku, and More with Free Chart http://tvaftertv.com/ndr

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Samsung Nexus S 4G WiMAX performance issues http://engt.co/mG2Gob

Gamification anyone? http://bit.ly/mTKUWk

FCC Issues rules for implementing CALM Act, which will even out the volume between television ADS!!!! and programs. Rules Apply to all ads.

Roku Taps YuMe To Power Video Advertising For Streaming Playershttp://tcrn.ch/krAIvg

Global daily views on Youtube have surpassed 3 billion, a 50% increase over last year. Happy Birthday YouTube: http://ow.ly/53WzE

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AT&T Buliding Islands of LTE in 2011 http://tf.to/tsS6

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Iridium Anti-Piracy Program Offers Free Calls From Ships to Naval Forces http://bit.ly/m69VhD

Rural TV Groups Call For Retention Of Cable Compulsory License To Promote Cost-Efficient Consumer Access To TV Signals http://bit.ly/l4d9vk

FCC sees huge response to ATT/T-Mobile merger http://bit.ly/mmKucD

Retransmission Consent Fees: Get Ready for Them to Double http://t.co/f4QTDpw

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More Proof That Netflix Is Killing Blockbuster’s Business by http://read.bi/jZDTw1

Comcast says it served 4.4X more VOD views than McD’s served Big Macs since 2003 http://goo.gl/Lj11H

KPN takes cue from lasagna in simplification strategy http://bit.ly/k9gJdX

Rural areas get faster broadband – http://tf.to/tr8v

Cisco Set for Telco Managed Services Pushhttp://tf.to/tr8d

Irish gov’t announces $28M in funding for telecom research http://bit.ly/mTbIn

Venezuela Deal Signals Growing Chinese Influence in LatAm Satellite Markethttp://bit.ly/mx9VAp

WatchESPN App Now iPad-Optimized http://dlvr.it/TDZJg

AT&T’s U-verse goes mobile. Technology increasing accessibility one step at a time. http://bit.ly/iEm8o0

Youtube users upload 48 hrs of video content every minute– a 100% increase year over year.

With or Without Facebook, Netflix Needs to Get Social http://bit.ly/jDGa2k

Hollywood’s 28-day delay for Redbox and Netflix is now Blockbuster’s only advantage http://bit.ly/jN6z4X

Comcast will take on Netflix, Hulu with its IP-TV service http://bit.ly/itKD7E

Multimedia Research Group Adds Rankings to IPTV Market Report http://bit.ly/juAVyo

Pay TV joins relentless march of media consolidation http://bit.ly/liDR8i