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Former iPlayer Head Targets iPads With Stealth TV Startuphttp://dlvr.it/Tf0pZ

Growing VoIP subscribers (esp. Brazil, Mexico), SIP trunking & IP interconnectivity driving carrier VoIP eqpmt. market http://bit.ly/mrt0Yy

CEA Survey: 10% of Pay-TV Households Plan to Cut Cord In 2011http://bit.ly/ja3FZE

SlingPlayer for Google TV teased on video, beta program opens up soonhttp://tvaftertv.com/tho SlingPlayer Plans Google TV Ability http://tvaftertv.com/7sq

Europe gets new broadband satellite option http://tf.to/tFKG

Cisco Tries to Loosen Moto’s Grip on Tier 2 Cable http://tf.to/tFKF

60% of Generation Y Leaning Toward dropping Cable TV http://t.co/B9ajj17

The Rise of the Smart TV: Who are the Players [infographic] http://bit.ly/kHuBc6

Get ready folks … it’s iSat! as a new iPhone, iPad and iPad touch app offers users a way to send messages via satellite from anywhere in the world – by Globalstar-backed SPOT Connect App http://international.findmespot.com/

Open Internet TV Application Development Platform http://www.iptv-blog.net/2011/05/open-internet-tv-application.html

Decisions in Flux – 2011-05-30 04:01:00 | Broadcasting & Cablehttp://ow.ly/57sqL

Telekom Austria re-brands IPTV service as A1, expands selection of foreign …http://tvaftertv.com/vhj

Location Based Services explosion on the horizon – http://moconews.net/article/419-how-mobile-can-bridge-the-digital-and-physical-worlds-in-new-ways/

ADB to supply Hungary’s Btel with hybrid STBand Carbo UI http://ht.ly/57sjz

Comcast hones Xcalibur to deliver IP-based video services – IPTV News http://bit.ly/l8LoKl

Cisco VNI: Traffic grows (to zettabyte levels), as does survey’s impact http://bit.ly/mMrH1O

Tablets will become second screen for TVhttp://ht.ly/57vhY

Eutelsat’s KA-SAT broadband boost has immediate impact: . http://bit.ly/iX44VV

Youtube‘s new strategy includes promoting native web networks to maximize ad revenue http://ow.ly/57vTf

66% Of iPads Sold Are “3G” Instead Of WiFi, Says Jefferies  http://read.bi/m8PHYN

SES signs agreement with YellowSat, a French start-up company that provides Internet connectivity to enterprises,…http://fb.me/xJRw4ozR

TV networks still clueless on Web strategyhttp://on.today.com/jd8xCV

Russia – Telecoms, IP Networks, Digital Media and Forecastshttp://bit.ly/kA9EXL

TV Manufacturers Need To Standardise Their App Portals http://bit.ly/lPbrCf

NPRG: If anything, Cisco VNI underestimates ‘data deluge’ http://bit.ly/ld1Ww0 Cisco Sees Web Traffic Up 4x By 2015 To Almost A Zettabyte http://onforb.es/jhrwQa

BlackArrow Opens Up VOD Ad System, Adds Midroll Support – http://t.co/l7rAguH

Sky nets 3D basketball http://goo.gl/fb/cu5cm Sky nets 3D basketball: ESPN and Sky are to follow up their collaboration on the 3D broadcast of the FA Cup final…http://bit.ly/mkxGhB

Young Chilean Entrepreneurs Change the Way of Measuring TV Ratings http://bit.ly/l5h9Tt

Startup promises broadcast TV on any connected device http://bit.ly/lVarHo


5 Trends in TV Consumption & How Marketers Can Engage Increasingly ‘Active’ Viewers http://ow.ly/57m9x

Former iPlayer Head Targets iPads With Stealth TV Startup  http://bit.ly/k8Lgrh

Survey: 10% Of Pay-TV Households Plan To Cut Cord In 2011 http://bit.ly/jSwC4C

Pay-TV operators “at risk of losing Gen Y subscribers” http://bit.ly/kvsbrv

Young and poor challenge traditional pay TV modelhttp://bit.ly/mLEltZ

Rovio and Roku Partner to Bring ‘Angry Birds’ to Your TV Sethttp://ti.me/jvXonC

YouTube’s Kyncl aims to expand beyond quick-hit videoshttp://bit.ly/jpfUcU

News Corp.’s Hulu hope: more commercials http://bit.ly/m1uiPg

What Does IPv6 Mean to Broadcasters?, by Wes Simpsonhttp://ow.ly/57AiB

France Telecom to “adapt to conquer” through 2015http://bit.ly/kYF9Mn

IPTV revenues in MEA region to grow tenfold by 2016http://bit.ly/kkSrKW

Cisco Tries to Loosen Moto’s Grip on Tier 2 Cable http://bit.ly/m0iyi5

Discovery expands content team: Discovery Networks has hired a former BT Vision exec as part of a renewed invest…http://bit.ly/lCvoY9

AlcaLu Gets Down with OTT – pitches online video analytics tool to MSOs, telcos http://bit.ly/iuLtlw

Jon Miller on Netflix out-trafficking BitTorrent: “triumph of streaming over downloading.”  http://dthin.gs/majNwl

Netflix CEO: $200 Million to Renew Starz Deal “Wouldn’t Be Shocking” http://t.co/467bAbb

Cisco : 2015, one million minutes of video will be watched online every second

Hulu bringing Miramax films to free and paid subscribers: http://t.co/lDHi30Q Hulu, Miramax deal means Netflix, Hulu Plus both add Pulp Fiction and more starting today http://engt.co/iG3c6S

Netflix won’t do news, sports or instructional material says Hastings. http://dthin.gs/majNwl

ZTE Selected by BelTelecom for GPON National Broadband Network Project http://bit.ly/ig4XuE

ZTE Wins China Telecom’s IMS Network Development in Five Key Developed Provinces  http://bit.ly/kKpMFD

Harold Feld: FCC needs to capitalize on unlicensed use to help keep spectrum crunch from becoming spectrum ‘armageddon.’

ESPN 3D To Serve Up Marquee Matches From Wimbledon –  http://t.co/JPSJbkJ

Interactive TV News Roundup: — AOL Teams with i.TV for Relaunch of AOL TV — Bravo Pushes Multiplatform ‘Platin…http://bit.ly/iQQXWm

New Edition of Michael Collette’s INdustry Column Focuses on the Future of the Set-Top Box:  http://bit.ly/mtwQvD

John Gilles Joins Coincident TV: — Digital Media Veteran named EVP of Sales and Marketing and GM of Coincident Studios http://bit.ly/kgtLnN

Interactive TV News Roundup: — Comcast Reaches 20 Billion VOD Views — Court Invalidates Verizon ITV Patents -… http://bit.ly/k7DY64

Gilat Satcom… Securing C-Band (SatCom) http://goo.gl/fb/iKhcC

Asia Broadcast Satellite + Viacom Int’l… Beam Bonanza (SatBroadcasting™) http://goo.gl/fb/HKATK

SES WORLD SKIES U.S. Government Solutions… Something To CHIRP About (Satellite)  http://goo.gl/fb/rjs9G

iDirect + SkyVision Global… VSAT Evolution In The Congo (SatCom) http://goo.gl/fb/HFnCG

LTE World Summit 2011 http://goo.gl/fb/bZkth

Cisco VNI: “Global IP traffic has increased 8x over the past 5 years, and will increase 4x over the next 5 years.”  http://bit.ly/laPy6N

ACA to FCC: Ban broadcasters from bargaining as ‘collusive unit’ http://is.gd/2rQp8A

A SIP Trunk Standard Emerges: With the advent of SIPConnect v1.1 we may have a standard for SIP Trunking where …http://bit.ly/laNJKE

RED Partners with 3ality For 3D http://bit.ly/iYmeVJ

NHK shows off a TV that watches you http://tw.physorg.com/226155172

Report: Saturday Has Highest Number of Video Ad Views –  http://t.co/ReIgs4s

Sneak Preview: SlingPlayer for Google TV http://tvaftertv.com/12x

VZW offers value data pack: http://bit.ly/lhsrck

Spiegel TV plans web-TV channelhttp://tvaftertv.com/jml

Magnet shows all RTE channels on free web TV service http://tvaftertv.com/cbo

LTE and network optimization: http://bit.ly/jPdBtn

Time Warner Cable CEO Sees Opportunity For Broadband-Only Customers (WSJ) http://j.mp/iFGugg

ViXS delivers Content Mobility by enabling live TV streaming for the iPhone® or iPad® http://bit.ly/iq1q7I

Using the iPhone As a Universal Remote — An Idea Whose Time Has Come http://onforb.es/l6MIm4

Michael Bergeron of Panasonic talks about producing stereoscopic content. From last year’s Int’l 3D conference http://bit.ly/kF9Yyl

Research Shows 10% Of Pay TV Customers Plan Moving To Internet TV This Year  http://tvaftertv.com/zmk

Qualcomm, wilocity announce tri-band Wi-Fi — multi-gigabit wireless chipset http://bit.ly/kXcRMT

Recap: ATT-T-Mo Merger: http://bit.ly/k0MxX7