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Wireless briefs: http://bit.ly/lp9RfS

Lat Am digital cable set to boom http://dlvr.it/Txl7g

Multi-Codec Compression – Dynamically Using the Best Media Codec http://bit.ly/jMxUU3

Star TV gains Dutch distribution with UPC: ⁰Indian general entertainment channel Star TV has expanded its …http://tinyurl.com/3ks356d

Wi-Fi Direct-Enabled Digital Televisions Will Approach 80 Million by 2015 http://bit.ly/kUBpN4

Internet Features are the Norm for New TV Deviceshttp://bit.ly/k5ymlv

Spanish broadcasters press for HBBtv | Broadband TV Newshttp://t.co/vBEfTZu

BBC HD satellite channels to move to DVB-S2:http://www.dtg.org.uk/n4071

LightSquared in net share discussions with Sprinthttp://goo.gl/fb/skLNa

Research and Markets: 2011 Global IPTV & Home Theatre Insights – http://bit.ly/jQT4AW

Research and Markets: Indian Fixed broadband Access Equipment Market – 2011 http://bit.ly/lMbF6u

Motorola Mobility CEO open to acquisitions: Sanjay Jha admits high-end Atrix phone has not performed as well as … http://bit.ly/keQTm3

Convergys to sell cellular assets to AT&T for $320m: Company to update guidance after deal closes. http://bit.ly/mfJxFv

AT&T wireless chief says phone health risk needs more study: Health experts urge heavy phone users to opt for texting, hands-free kits…http://bit.ly/lwt8r6

GO’s IPTV: The next step in the home entertainment revolution? http://tvaftertv.com/zjk

Netflix Turns Focus Back to Disc http://ow.ly/1trCRM

Steve Jobs to unveil iCloud service – with movies http://dlvr.it/Tx3Lk

CME inks key VOD deal http://dlvr.it/Tx3KQ

NewTek creates world’s smallest HD live television production vehicle http://is.gd/BV4vCw

Verizon Wireless + Blueforce Development… Protection+LBS (M2M) http://goo.gl/fb/59Eqe

Spot… The Bundle Connection (SatCom) http://goo.gl/fb/o2hGP

Satellite Telecommunications Network… A Great Deal Of Vertigo Downstream (SatBroadcasting™) http://goo.gl/fb/exPBt

HDTV Magazine Weekly – 06/03/2011. http://bit.ly/9TPL8V

HTC EVO 3D walks its WiMAX by the FCC on its way to Sprinthttp://engt.co/jW7IRK

US viewers have little interest in cord cutting http://dlvr.it/Twnts

LCD panel makers target 12% 3D TV penetration for 2011http://dlvr.it/TwntS

Netflix prépare son arrivée en Europe – Le Figaro http://ow.ly/1tryg8

Samsung launches 3D video on demand for Internet TV rangehttp://tvaftertv.com/zve

ORF HD claims 700,000 viewers http://dlvr.it/TwSQX

CASBAA Singapore Satellite Industry…Experts Prognosticatehttp://goo.gl/fb/4La2t

Content costs main concern for Asian operators http://dlvr.it/TwJhB

How Online Video Can Attract TV Advertising Dollars –http://ov.iti.bz/9r

AT&T joins HomeGrid Forum: AT&T has joined the HomeGrid Forum as a Promoter Member, becoming the latest service…http://bit.ly/lUoD3B

“Bumper 2012” predicted for global TV advertising: Worldwide TV advertising revenues are expected to climb by 3.8% ….http://bit.ly/kV78se

ITT… Gains NASA Recognition (Satellite) http://goo.gl/fb/YkWUj

Sea Launch + Intelsat… Sending Off A STAR GEO (Launch) http://goo.gl/fb/VpIBQ

Ethernet Alliance completes Ethernet interoperability eventhttp://goo.gl/AvBDN

Zayo Overbuilding Memphis Network To Support Fiber-Based Services Throughout Metro Area  http://goo.gl/x81gV

Pay-TV reduction not cord-cutting the result of OTT growth http://is.gd/VuBK1s

China Telecom selects Cisco routers to support triple-play strategy – IPTV News http://bit.ly/jqMe7t

Beltelecom launches Belarus’s first 3D service: Belarusian telco Beltelecom has begun testing the country’…http://tinyurl.com/3re44qx

Profits return to Canadian TV http://goo.gl/fb/Gdtrg

Cable will go all ondemand once advertising is in place – the technology is ready http://ow.ly/59cNp

Over a third of all UK cinema screens are now 3D enabled, according to Screen Digest:  http://bit.ly/kBuZoh

Research and Markets: Australia – Telco Company Profiles – FOXTEL http://bit.ly/kVNVkL

Research and Markets: Australia Digital Media: Online Video Mediahttp://bit.ly/mivNYj

Research and Markets: 2011 Global IPTV & Home Theatre Insightshttp://bit.ly/jEdd22

Brits May See Freeview Digital TV Interference When 4G Mobile Arrives http://ow.ly/59h6w

Qualcomm to Turn Smartphones Into HDTV Sets – Mobilediahttp://ow.ly/59h5l

ATSC Revises Loudness Guidelines in Response to CALM Acthttp://ow.ly/59kXa

Mobile DTV Group Outlines Plans for Fall Launch http://ow.ly/59kVX

Mobile Network Operator Operating Costs Could Eclipse Revenue in 4 Years http://goo.gl/1N2el

New Jersey School District Shifts to Carrier Ethenrethttp://goo.gl/WKfrS

Intel’s futurist Brian David Johnson at the AEDETI has predicted there will be more connected TV’s than people in the world by 2015

U.K. Government to Fund Offshore Wind Innovation Center: Wind energy will benefit from two completely separate …http://bit.ly/kawdN5

Changes in Wind Power Safety Regulations Could Rock the Industry: Next year wind farm owners, operators, manufacturers…http://bit.ly/lfapDS

Belarus trials 3D channel http://dlvr.it/TybmT

US House Republicans  – $ 310 billion invested in broadband and infrastructure over the last 25 years by wireless companies – believe that Mobile Broadband Creates Jobs.

Plantronics 50th Party, Broadcom and InConcert, NTT Communications … http://tvaftertv.com/93p

NZ Telecom restructures management after separation announcement http://twurl.nl/xb0ue3

Telecom Week in research: Unbundled local loop drives innovation in Australia; network security market stays flat http://bit.ly/mvuXiS

Sling Media opens Connected Devices beta for SlingPlayer: Sling Media has launched the Connected Devices beta for…http://bit.ly/jUoHiG

Television service for the Xbox to be unveiled at E3?: UPDATED: Rumours that Microsoft is set to launch http://bit.ly/mb2V5D

Symmetricom: LightSquared is not the only risk to mobile network GPS systems http://bit.ly/mkxt4i

Telecom – Broadband Forum, IPv6 Forum work to drive IPv6 adoption in broadband networks  http://bit.ly/iFQ8Bs

Nokia CEO Lays Out Plans: http://bit.ly/l5MX3e

Telecom – Sonus plays IP ‘match-maker’ with IPX, IPv6 solutions http://bit.ly/jlxcqZ

AT&T claims spot on HomeGrid board http://bit.ly/kZJCD2 telecom

The National Broadband Map: a $350 million “boondoggle”? http://t.co/W9zSSZR

There will be more connected TV sets than *people* by 2015, says Intel futurist: http://ow.ly/59xyw

Report: OTT to chip away at pay TV premium serviceshttp://bit.ly/mu4jfd

SureWest Launches Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0 on DVRshttp://bit.ly/j6ysYz

FCC: Rural Telcos Must Interconnect With Competitors: http://t.co/C8NbgCM

Telcos Stand to Gain from Third-Party Billing  http://ow.ly/59njy

Report: Satellite Spending Expected to Skyrocket in Public Safety Sector http://bit.ly/lnSM6d

Bel Digital Audio improves visual audio monitoring: The new product is aimed at solving audio monitoring challenges. http://bit.ly/lTc2bt

Social Media Popular as TV, Movies Lose Appeal : MarketingProfs http://t.co/DceQben

Carrier survey: Service Delivery Platform deployment drivers basic but edging toward more sophisticated applications http://bit.ly/mQeDBc

India’s Hot for LTE TDD http://tf.to/tZvT

Telefonica on the Slide in Spain http://tf.to/tZvR

Global Wireless Broadband in Public Safety Market Worth $22.3 Billion in 2015 http://tf.to/tZvP