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Today’s World IPv6 Day – when the world transitions from IPv4 to IPv6. Hear more about the transition at cable11http://bit.ly/kwmZg2

Useful World IPv6 Day Links – FierceTelecom: http://t.co/v12vTRf

Hong Kong Broadband offers 1 Gbps sevice for $20 a month http://bit.ly/kcYVvK. Could the US ever offer this?

HDTV Almanac – Mitsubishi Chooses the Big Picture. http://bit.ly/kWlmUq

HDTV Almanac – Samsung Connects with 3D Content. http://bit.ly/keDamK

HDTV Almanac – Satellite Shouldn’t Count. http://bit.ly/lluCHM

Wimbledon to be first BBC 3D broadcasthttp://dlvr.it/VRjkM

Videotron launches LibTV in Canada: The broadcasts can be viewed on mobile devices and can also be seen on the L…http://bit.ly/iywJT8

Boxee introduces iPlayer, previews iPad app in Londonhttp://dlvr.it/VRf7z

Infonetics Research: Mobile broadband subscribers overtake fixed broadband http://bit.ly/mzKN96

Public-safety amendment would require 700 MHz interoperability http://bit.ly/lPIXeJ

Second Screen Apps Explodehttp://bit.ly/mR9RC0

Tekelec talks about usage-based pricing as a cure for mobile video traffic http://bit.ly/lPd3u1

Entropic hits 50 million MoCA chipset mark: . http://bit.ly/iR10vN

OTT for live is still not ready for monetization http://ht.ly/5cFJB

Google IPv6 test page: http://ipv6test.google.com/

Belgacom upgrades its IPTV service http://bit.ly/j1J6S0

News: New TV Features Not Strong Drivers of New TV Purchaseshttp://dlvr.it/VWkML

Television Executives Predict Bulk of TV Content Will Be Available Online and Via Mobile Within Two Years http://ow.ly/5cU7N

BBC picks Wimbledon for its first 3D broadcast in Julyhttp://engt.co/msrchL

CBS Research Chief Calls Netflix A ‘Phenomenon,’ Says It’s Now As Big As A Mid-Size Cable Net http://t.co/UApoa50

Matt Strauss from Comcast Interactive Media: “we’re beginning to migrate everything to Internet video.” http://t.co/dgg9smx

ProSieben offloads SBS Belgiumhttp://dlvr.it/VWr90

Faster channel change at Belgacom, thanks to Nokia and Cisco: . http://bit.ly/k84XP1

Fastweb deploys Cisco router to improve video and Internet services – IPTV Newshttp://bit.ly/jln98F

Vast majority of comments here advocate keeping free OTA signals. The end of free HDTV? | Crave – CNET  http://ow.ly/5cS8Y 46 million Americans still watch TV exclusively over the air, says report: Forty percent of those in minority gr… http://bit.ly/m3C6XG

New reports from Hot Telecom- Vietnam, North Africa, Africa http://j.mp/l8DFBL

Boxee hits London with updated iPlayer app, Blinkbox video and new Media Server  http://engt.co/jA8f17

ChinaComm to use Tellabs packet core network http://bit.ly/lFNo6T

Corning’s Bob Whitman: Churn for FTTH subs is extremely low.

Whitman: Average cost of connecting a home with FTTH has fallen to about $700, in some areas it has fallen to under $500. Price Per MB Continues to Drop Thanks to Faster FTTH, DOC 3.0 Speeds  http://bit.ly/kUAzzM

Disney, Turner and Comcast all say that in 2 years 75% all TV will be available via mobileTV and online  http://ow.ly/5cVJC

Global bandwidth costs continue to drop, says report: Residential consumer broadband prices per Mbps have continued to drop…http://bit.ly/if3Ecc

Comcast expands home security and smart home playhttp://bit.ly/jvWMBm

Analysis: Follow the mobile money http://bit.ly/jMil69 telecom

Second broadcaster to use Sisvel’s 3D system http://dlvr.it/VXdVv

Principles for Connected and Hybrid TV – something the whole industry should be discussing  http://ht.ly/5cSTP

ESPN Taps Motorola for MPEG-4 Transition http://ow.ly/5dbpg ESPN’s MPEG-4 switch provides a path to 1080p60 broadcastshttp://engt.co/jM5jBx

RF Technology at the 2011 NAB Show, by Doug Lung http://ow.ly/5dbqz

ATSC 2.0: The Road Ahead http://ow.ly/5dbGZ

Netgem leads in hybrid IP/OTA STBs, during Q1 2011, according to Infonetics Research http://bit.ly/mC5txV

Mike Wylie, CFO of Pulse Broadband: rural broadband challenges would be largely solved if all rural electric coops rolled out FTTH. Electric coops can leverage their already high customer satisfaction to ensure success of their FTTH deployment. Rural electric coop managers are starting to think broadband because they want to ensure viability of their communities. Farmer waxing on his ideas about high-bandwidth applications that FTTH providers could offer.

YOU On Demand Secures $10.9 Million for Chinese VOD Platform http://bit.ly/l50J3K

Cisco leads the carrier Ethernet switch market with nearly half of global revenue in 1Q11; Juniper is a strong 2nd: http://bit.ly/jrjqEb

Limelight Networks(R) Takes Part in the IPv6 Day Test of the Next …http://tvaftertv.com/hmk

HDD industry revenue will grow to $48.2B in 2015, but industry needs to reorder its priorities to realize this growth. http://bit.ly/jbxhD1

Matcha.tv wants to be your social TV guide online http://dlvr.it/VYfRy

ZTE Websites to Provide Non-stop Public IPv6 Test on the First World IPv6 Day http://bit.ly/jSyLEd


AT&T Becomes First Foreign Telecom Operator to Receive New Telecom License in Indonesia: http://go-att.us/z4h2

Pay-TV operators at risk of losing Gen Y subscribers, says survey: A new survey reveals many younger TV subscribers…http://bit.ly/mRj2VY

Suddenlink today launched Suddenlink2GO, an online video service, feat…http://bit.ly/k3txXk

Netflix now lets you activate 50 devices for streaming…anyone have 51 devices they want to activate? http://ow.ly/5de5T

New Tekelec CEO: IP networks present scale, intelligence challenges — and opportunities http://bit.ly/kosNXw

ZDF wants global standard for hybrid broadcast broadband http://bit.ly/muraG8

Shake, Rattle and Roll with New BoinxTV Releasehttp://tvaftertv.com/hch

EXCLUSIVE: TNT Acquires Disney-ABC’s ‘Castle’ http://bit.ly/lhdvGw

FCC Chairman agrees to remove Fairness Doctrine from federal rules book http://bit.ly/mmJpBY

Alert – TVNZ – New Zealand http://bit.ly/kZGmFN

WiMAX at age 10: Its accomplishments and its failures http://bit.ly/iGCAfX Wi-Fi reliance increasing with growing mobile broadband adoptionhttp://bit.ly/lqhr9e