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Samsung Exhibit 4G and Gravity Smart coming to T-Mobile on June 22nd, Dart available today  http://engt.co/m1xLs9

Forget 3-D Net-Connected HDTV; We Want Smell-o-Vision http://bit.ly/jSR9rj

UPC Polska remote recording takes off http://dlvr.it/WYXsr

Gosi, Mobily team up for business park [TradeArabia] http://bit.ly/jZBX1B

Youtube just launched its new pages Shows for catch-up TV partners youtube.com/shows

United Motion Entertainment, First Hollywood Transmedia Production Company, Launches  http://ow.ly/1tPeUX

UPC acts against Slovak piracyhttp://dlvr.it/WY3SQ

Pizza Express lets customers pay bills via iPhones – Pizza Express has launched an iPhone app that allows customers …http://ow.ly/1dgHJg

All change for Czech Radiokomunikace http://dlvr.it/WXsxs

Why Content Isn’t King – Atlantic http://t.co/OOmVmbF

[Australia] NICTA tests social TV recommendation engine http://ow.ly/1tPa9r

Towards Facebook TV, PPV rock concerts go live on Facebook http://t.co/vvmT4PT” . If Facebook TV has a future, it’ll be fan-TV”

Targeted TV Consortium Completes Study Cross-Platform Sales (The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement) http://ow.ly/1tP9uG

Smart TV and Multiscreen: User research and forecasts from Analyst Forum now available:  http://bit.ly/iig62v

PayTV Buzzzz is out! http://bit.ly/j5wrSY

SeaChange Announces Next-Generation Remote Storage DVR http://bit.ly/iTZar9

S&T provides MHEG interactive services for TV5 DVB-T2 trial in Thailandhttp://bit.ly/iTef1G

RedPlayer will help online video come of age http://bit.ly/kEnVdM

ZTE bags IPTV Vendor of the Year awardhttp://tvaftertv.com/gr8

Rentrak Offers Updated VOD Measurement Service http://t.co/7PCdkMr service will cover home, Internet, over-the-top and mobile VOD data

How TV operators are tapping into the tablet revolution – and what’s missing http://ow.ly/5j2g7

YouTube to Live Stream Copa Americahttp://ow.ly/1tP7Jl

Stats show that heavy streaming users DO really watch less TV. But others still enjoy a lot of broadcasting  http://t.co/ZxbPrpR

Our friends at NICTA are working on a Social TV recommendation engine http://t.co/X16fPwO

Americans are watching more videos http://dlvr.it/WWmXz

Toya takes HD lead http://dlvr.it/WWgGJ

Etisalat and LG enter alliance, with Etisalat eLife services to feature on LG Smart TVs http://bit.ly/m9h3Fi

STB, CPE manufacturer #PACE claim a piece of the TV app pie http://t.co/qxvDZDf, by launching an app café.

Metadata is now the new oil in TV land. http://t.co/9mziZ1z

ADB delivers commercial video solution to Charterhttp://t.co/tyPLAJP

Motorola introduces live streaming to multiple home screens http://ow.ly/5jbgj

Interesting stuff on multi-screen broadcasting from the Sport & New Media 2011 conf. in Paris. http://bit.ly/mmZcYe

“traditional TV viewing saw a 22 minute monthly increase” 2/3 of TV Homes Now Have an HD Set | Broadcasting & Cable http://t.co/MYItwEY 56% viewers who watch mostly online still prefer 2 watch live TV vs online.

Rural carrier groups ask FCC to intervene in call blocking disputes http://bit.ly/mBXjs1

Motorola Launches HD Adapter that Bypasses the Traditional Cable Box http://ow.ly/5jgTz

Well… duh! Majority of 3DTV Owners Dissatisfied with Content Availability http://ow.ly/5jgX7

Report heralds “golden age” of the digitally empowered consumer: The ongoing consumer migration to digital is http://bit.ly/mgeumN

Croatian telco improves TV service http://dlvr.it/WdX3P

LightSquared gets a two-week extension on its GPS interference report to the FCC, expected to be a bombshellhttp://bit.ly/iygoCb

Former FCC Chairman Powell now talks cable http://cnet.co/lVFOkc


IMS Research… VOD Impacts (SatBroadcasting) http://goo.gl/fb/MA4tU

Satcom Direct… Moving On Up…http://goo.gl/fb/xZFhX

RRsat… Moving On Up…http://goo.gl/fb/0tYVg

Globe Wireless… Moving On Up…http://goo.gl/fb/arqZb

Digital Rapids… Transcoding At Altitude (SatBroadcasting™) http://goo.gl/fb/6j9Lq

Maritime Monitoring Gets A HUG (SatCom) http://goo.gl/fb/uQcqM

Newtec… @ BroadcastAsia2011 + CommunicAsia 2011…http://goo.gl/fb/YPD4Q

Eutelsat… Star Awards To Encourage African Students (STEM)http://goo.gl/fb/zBf5d


Today, CEO Ronan Dunne announces plans for a new mobile payments & marketing joint venture. More at http://j.mp/k0eIgM Telefónica UK CEO Ronan Dunne: “The mobile marketing and payments market is extremely fragmented. We will provide real size and scale”

PCCW planning UK 4G mobile broadband network http://t.co/NA86TJV  LTE

Everything Everywhere, Telefónica UK and Vodafone UK have announced plans to create a standalone m-commerce joint venture

Telenor CEO explains “most extensive breakdown” in mobile network’s history: http://t.co/4dDRJ5

Telekom Austria CEO: “Customers favour one-stop shopping solutions from one source instead of wondering where to buy broadband/smartphones”

O2 UK spurns BlackBerry PlayBook, cites issues with ‘end to end customer experience’ http://engt.co/iHuzEj

Telefonica to use Microsoft Xbox as TV decoder – report http://ow.ly/1tPeOh

Light Reading Europe Cable Arcep Happy With FTTH Framework Telecom …http://bit.ly/iH1bUe

UK operators unite to enable mobile payments – The UK’s leading mobile operators are forming a joint venture to roll…http://ow.ly/1dgQYE

Video UX Study Completed, Concludes Multi-Screen Not ‘Cannibalistic” http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=152504


Hosted Interactive TV Application Development Platform for Cable and IPTV Systems  http://t.co/VfKGEMM

Uzbektelecom announces tender for IPTV project http://bit.ly/mQ6ldG

ZTE bags IPTV Vendor of the Year award – TelecomTiger  http://bit.ly/kAZlbH

Verizon: “New standards that are evolving are better suited for home automation networks”: We speak to Ann…http://bit.ly/mgxbac


LTE network plans: Asia Pacific and Oceania http://goo.gl/fb/XhIhk

Telkomsel CEO predicts 104m subscribers by end June: Indonesian operator had 88.3 million subscribers http://bit.ly/kyDOPp

Survey Indicates FTTH Leads Other Broadband Services in Bandwidth …http://bit.ly/lzsDCW

General Documents – FTTH Council Asia Pacific http://bit.ly/lazpWR

Telstra to pump £500m+ into cloud services http://goo.gl/fb/b9RJN

Altair TD-LTE chipset hits 50Mbps in China Mobile demo http://goo.gl/fb/Co0ra

Level 3 to FCC: Global Crossing deal will create stronger competitor – FierceTelecom:  http://t.co/sHQU9s1

The singular solution to bill shock: Think like the customer thinks http://bit.ly/iI2fQm

T-Mobile rolls out dual carrier HSPA+ in 47 markets. Wait, make that 41. (Too bad, so sad, Pennsylvania) http://bit.ly/j1IGi3

UK mobile companies take aim at Google Wallet, want in on the NFC action http://engt.co/lYdnNZ


Cable Show 2011: “Put All TV On Internet”#cable11 http://fb.me/JwLuYd45

Comcast takes aim at Boxee-type services with new Xfinity Spectrum guide http://tvaftertv.com/pnu

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts will demo the latest cable technology later today at The Cable Show – see our previous release http://t.co/GCX01YP

Outdoor Channel HD Now In 10 Million Homes http://bit.ly/mEBPe6

FCC`s Genachowski on broadband, TV apps and retrans fights http://bit.ly/lMnrfr