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Cable TV – WSJ: Hulu considering a sale after a potential buyer comes forward: http://t.co/MZKfQ02 #Hulu in play? WSJ says an acquirer has surfaced. Stumbling block: broadcast owners’ must consent. Narrows the list http://on.wsj.com/iHGPpO

Cable TV/OTT – Netflix in the Spotlight http://trap.it/33cKSS Comcast CEO: Jury is Out on Netflix’s Impact – http://t.co/8vVUJdL

Cable TV – #cable11, more good stuff from the Show; MCN’s Lafayette sums the Advanced Advertising panel; Multichannel Newsmultichannel.com/article/469868…

Mobile – Verizon’s tiered data plans won’t affect grandfathered customers after all? http://engt.co/mRtYoz

Cable TV – How about digital ads that sync to TV spots? TV Advertising Gets Microsoft Backing Amid ‘Web Guerrilla’ http://t.co/GjZKkqz

Cable TV – http://bo.st/iJBFya #Comcast, waiting for the cable guy

IPTV – ERF Wireless to Provide Energy Broadband Stock as a Dividend to Shareholders  http://bit.ly/kPdu3Z

Mobile – Why NFC Alone Won’t Change Mobile Payments http://t.co/pFHzor0 New Zoosh technology provides NFC capabilities without the chip http://tw.physorg.com/227955846

Broadcast – DTG Industry News: BBC iPlayer launches on BT Vision: http://t.co/yFGAWQ4

Mobile – Telecom Italia offers femto SDK http://goo.gl/VkANs

Mobile – China Is Second Largest Market for App Store Downloads [STUDY]: China has become the second largest market for…http://bit.ly/lyiXub

Cable TV – Most 3DTV households are choosing cable over satellite.  http://ow.ly/5mYWJ

Cable TV -Rovi and LG Expand Relationship with DivX Licensing Agreement http://ow.ly/5nMf5

FCC/Mobile – Rep. Eshoo – Introduces bill to require wireless carriers to define 4G to consumers. Need to be cautious of proposals that could diminish FCC ability to protect public interest and preserve competition. FCC has taken proactive steps toward openness and accountability. Spectrum auction legislation will usher in new era of telecom. Rep. Blackburn: FCC must be grounded in regulatory obedience, not driven by activist agendas.  Rep. Doyle: FCC reform legislation should not limit merger conditions FCC could impose to meet public interest standard. Brad Ramsey of NARUC: Republican FCC reform bill is ‘excellent starting point’ for bipartisan bill that could pass. Rep. Shimkus: Blue Dog Dems asked FCC chair to comply with President’s executive order on cost-benefit review of regulations. Randolph May of Free State Foundation: FCC has not done nearly enough since 1996 to reduce regulations; endorses market-failure, cost-benefit analyses of FCC rules.

OTT – Shazam adds $32m to pot for TV push http://dlvr.it/XMg0y Audio-identification startup Shazam raises extra $32m, for tagging and interacting with TV content http://t.co/DmrDlef

Telecom – Undersea Internet cable in deal for Zimbabwe service http://bit.ly/mFp3kk

General- Lightower unveils two network expansion projects http://goo.gl/Tsf42

General – FiberLight Enables Carrier Ethernet Capabilities http://goo.gl/XYa74

General – Huawei joins 100G deployment club  http://bit.ly/lGzHZe

Cable TV – Geeks on a Budget: Alternatives to Cable TV http://trap.it/7zDMXv

Cable TV – Ensequence’s Kevin Hurst on the Company’s New Interactive TV Deal with Comcast Spotlight http://bit.ly/iyiGrT

General – Augmented reality app concept conjures movie scenes shot in your location http://engt.co/l2mom4

Mobile – LightSquared’s so-called “comprehensive solution” is an inadequate fix to the GPS interference issue http://bit.ly/ltih0Y

Satellite – BHRT chooses Turksat for European coverage http://dlvr.it/XN5Z8

General – Fox Movies to launch in Portugal http://dlvr.it/XN3T5

General – Ericsson redefines TV viewing experience – Crave – CNET Asia: http://t.co/KNTfztQ

General – Posts from Appmarket TV RSS – TV Apps, TV Widgets, Social TV, Connected TV for 06/22/2011 – http://eepurl.com/eo3mg

General/Broadband – ZTE wins OSS/BSS contract for Singapore NBN totaltelecom reports from CommunicAsia http://t.co/VsYHV5r

Mobile – Alcatel-Lucent and Broadcom Corporation announces the creation of an integrated Femtocell gateway reference design http://j.mp/kPVk7T Broadband – AlcaLu, Telecom Italia Rev Femto Apps – Telecom News Analysis http://t.co/ruY99bk

Cable and DTH still best media investment prospects in CEE: Cable and DTH still represent a solid investment…http://tinyurl.com/3efcz5u

Cable TV – EC concern over Belgian cable regulation: ⁰⁰The European Commission has expressed concern about proposals …http://tinyurl.com/3geqo95

General/Broadband – Content, infrastructure vital for Asia’s broadband successhttp://bit.ly/lpijb3

Dutch parliament approves mobile ‘net neutrality’ http://bit.ly/lpiqMV

Personal cloud options for iOS users grow with Hitachi G-Connect http://t.co/nbwRSck

IPTV – China looks set to snatch top place in the IPTV charts from leader France in the coming months.  http://t.co/6NmM7rr

General – citing strong demand, Yahoo! plans to “double down” its investment in premium video content  http://ow.ly/5my9x

Mobile – Cavium, Cisco, Continuous Computing, Picochip demo LTE. Here’s a pic from FWS  http://yfrog.com/kic75cqj

FCC – CTIA statement on Chairman Walden’s bill on reforming FCC process. It’d promote predictability and transparency http://ow.ly/5nVST

Mobile – MobileMedia11 video: New content models and the battle for the second screen | TheMediaBriefing http://t.co/bDyPXUD

General – New data from our poll CommunicAsia! 91% view video on multiple platforms, with PC only slightly behind traditional TV and tablets

IPTV – AT&T Targets Comcast In S.F. Bay Area With 1 Million U-verse Homes Passed – 2011-06-22 16:54:36 | Multichannel Newshttp://t.co/SIuWiEy

OTT – New service offers service providers, content owners a rights-managed answer to OTT: Avail-TVN will launch a trial…http://bit.ly/luwMue

Mobile – Leap exec explores network sharing for smaller U.S. operators http://bit.ly/jdMxyI

Mobile – Femtocell market highlights:http://t.co/XqC2lLy Global market to hit $300M in 2011; Samsung, Cisco/ip.access have early lead…

Mobile – Research In Motion A Takeover Target? That’s Hard To Believe…http://onforb.es/kCV34A

Mobile – Lawmaker introduces bill to verify ‘4G’ marketing claims. http://bit.ly/lud2GF

Mobile – EricTopol highlights San Diego as the hub of Wireless, IT & medicine, with over 3000 companies! http://yfrog.com/kg46133252j

OTT – Hey Netflix, Call Verizon. “The Answer Is Definitely Not No” http://tcrn.ch/mGA8sm

Cable TV – Comcast Looks to Take Advantage of Frontier FiOS Saga: http://t.co/H1hKjY0

Cable TV – Insight Auction Down to Three Bidders – http://t.co/FqmaA8c

IPTV – Apple TV sets coming this fall? http://tvaftertv.com/rju Apple TV By Foe Samsung?  http://tvaftertv.com/m50 Ambitious Apple TV Patent Fantasies http://tvaftertv.com/829 Is iCloud Coming to Big-Screen Apple TV? How About Console Gaming? http://tvaftertv.com/vyw

IPTV –Broadcom Extends Bridge to Cable IPTV http://bit.ly/lcYcqM

Pay-TV – SNL Kagan Report Shows China to Become Asia’s Top Pay-TV Economy in 2011 with $7.5 Billion in Revenue, Surpassing Japan http://bit.ly/mFToBX

General – MOVL is turning TVs into social hubs http://bit.ly/lP2FdC