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Comcast trials super-charged version of Xfinity TV: .http://bit.ly/kc3Hqi

Trade a merger for broadband? http://bit.ly/ko5ypL

You might not miss your unlimited data plan now, but just give it a few years… http://bit.ly/iButXz

Getting a lot of responses about phone company cramming bills http://t.co/ElOeFg1

China Telecom open to new partners, distribution channels http://bit.ly/iKiDnV

Cable Picks ‘ExpandTV’ As Interactive TV Brand, Drops ‘SelecTV’ – http://t.co/b9T15Nn

IPTV -Google TV 2.0 interface outed: next generation hardware photographed http://tvaftertv.com/q4e

VOD progresses in Czech Republic http://dlvr.it/XQ1Mr

The Evolution to LTE report: All regions are now available online http://t.co/2LMcL62

China’s TD-LTE spreads across globe: Stephen Hire of Aeroflexhttp://t.co/pBUC8yj

Pay TV – China to Become Asia’s Largest Pay TV Market in 2011 http://ht.ly/5okBK (on Broadcasting & Cable)

BT Global Services’ Luis Alvarez: “We expect that two thirds of traffic on networks will be video by 2015”. Alvarez: “Infrastructure no longer last for decades. We need to be smart about sharing – risk of going alone too high” TelecomWorldCongress

IPTV – Nice article! IPTV news – “TV Connect is actually the engineering of a dedicated television network for online TV” http://bit.ly/knqKpt

CommunicAsia2011: P1 signs multimode LTE deal with Qualcomm http://bit.ly/jOBD3A

CommunicAsia2011: Inmarsat brings IsatPhone to the remote desktop http://bit.ly/iDNG86

CommunicAsia2011: WP7 to top iOS by 2015? http://bit.ly/kZy69x

CommunicAsia 2011: We Want To Know Your Video Consumption Habits http://t.co/WJjQuxn Irdeto

CommunicAsia2011: PAYware Mobile aims to out-ring cash registers, targeting Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore markets…http://fb.me/I4jZSMI6

CommunicAsia2011: O3b signs SEA capacity deal with Sky Fiber, with plans to resell satellite services to SEA…http://fb.me/whA6L2EW

Vodafone takes on tablet challenge in Asia http://twurl.nl/mgn8ff

India’s connected rural users consume 10 times more data than urban users – http://twurl.nl/07le48

DoCoMo shares NFC expertise in bid to drive global standards http://twurl.nl/lv5aat

Packet One CEO touts uplink benefits of TD-LTE http://twurl.nl/qiwt5p

VoLTE will be a Game-Changer in Unified Communications http://fb.me/DaaNnriw VoLTE will be a game-changer in unified comms: As voice becomes commoditised, carriers are looking for new services…http://bit.ly/irYtrP

Wowza Media Server 2 Named Best AV Over IP Distribution System by AV Technology Magazine; 2011 AV Technology End…http://bit.ly/j5QdZr

Asia’s Financial Markets Driving Low-Latency Demand – Carrier Ethernet Views – http://t.co/9h87j35

Huawei joins #GSMAPathfinder Partner Programmehttp://bit.ly/iejUI0

Metro Ethernet Forum Celebrates 10 Years of Accomplishments http://goo.gl/Tt4gn

Carrier Ethernet for Business Services – New White paper telecom http://t.co/Kcky5j2

Charter gets into business for the long-haul (Ethernet) — relatively new focus for the cable guys  http://bit.ly/lsFIt5

The History of Metro Ethernet http://goo.gl/wxkRI

APAC Exec’s $20B Optical Vision http://goo.gl/ZdyG5

360Networks Crosses Texas http://goo.gl/Wulp6

Australia’s biggest telcos join broadband rollout http://tf.to/vTYT

Etisalat launches SMS instant noticeboard: http://bit.ly/iSb3wc

PT Telkom Indonesia selects Clarity OSS for broadband: http://bit.ly/ks93Mh

Erlang Solutions assists Mobile Interactive Group with upgrading messaging gateway:  http://bit.ly/l07ges

Velti, Vodafone Portugal launch mobile marketing initiative: http://bit.ly/ifdHlB

Zenprise launches cloud-based mobile security solution: http://bit.ly/ipcckc

Korea’s Broadband – an overview and implications for Australia http://bit.ly/m4CSwa

Opta leaves cable market alone, keeps open access in FTTH http://bit.ly/m9eoUr

Frost + Sullivan Study Predicts Steady Growth in European Fiber Optic Test …http://bit.ly/kl9tSe

IPTV – InfoValue enhances IPTV and Interactive Video Solution at Pechanga Resort: http//tvaftertv.com/5tt 

Telefonica Germany restructures IPTV offering to Alice TV – Telecompaper  http://bit.ly/jXD0jI

InfoValue enhances IPTV and Interactive Video Solution at Pechanga Resort & Casino http://bit.ly/mTqonp

Sky deal edges closer http://dlvr.it/XSwRN

NSN’s Sigurd Schuster: “Improving customer experience is now top priority for our operator customers”#TelecomWorldCongress

Airtel Africa Launches Synchronica-Powered Mobile Messaging Service ‘airtel connect’ in 16 countries http://bit.ly/k2OY7U

Zain Receives Final Payment from Bharti Airtel for African Networks http://bit.ly/kp6Tg4

IPTV – BT to launch major new linear TV delivery platform called TV Connect:http://bit.ly/lb31qb

EADS + Skolkovo Foundation… Readying R&D Center… http://goo.gl/fb/cdFoO

Space Systems/Loral… Honored For Revenue Results (Award)http://goo.gl/fb/2ENW7

PolarSat… Site Satisfaction (SatCom)http://goo.gl/fb/y5XQ0

Product Development Technologies + Coolfire Solutions… SCOUTing Ahead (Comms)  http://goo.gl/fb/Ahj4j

Globalstar… Second Set Of Six Set (Launch)http://goo.gl/fb/OKnHZ

Hughes Network Systems… New Government Plans (SatCom)http://goo.gl/fb/sGaH6

Netflix Users Say They’ll Cut The Cord But Reality Differs http://ht.ly/5okR

Telstra and NBNCo deal marks an historic day for the industry: latest Ovum Telecoms opinion  http://t.co/xlr9Lwk

Majority of consumers don’t see need for media tablet, says @ABIresearch http://ht.ly/5okL5

SKtelecom using femtocells alongside Wi-Fi for data offload: standards-based (Iuh) deployment.

Detecon: “To monetize broadband telcos should bundle IPTV, telepresence, VoD, streamed video gaming & video telephony”

Pay-TV takes off in St Petersburg http://dlvr.it/XSbf4

Top IPTV markets worldwide: 1.France, 2. China, 3. USA, 4. S. Korea, 5. Japan – Asia making a strong show! http://ow.ly/5osiC

Australia in mass broadband move http://bbc.in/lVdTBv

Research by Samsung shows that for consumers connectedTV above all means “apps”  http://ow.ly/5ovDf

CEA Seeks Online Signatories for Broadcast Spectrum Push http://j.mp/mDkwMY

Russia Today launches RTDochttp://dlvr.it/XVYzw

IPTV – Global pay IPTV households to reach 190mn by end-2016 – IPTV News http://bit.ly/jvQVdh

Sigma Designs shrinks the set-top box – IPTV News http://bit.ly/kmF3ub

China’s 7.4mn IPTV households generated revenues of USD 493.2mn in 2010 – IPTV News  http://bit.ly/iG1HN4

Holland passes net neutrality law http://bbc.in/j7cTlK

VoLTE will be a game-changer in unified comms  http://goo.gl/fb/Dt4Kc VoLTE levels the playing field for operatorshttp://goo.gl/fb/AGYnu

A strong start http://goo.gl/fb/DJP4F

US State bill to push for clearer 4G definition http://goo.gl/fb/7G5Mv

LTE network plans: Middle East and Africa http://goo.gl/fb/SqPJn

OTT/Pay-TV – Nothing Will Ever Replace TV | The Mark http://ht.ly/5oA1o

Verizon, NCTA, Comcast, AT&T may soon start filtering, throttling connections to stop P2P:  http://bit.ly/kGUTBd

Mobile – Fresh data from our new European Mobile User Study: 40% of smartphone buyers plan to choose an iPhone http://jit.ly/_grOvE #yg

OPTA (Dutch telecoms regulator): Open Cable no more necessary http://dlvr.it/XVnkX

Cox exec: Pricing cuts, rivals’ 4G plans ended company’s 3G wireless build-out http://bit.ly/kGoekP

Lawmaker wants 4G carriers to disclose throttling and speed: http://t.co/YH5AdxE

Telecom – Infinera shows metro transport chops with Spanish operator http://bit.ly/mUyAJm

Great opportunities for personalisation: Samsung ‘Smart View’ app links your TV to your mobile and tablets http://ow.ly/5ov5t

Comcast currently expanding wifi hotspots from 5k to 100k – possibility of adding cellular later.

Ovum: Global optical networking worth $20 billion in 2016 : http://t.co/wu2HgrI

Telecom – Lightower undertakes two new network expansion projects in New York Metro and Southern Connecticut: http://t.co/11Y8GSp

Apple Introduces an Enhanced TV Widget Paradigm for HDTV http://bit.ly/ktSzKo

Comcast is evolving & has its eye on the future w/more elegant ways 2 watch & interact w/content-CEO Brian Roberts. http://ow.ly/5nXqt

Viacom, Time Warner Cable Suspend Legal War Over iPad App – http://t.co/RAYf0AB

The Fast Approaching 100G Era, by Andrew Schmitt. Download at http://t.co/gKNaPQ2

Read SNL Kagan’s free whitepaper! Global Multichannel Markets Special Report: The State of Global IPTV  http://bit.ly/jwHWi4 Global pay IPTV households to reach 190mn by end-2016 http://tvaftertv.com/zqy

Broadband stimulus status report http://bit.ly/jjxP4y telecom

Congress May Fast-Track Spectrum Auctions | TVNewsCheck.com http://fb.me/I0w0BHsW

Enterprise router, switch, wireless LAN markets down in 1Q11, though WLAN is up 17% from a year ago – highlights at http://t.co/DwZefB1

Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative picks Alca-Lu/Mediaroom combo for IPTV- IPTV News  http://bit.ly/lrLSBy

Cable Subs Fall In 15 Biggest Markets: Kagan – http://t.co/DcV6BEs

YouGov says 69% of Brits have watched catchup content, with 88% of people using iPlayer & 57% ITV Player  http://ow.ly/5oIV9

comScore Introduces Device Essentials for Measuring Digital Traffic from All Devices  http://bit.ly/mQdy4K

Cable and Broadband: A Match Made in Heaven?: Could you feel the love at The Cable Show last week? According to …http://bit.ly/iqSXL3

Average Pay-TV Bill Is Up 3% From Last Year To $73.35 Monthly: Leichtman –http://t.co/qSEZOb1

Virgin Mobile France selects Netgem for the TV offering of its Virgin Boxhttp://bit.ly/kLgk1h

More Than 100,000 Living Units in Knoxville Now Benefit from Video Choice with AT&T U-verse TV  http://bit.ly/j2eKPN

More Than 175,000 Living Units in Memphis Now Benefit From Video Choice With AT&T U-verse TV  http://bit.ly/jFz0Gy

The dawn of the Zettabyte era is approaching. How will it affect your network? http://t.co/lUsdaBQ

Viacom sues Cablevision over its TV-streaming Optimum for iPad app http://engt.co/jaeoNX Cablevision on iPad app: it “falls within our existing cable television licensing agreements with programmers – including Viacom”

Research: UC investments will grow faster than overall IT spend http://fb.me/Y5rMT9YH

MEASAT And Encompass No Sticky Wicket In Delivering Cricket Sports And More http://goo.gl/fb/6j6Lu

Hulu Plus hands-on: now playing on six Android phones http://dlvr.it/XXxpj

Broadcast tower rules: Would allow a public comment period before construction if there is an environmental issue. http://bit.ly/infzZF

Metro Ethernet – FiberLight Enables Metro Ethernet Capabilities: http://t.co/HoAeZvf

Threats vs. opportunities: Broadcasters better know the difference! http://bit.ly/isxbzq

Protecting consumers: FCC increases penalties for caller ID ‘spoofing’  http://t.co/JAbJcPr

App Distribution Becomes A Global Game – The Shift Of Power And Impact For Developers – http://icio.us/w6cP75

Multiviewers: System requirements vary across different applications and environments. http://bit.ly/iofH40

Apple Gets Antitrust Approval for Nortel Bid. http://bloom.bg/lt78lv

Eshoo bill would force operators to diclose 4G speedshttp://bit.ly/jp8ziL

Video transport http://bit.ly/m1GGfn

SeaChange introduces a VOD watermarketing service so video providers can weed out pirated content. http://ow.ly/5oOss

Content management: A comprehensive system should include security and asset management.  http://bit.ly/lbFrAK

U.S., Singapore, and U.K. Have the Highest Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices  http://t.co/4lBxgmv

Farmers Telephone Cooperative Bringing Fiber to 10000 South Carolina Homes http://bit.ly/l5ZlwU

Check out FierceTelecom’s Most Powerful People in Wireline http://t.co/eITdGLR.