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Femtocell Technology Put Through its Paces at Plugfest: 3rd Femto Forum plugfest, including 3GPP R9 , core network & macro-femto mobility

Saudi Telecom links up with Google for YouTube IPTV venturehttp://tvaftertv.com/gqz

IDC Predicts 183 Billion Mobile App Downloads By 2015, Rise Of In-App Purchasing – The Washington Post – http://icio.us/F4NMc7

NetNeutrality Closer to Reaching the Federal Register http://ow.ly/5sUXA

“Seems simple enough. Hang a bunch of wireless routers from lamp poles….” RCRTour  Philadelphia: Struggle with muni Wi-Fi http://bit.ly/mmoMSD

Cisco’s new tablet app store is all business http://bit.ly/m7lq6X

WiMAX service soon in Madurai, IBN Live News http://bit.ly/jliZKB

SNL Kagan: “Connectable TVs” in 14% of US homes by end of 2011 up from 6% at end of 2010 http://bit.ly/l9vOyR SNL Kagan: Only 2% of Homes to Have 3D TV Sets in 2011 http://bit.ly/lhIZPd

Volubill Lands Policy Control Deal with Satellite/Wireless Operator http://bit.ly/lER0cN

allAfrica.com: Liberia: Internet Boost – LoneStar Steps Up Internet Speed http://bit.ly/jqsGU0

KT sold 190k mobile routers with WiMAX. 430k WiMAX subs as of April 2011. http://bit.ly/ijr1vd

SNL Kagan says 3DTV sales will decline in 2011! Yes, even fewer sales than 2010! 3D = 3DOA #3D

Grass Valley’s 4 new converters: support for full bandwidth, any signal-in, any signal-out + small footprints http://t.co/gVKhNpH

Roku 2 line passes through the FCC with modest hardware updates and a reset button http://engt.co/iGrk7i

BARB to rollout web TV viewing meter… although only a panel of 100 homes for now so pretty worthless: http://bit.ly/lnpAvF

Broadcasters and their rusty little transmit towers: I just finished reading a May 2011 report titled, “If a TV … http://bit.ly/lzVhRa

Belgacom preps LTE launch, partners with Fon for Wi-Fi access http://bit.ly/iUARMr

Informa: limited future for Roku-type media streamers http://ow.ly/1uc7Xs

Pay TV can control home, but beware the CE cloud http://bit.ly/mbZ07F

Telenor brings LTE to the Arctic Circle http://goo.gl/fb/OjTjx

CHART OF THE DAY: Android Growth Stalls, Apple Gaining Steam With New Smartphone Buyers  http://read.bi/iYLDGG Is There Hope for Android Tablets? (by gottabemobile) – http://icio.us/OxKZsW

Google Android Leads Acceleration in Smartphone Adoption in Japan http://bit.ly/kH9h53

Huge RIM news coming up: A high-level exec at RIM wrote an open letter for BGR explaining why the company is failing

Pay TV most preferred content-delivery option among consumers as cord-cutting isn’t yet catching on (ABI Research). http://ow.ly/5tfCX

White Paper Asia Communication Awards Winners: http://bit.ly/mQD3iU

How Real-Time Consumer Insights via Social Media Alter TV Content and TV Advertising Income http://j.mp/ireisj

Connected TV takes off in East Europehttp://t.co/Va4NpJA What does Connected TV mean for TV’s future? Free white paperhttp://t.co/BglvKo5

Pay-TV operators must rapidly integrate Social TV into TV Everywhere http://t.co/Jha7enV How does social TV change TV? http://t.co/eqhL5AG

OTT TV revenues to rise at CAGR of 32% over next five years http://bit.ly/mk07Aq

AT&T, Zynga to collaborate on games: Two companies aim to maximise device battery life during gameplay, improve …http://bit.ly/kJMzyy

How to monetize the home network http://ht.ly/5tMQz

AddThis Arrives for Mobile App Developers http://bit.ly/lRNGig

Tribunal orders DTH STB interoperability in India http://bit.ly/m8e7mF

China Releases DTT Receiver Standardshttp://bit.ly/lvm778

Rovi and LG Expand Relationship With DivX Licensing Agreements http://bit.ly/jZ2tL1

FTTH trial starts in Kortrijk http://bit.ly/jDWx0Z

WorldNow Signs 16 TV Stations http://ow.ly/5tULV

Vodafone CEO: Verizon could potentially pay out $5.5B dividend. http://bit.ly/kd9RlB

WSJ.com – Talking Shop http://on.wsj.com/lix3qt – Kenneth Frank discusses network capacity in this article about machine-to-machine

Younger People Much More Likely To Cut Pay-TV Cord: J.D. Power – Multichannel News http://t.co/k9YJOXG

Looking down a dumb pipe from the other end http://bit.ly/iozG5q

What is propensity analytics — and why is it important for carriers? http://bit.ly/jay7ur

P1 & China Mobile to Jointly Promote TD-LTE http://skygrid.me/k6mnf7

Carrier Ethernet: Welcome Tonic for Global Business http://goo.gl/y5yFT

Clearfly selects 360networks’ EVPL Carrier Ethernet service http://goo.gl/BQedk

How do top Web shows create compelling audience engagement? They focus on the “We” –report  http://t.co/Jqn4lkW

Hollywood creatives and vision scientists need to work together to produce great 3D content. http://bit.ly/ksXI4e

PCCW, Tinet establish joint Carrier Ethernet extension partnership http://goo.gl/dtFM6

Happy 10th Birthday, Metro Ethernet Forum http://goo.gl/LO4P5

Roku 2 revealed. Thanks, FCC! http://dlvr.it/YRgZQ

The Future of Chip Manufacturing http://bit.ly/jsJvLl

Kabel BW to add RTL’s HD channels http://is.gd/tgWvHI

SFR launches new catch-up TV portal http://is.gd/kshXpu

Making Personalised TV a Reality: http://t.co/2f2bp2W

“Is it time to ‘cut the cord’ on cable regulation?” http://ow.ly/5tZld

China DTH satellite TV trial to begin in July http://bit.ly/iezxYI

Actvila inks 3D pact with Sky Perfectv http://goo.gl/fb/5ZF2e

FSFthinktank on why more spectrum and less regulation is key to 4G http://conta.cc/jNh5hQ

Disney Taps DivX to Broaden Access to your Fave Disney Titles http://ow.ly/5tupj

House Republican wants new retrans rules this year http://bit.ly/k6Y52S

Netneutrality rules adopted in 2010 may take effect this October http://ow.ly/5t4sw

The Early Release Window Experiment Continues. New blog post on Pay TV Views! http://t.co/U01dj7w

FCC Issues Advisory Guidance for Compliance with Open Internet Transparency Rule http://ow.ly/5u0Sm

FCC Completes Network Neutrality Rule Review – http://t.co/HrCmqEo

Are you thinking of entering the TV markets in East and South East Europe? –http://bit.ly/j8084W

ABI: 25% of iPads sport 3G connections, slightly below industry average. http://bit.ly/mc2vrl

Samsung publicly acknowledges the Conquer 4G’s existence, then changes its mind http://engt.co/ltRvFj

Antena 3 hooks up with NBC Universal http://is.gd/8xGipD

If you plan to be at OSCON, get a sneak peak on How Netflix handles all those devices http://t.co/Hxh7xrP

Internet DVR Software Maker: We’re Totally Legal – http://t.co/j1VPCgT

LightSquared Submits Nationwide Wireless Broadband Plan to FCC http://bit.ly/ilojyK LightSquared lashes back at GPS industry http://bit.ly/lMFnqD

It’s blog time! TV Everywhere: A personal, social experience… so what’s new? http://t.co/XNZWdyA

Informa Telecoms & Media > Worldwide sales of connected TVs will surpass games consoles for the first time in 2011. Connected TV will be the preferred gateway to online video http://t.co/a1BylEq

Upgrades are just a click away for some Time Warner Cable customers who can upgrade thru their remote controls. http://ow.ly/5tg66

Android dominates mobile web access in the US with 35.6% of traffic on smartphones  http://bit.ly/jF5jhX  Most countries prefer iPhone & iPad.

Most interested in creative data plan, billing model from AMZN for tablets “@BGR: Amazon tablet to launch in 2nd half http://goo.gl/fb/Wj8LX

Sky to launch Sky Anytime in Germany http://is.gd/HecFOr

RIM is Working on a ‘BlackBerry Media Box’ Similar to Apple TV? http://tvaftertv.com/ebe 

This Technology Could Make Apple TV Unstoppable http://tvaftertv.com/qk0

Research shows Ethernet tag switching less costly to operate than MPLS-TP http://goo.gl/troRj

Make Carrier Ethernet simple, telcos tell vendors http://goo.gl/1OTdU

Facebook tells ad execs it’s creating Social TV: for viewers finding shows, networks finding viewers http://t.co/mOqUr6H http://t.co/eqhL5AG

Could Unused TV Spectrum Bring Wi-Fi to All? http://bit.ly/mkDcqH

Samsung rolls out 3D VOD in Europe http://dlvr.it/YSv8r

Courts sides with #technology in distribution of news http://ow.ly/5t49S

More Woes for Nokia: http://bit.ly/jZXWiz