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DoCoMo takes 20% JV position, est value of $24M, with search giant Baidu in China to distribute mobile content: http://t.co/vAVPlD0

TV and broadband providers need to offer bigger bundles http://ow.ly/5Aqd8

Report | OTT video $2 billion business today, $16 billion in 5 years http://ow.ly/5Aqbj

Zediva: Middling Picture Quality But Great Convenience http://trap.it/RHGqvN

Linear TV to stagnate as TV and video users seek OTT and mobile http://ow.ly/5Aq6s

How tablets are transforming the TV landscape http://ow.ly/5ApWW

Proactive Parenting Network Launches Mobile App for Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring –http://icio.us/Fadp8j

Why an Amazon tablet can rival the iPad http://trap.it/dvG7qF

OTT demand spurs AirTies, BeeSmart STB partnership http://is.gd/rBf7uA

France 24 adds Windows Phone 7 http://dlvr.it/ZWnL1

A new kind of interactive advertising arrives in Zon  http://is.gd/tydN3o

Netflix to land in Spain next January http://is.gd/0pOA2o Netflix Conquers The Americas: Is Europe Next? http://bit.ly/lKHTXR

Spanish pay-TV incomes drop 2% http://is.gd/H8YD0u

Currently reading Meat-eating habits ‘need to change for sustainability’ http://t.co/i7uw0Lb http://t.co/mOucRPl

ISPs/Content Providers http://trap.it/hgxRr8

GSA: 218 operators investing in LTE, forecasts 91 commercial networks by 2012. Evolution to LTE (July 6) report…http://fb.me/TIQcg3QJ

UQC (Japan) and YTL (Malaysia) working on roaming. UQC probably picked YTL because P1 focusing on TD-LTE, & YTL also looking towards 16m. Two WiMAX networks in Japan and Malaysia respectively agree to cooperate http://bit.ly/oRcMLO

The most popular type of mobile app in Canada? Weather http://ow.ly/5AObQ

Telcos should harness OTT as alternative to IPTVhttp://goo.gl/fb/4B1v8

How tablets are transforming the TV landscape http://ow.ly/5ARpr 70% of tablet owners use their devices while watching television

32% annual growth rate for OTT subscriptions http://ow.ly/5ARmO

Is content still king? The Netflix success story http://trap.it/XyHnJS

Netflix changing TV viewing habits http://trap.it/VHbuy6  iptv http://bit.ly/pGyTVo

Apple finally bringing 1080p HD videos to iTunes, next Apple TV? http://tvaftertv.com/mdk

VSAT C-band satellite Internet connectivity on iDirect modem…http://lnkd.in/MCg5bz

Satellite revenues will overtake cable this year: Revenue from satellite pay TV will this year eclipse tha… http://tinyurl.com/63kls3o

Virgin launches Tivo app for remote record: Virgin Media has launched a smartphone app for its Tivo service whic… http://bit.ly/qbegZs

HTC ThunderBolt update brings a slightly easier way to turn off LTE http://bit.ly/qEnqIL

Linear TV to stagnate as TV and video users seek OTT and mobile http://t.co/tbyoq0I

Cisco Set-Top Plant Is for Sale http://tf.to/yFkg

Major change for Czech DTT http://dlvr.it/Zl7Ms

CTC grows in Kazakhstan http://dlvr.it/Zl7Lz

Orange to appear on Samsung Smart TVs http://dlvr.it/Zl7MV

Concerns mount for RCS&RDS http://dlvr.it/Zl7Mk

Trouble Ahead For Netflix’s Streaming Content Costs http://trap.it/UdtGCYNetflix faces a tough haul in a world of streaming movies. (via CNN) #netflix#Media | http://owl.li/5BfBZ

Freescale puts ‘e-reader on a chip’ http://bit.ly/pkUKRQ

St. Petersburg may sell slice of its broadcast spectrum | TBO.comhttp://ow.ly/5Bfmh

Telefonica and Bouygues announce strategic partnership: Europe and Latin American operator group Telefonica anno…http://bit.ly/qqF3Vx

Hulu Charging Ahead http://trap.it/RkeyjS

Clear Spot 4G sails through the FCC, heading to WiMAX territories soonhttp://engt.co/pF8pE2

Tata Teleservices Launches Location Based Services For Enterprise – MediaNama – http://icio.us/sryEWM

Idea Cellular Shareholder Looking to Sell Stake http://bit.ly/nMu2qG

NBN gets warning over broadband speed advertising http://goo.gl/fb/suhaR

HTC to Bring Unlocked Bootloaders to Sensation and EVO 3D in August http://bit.ly/oX85lv

Lebara Mobile up for sale / Telefonica to cut 6,500 jobs / Voda outsources to Ericsson / and more http://bit.ly/nfnbdC

Martini Media acquires TDP Media Group: TDP Media Group, which owns ad networks targeting affluent co… http://bit.ly/qWTEeh

After early zeal, TV networks pull back Web series http://tvaftertv.com/q91

Mixed Signals: Majority Not Ready For Internet-Connected TV http://ow.ly/5BhVg

Cable association to FCC: AllVid is DOAhttp://robk.tv/oJrvRV

ACE ramps up with Quantel to provide real-time 2K capabilities…http://t.co/UQn3iJZ

BSNL Invited Tenders to Expand its Mobile Network http://bit.ly/pr1CFP

IDC: Data price plans are hindering 3G tablet sales. http://bit.ly/p8ooOe

Windstream expands Ethernet service, plots higher consumer DSL upload speeds http://goo.gl/ePmvJ

DQE Communications acquires Met-Net Communications http://goo.gl/a0y7y

Blue Cross Deepens Relationship With Level 3http://goo.gl/zCmeA

FairPoint Vermont broadband commitment, focuses on Backhaul http://goo.gl/tvLO2

Report: Average iOS User Will Download 83 Apps in 2011: Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt, author of the Apple 2.0 b… http://bit.ly/paQIoW

Time Warner Cable enhances its iPad app – The Daily News Online: Lifestyles: http://t.co/CPETiDH

Android the Gateway to Smartphones — Report: There are a number of articles reporting recent European findings … http://bit.ly/pl9Ahw

The FCC Technology Experience Center (TEC) opens Wed., showing broadband devices at work. http://fcc.us/TECpreview

After spinning off from Cablevision two weeks ago, could AMC Networks now be up for sale? And at what price? http://ow.ly/5Byp9

Pay TV operators to prevail over online video sites http://bit.ly/pFbkVg

Guess what? Netflix won’t buy Hulu. This is why… http://bit.ly/oHUZO0

Netflix could beat cable TV in Latin America http://dlvr.it/Zp1KN Netflix Shares Surpass $300: Netflix, the company that provides DVD rentals by the mail and streams TV shows and…http://bit.ly/ruO34a

A Look Inside the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Smartphonehttp://bit.ly/pjK4yA

Pew: 25 Percent Prefer Smartphones To PC For Internet Access: The Pew Internet Project put out results of its…http://selnd.com/pYIriH

ACA Urges FCC To Implement CALM Act By Refraining From Imposing Undue Cost Burdens On Independent Cable Firms http://j.mp/olIhiJ

Globalstar… A No Go For Six (Launch) http://goo.gl/fb/uj8ZM

Iridium… Advancement For Aircraft (SatCom) http://goo.gl/fb/5b003

What games would be possible if your TV remote worked in 3D and controlled real life?  http://youtu.be/cTzPRq5wdDg

TeliaSonera joins M2M carrier alliance – Rethink Wireless –http://icio.us/0u5hS6

iTunes may test 1080p movies http://cnet.co/oz7y6n

Operator News in Brief – 11th Jul 2011 http://bit.ly/nHOuBd

The Next Version Of iOS 5 Is Available For Developers – Here’s What’s New –  http://read.bi/reNIZf

28% of US smartphone owners use them as primary ‘Net connection: http://t.co/03grqEq

Smartphone app displays microscopic view of malaria: By magnifying and analyzing a drop of blood, a smartphone …http://smrt.io/qiEGgL

Time Warner Cable Builds New Data Center: Over the next three years, Time Warner Cable (TWC) will hire an additi…http://bit.ly/oical4

Mexican Telecom Industry Forecast to Grow Ten Times by 2015: Reforms taken on by the Calderon administration to …http://bit.ly/osmnO7

Broadcom Delivers New Fiber Channel over Ethernet: Today at Cisco Live!, Cisco’s annual IT and communications co…http://bit.ly/pNvQQO

Virgin Media Launches Smartphone App For TiVo Service: Virgin Media today launched the Virgin Media TV Guide smartphone…http://bit.ly/nhrGAj

Slingbox may be answer to ‘TV Everywhere’ http://trap.it/2xBkmH

Netherlands. Imtech Marine introduces RH IPTV, the easy to use crew – http://bit.ly/qa9dDB

Great visual of how mobile creates communities: The Connected States of America http://bit.ly/rheWhK

Astrium… Attention To The Atmosphere (Satellites)http://goo.gl/fb/WY8FM

Recap: three top economists say the FCC’s competition report on the wireless industry is flawed  http://bit.ly/pcVV30

Broadband ‘crucial’ to rural life, says Welsh task force http://bbc.in/n56aGC

FCC Opens New Tech Tire-Kicking Center http://bit.ly/paqJIn

Bluefin Labs aims to measure the connections between social media and television shows.  http://su.pr/3oF1J1

Slingbox Sling Player Coming to Boxee and Google TV Devices http://tvaftertv.com/vq0

AirTies partners with BeeSmart over OTT: Turkish wireless technology vendor AirTies has developed an STB with Sl…http://bit.ly/qcGJqG

President: FCC, FTC Others Should Publish Reg Review Plans Within 120 Days http://bit.ly/oJy6pH

AT&T builds local ads into mobile apps http://bit.ly/osBUB9 telecom