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“Consumers without Pay TV subscriptions could potentially choose to subscribe to Netflix instead of Pay TV” in LatAm: http://t.co/VZ0oI1x

The WiMAX Forum weekly newsbrief is out! Top story on UQ Communications and Samsung’s impressive WiMAX 2 demo: http://bit.ly/k5wVzP WiMAX2 demo speeds on UQC’s network in Japan: http://s.nikkei.com/n55DpH

Rogers first with LTE in Canada http://bit.ly/rtljqu

Oregan launches Internet TV monitoring software http://tvaftertv.com/3bx

Asia-Pacific to Be Global Leader in #LTE by 2014:…http://fb.me/sBzB41Na

Report: IPTV to Reach 104,000 Subscribers by 2016 in the Ukraine – TVover.net http://bit.ly/o5ODde

Reader Forum: The rise of the Wi-Fi MVNO. Read article at http://ht.ly/5BKne

Pyramid analyst discusses the impact new IPTV licenses will have on multiplay services in the  Ukraine  http://t.co/mAIzQ0S

Online video spending-http://t.co/BeUKNG5

Chilean pay-TV on the rise http://is.gd/u37U6K

Big Cable Resists a Slingbox Solution – BusinessWeek http://t.co/aWhmhqA  reason is cable testing a solution in Cloud zero client

Orange Confirms Its Leadership in the Sustainable Telecoms Market : http://t.co/y4Bbrzv

Market Overview: Carrier Ethernet Exchanges « Data Center Knowledge http://goo.gl/iv9zH

China Telecom taps Alcatel-Lucent for 100G network http://goo.gl/fb/9TUce

Northern Lights Simplifies Routing with Miranda http://ow.ly/5CpD5

AT&T Installs Fuel Cells to Power Facilities in California http://bit.ly/oaV8oK

Arianespace UPDATE: Starsem Flight ST 23 Soyuz-Fregat – Globalstar-2 launch is now scheduled for Wednesday, July 13.

Mammoth Expands Carrier Ethernet Aggregation http://goo.gl/prDQ6

Ustream’s New Android App Is A Sweet Addition To Honeycomb http://t.co/HMpoHfB

Pay TV distributors flood list of most hated companies; FCC may fine Comcast $375K; AllVid battle; cable news. http://bit.ly/qCwLwm

Rumor Mill: Nokia to launch $127M Windows Phone marketing campaign. http://bit.ly/qYJaws

Roku now enables you to watch Facebook video on your TV. http://l-r.tv/npOomv

Icahn affiliates to take XO Holdings private http://bit.ly/pZ74EE

Internet-connected TVs proliferate but users still prefer live TV format – Gadgets & Tech, Life  http://ind.pn/qgvclC

Freescale expands its family of i.MX50 chips, goes beyond e-readers this time http://engt.co/q4StBY

LG Optimus Pro surfaces, dressed for your next business meeting  http://engt.co/ptOZJN

Kobo CEO: Tablets Will Pass E-Readers This Year http://t.co/8j3Ua1D

TV advert to reach $200 billion in 12, more than twice that of newspapers. TV continues to drive music, toys and book consumption #mipcom

Movies Now challenges for increased share of India’s broadcast pie http://is.gd/DuNsDY

Hey carriers, need new ideas for monetizing 4G? Read the new special report aptly named “Ideas for Monetizing 4G” http://bit.ly/kA0MHL

AT&T unveils its first two LTE devices, a USB modem and mobile hotspot. http://bit.ly/pfjTg8 4G LTE Devices To Arrive For AT&T Customers: http://t.co/wN8NoKf AT&T reveals first two 4G LTE devices, but neither are phones: http://t.co/wDA0OY8

AT&T revamps global data packages, gives international travelers (slightly) more for their money http://engt.co/p5jEl7

BlackBerry Bold 9930 blows through the FCC, GSM and CDMA on board http://engt.co/rsmrdf

HP reorganizes webOS leadership team. http://bit.ly/p8wbFB Packing a Faster Chip, The First 4G-equipped HP TouchPad is Heading to AT&T http://dthin.gs/qxuHwo

Envivio Taps Inlet’s Chief Architect Smith As VP Of Internet TV http://bit.ly/mSXGi7

Global IPTV penetration rate to top 10 pct in 5 years http://bit.ly/nRX2jD

YouTube Tests New Channel & Video Design http://bit.ly/oh6R7s

VTC selects Ericsson to increase HD services: . http://bit.ly/o9yF4D

Kabel Deutschland spices up VOD menu http://is.gd/8kfvPy

VBrick Delivers Streaming Video in Microsoft Lync to Bolster the Power of UC for Enterprises http://bit.ly/rcGO9l

Cius much more than a tablet. Mobile VDI + collaboration + compute

Smartphones a preferred route to the Internet by 25% of users: Pew http://bit.ly/pRyCay Pew: One-third of U.S. adults own smartphones http://owl.li/5CiCe

Netflix Hikes Price Of DVD-Plus-Streaming Service Up To 60% – 2011-07-12 17:43:05 | Multichannel News http://t.co/KxHLfNX

WiO Connects TV to Mobile, Makes TV Ads Interactive http://t.co/25uBCjP

South Africa goes live in SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D! See “Dragonflies and Astronauts” starring The Parloto… http://deck.ly/~JT5sl

Building Tower-Aware LTE Backhaul Networks: Used together, there are tools and technologies that enable backhaul… http://bit.ly/pQEmEG

Another research firm tries to prop up the 3D TV industry: http://bit.ly/nnUAGq

Bakrie Telecom Unleashes Indonesia’s First Internet TV Modem http://tvaftertv.com/6ih 

74% of FTTH, 54% of Cable Modem, 51% of DSL Subs “Very Satisfied … http://bit.ly/qfB2G9

FCC – Open Commission Meeting link round-up: Cramming story in AP: http://fcc.us/crammingAP // Blog post from FCC.gov: http://fcc.us/crammingAP

FCC Says Comcast Illegally Discriminated Against the Tennis Channel http://tf.to/yWGP

Research and Markets: the Ukrainian Telecom Market to Generate UAH39.2bn (Us$5.0bn) in Service Revenue in 2011, …http://bit.ly/oKm4zA

AT&T debuts LTE devices as network nears go-time http://bit.ly/nZRbbH [USBConnect Momentum 4G & Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G: Sierra Wireless]

Given LightSquared’s troubles, are mobile operators shying away from the satellite bands? | Unfiltered  http://bit.ly/rtdJl4

Android Market Overhaul Starts Rolling Out: Videos, Books, And More Discovery Options  http://tcrn.ch/n9Fidc