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Motorola Solutions plans services pushhttp://bit.ly/qoq0Xv

Sony Ericsson back in the red after earthquake http://bit.ly/qzaJpT

Android will break Apple’s tablet grip next year http://bit.ly/pzaYyc

Bump http://goo.gl/fb/qAwkX

Verizon and AT&T LTE phones will be incompatible http://goo.gl/fb/hr0vw

Verizon LTE: no roaming, even if you want to http://engt.co/pAJlbR

FCC commissioner Clyburn says broadband can address rural challenges (Agri News) http://j.mp/nn2Kw3

How connected devices will disrupt the TV ad market http://ow.ly/5F7Pe

US mobile ad spend will roughly double to $1.2 billion this year, fueled by growing mobile usage. Some of that will be secondscreen apps

What America watches on Netflix [Infographic] http://dlvr.it/bHNRW

Europeans crave live TV in more than just the living room http://ow.ly/5Fgx5

The Cisco Cius Enterprise Tablet Hitting Verizon Later This Summer http://tcrn.ch/oHGsd7

US work-based online video usage rocketshttp://is.gd/i8Q6a9

Canal+ Sport and TV Breizh lead cabsat-IPTV channels – Rapid tv newshttp://bit.ly/nHkXSt

Telefónica, RTVE and Mediaset conduct first HbbTV test in Spain http://is.gd/pYROT5

The Xoom 2 Will Look A Lot Like The iPad   http://read.bi/pEmQ4k

White House Defends Net Neutrality Rules, Disses Defunding – http://t.co/Niw0EIM

WinTV to launch Taiwan’s first HD general TV channel http://is.gd/kULx8W

Social TV: http://tinyurl.com/6bok7hk

Tough competitor Netflix knows how to compete http://trap.it/47GUQB

NAB’s Gordon Smith says potentially 40%, 672 stations, will be repacked per FCC plans.

Telefonica’s layoff plan will cost it €2.7 billion http://twurl.nl/s2mvfo

Orange, Dailymotion claim edge with online video localised advertising http://is.gd/Dv6d2H

New iDirect White Paper: Ka-band Satellite Strategyhttp://bit.ly/r0G9Vp

NovelSat offers novel way to boost satellite bandwidth – Rapid tv news: NovelSat offers novel way to boost s… http://bit.ly/oThFCU

Glensound announces next generation of broadcaster mobile phones: http://t.co/p61OeA2

BTIG: Warner Bros Tore Out RealD 3D Equipment for Harry Potter Premiere, Replaced with Dolby 3D  http://t.co/6y2MaGG

Canal+ Sport and TV Breizh lead cabsat-IPTV channelshttp://is.gd/YFdXGc

Sneak a peek inside BeeSmart: Take a vacation with your TV http://t.co/xDn1iHr

Apple HDTV could cost cable more than 10% of customers http://usat.ly/mZmcIs

New TAP blog post :: Spectrum: Supply and Demand Issues for 2011 http://ow.ly/5FpuJ

Speed matters: how Ethernet went from 3Mbps to 100Gbps… and beyond http://goo.gl/1JJYE

Canal Plus, Orange pact for new alliance: International News: Paybox takes minority stake in telco giant — Endi…http://goo.gl/4Tln6

Baidu to Enter in Internet TV Sector http://tvaftertv.com/1u0

Canal+ Sport and TV Breizh lead cabsat-IPTV channels http://tvaftertv.com/f7u

Cable loves the heat! As the mercury rises, cable drives’em to On Demand. http://www.thisiscable.com/

France 24 now running to four million households in Europe http://is.gd/0ja8wW

Media, entertainment companies ill-prepared for today’s digital opportunities, says study: A new survey from Accenture…http://bit.ly/qgL95T

Cable firm Ziggo books sharp growth in turnover http://tf.to/z6Ae

OTT IPTV DTH revenues rising, Cable co’s must innovate in the Cloud with new growth such as the commercial market http://ow.ly/5Eg6n

Cox Eyes CableCARD-Free Option – http://t.co/pBoEkJ9

Why socialTV will be a multi-billion dollar business http://t.co/2CAnQ6G

Yankee Group: Why do mobile video ads struggle for relevance? http://bit.ly/oQA1Zg

Shaw challenges Netflix; Midcontinent joins 100-Meg club; Music Choice uses QR codes for ITV; cable news.  http://bit.ly/pbACQk

CONTENT & DOWNLOADS / IPTV – SmartHouse http://bit.ly/pjKsCk

comScore Releases June 2011 U.S. Online Video Rankings http://bit.ly/oj72O6 comScore: Video Viewing Sessions in U.S. Surpass 6 Billion For First Time http://tcrn.ch/nq0skg

Video ads accounted for 13.6% of all videos viewed and 1.3% of all minutes spent viewing video online http://bit.ly/oj72O6

85.6% of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in June http://bit.ly/oj72O6

US Internet audience engaged in more than 6.2 billion video viewing sessions in June, an all-time high  http://bit.ly/oj72O6

New Toshiba LCD TV & Blu-Ray Player to utilize ‘Eco Chip’ which drastically reduces power consumption in stand-by.http://bit.ly/pqxf6b

India’s GSAT-12 launched http://t.co/KkrXxC3 GSAT-12 coverage/footprint maps http://t.co/7UmaPaH

Intelsat-21 and Intelsat-22 updates http://t.co/u9jn8j4

Mobile access will contribute greatly to North America leading the way for biz web traffic in 2015 http://csc0.ly/6015RK81

Morocco pay-TV household penetration expected to nearly double to 15% by 2015, Pyramid finds: bit.ly/nYc1n6

Arianespace to launch THOR 7 http://t.co/tCuVum8

German #PayTV pioneer #LeoKirch passes http://bit.ly/o1iYJ4

SARFT Announces Internet TV STB Regulations http://tvaftertv.com/ktl

Cisco projects North American wireless data traffic will grow 20x from 2010 to 2015 http://ow.ly/5FnPL Why we need spectrum!

Harris Corporation… Proving Itself (Comms) http://goo.gl/fb/aX9ao

SES WORLD SKIES… Spreading The Word (SatBroadcasting) http://goo.gl/fb/wG8nE

SES S.A… The Proton Push Tonight (Launch) http://goo.gl/fb/5k8WO

Google ‘side businesses’ exploding, offering telcos opportunities, competition http://bit.ly/pMX7wr

Canadian cable and satellite profits climb http://bit.ly/nsiTHR

Brightpoint to deliver ZTE-branded smartphones and devices throughout UK http://t.co/WT2NQWv

FairPoint extends Vermont broadband reach, but will it satisfy customers? – FierceTelecom:  http://t.co/KRfyKAI

West Va. might leave $40M in broadband stimulus funds on the table – FierceTelecom:  http://t.co/PLbCRVT

Pyramid answers the question: How much influence do #mobileoperators and #handsetvendors have in the value chain? http://t.co/FWVY5W6

Another cable operator now offers 100mbps service. Midcontinent Comm now offers it to all of its customers http://cble.co/nvFT3p

Blockbuster takes aim at unhappy Netflix customers http://trap.it/FJa387

RedKnee goes cloud globally with Microsoft and Tech Mahindra http://bit.ly/nQ8X4b

3D TV maker Sony will be the lead sponsor of ESPN’s 3D network for a second year w/sports the focus this fall. http://ow.ly/5EF1H

Cross-carrier LTE phone interoperability: a brief hope, shot down: http://t.co/uYjsZXo

Internet 2 and Berkeley Lab to build 100 Gb/s network for the Department of Energy http://bit.ly/qbdnyd telecom

Tablet sales flat; can operators help with better data sharing plans or subsidies? http://bit.ly/ptCcuS telecom

Week in review: Netflix gets panned http://trap.it/DtZaEC

Is Spotify’s Business Model Sustainable? http://bit.ly/oBQUoV

Apple fixes security flaw in iPhone, iPad softwarehttp://t.co/sbWYNbR

Sony Ericsson Blames Quake for Q2 Slump http://tf.to/z8y9

How RIM & LG Can Turn It Around http://tf.to/z8y8

RIM Rebounds in Emerging Markets http://tf.to/z8y6

A Phoenix family spends an average $1,600/year on utility bills. Here’s how Energize Phoenix is helping to save money and energy: http://ow.ly/5FKBi

Opinion: Cable Tells FCC to Kill Its AllVid Proposal http://ow.ly/1dPwAv

Opinion: Netflix’s New Pricing: Let the Research Speak http://ow.ly/1dPwAA

TDG survey: 37% of dual-service Netflix subs are to varying degrees leaning toward canceling subscription outright http://t.co/OEYhNN6

UC – A look at unified communications on the move: Mitel’s Freedom Tour bus http://bit.ly/pk0kUQ

FCC Revives Commercial Ad Limit Audits for Cable, Satellite http://bit.ly/owQgcJ

Recap: “4G” marketing leaves consumers bewildered about what it is, what devices have it and why they should pay for it http://bit.ly/offLac

Rovi Confirms DigiForge Acquisition – 2011-07-15 20:58:29 | Multichannel News http://t.co/W48DvY9