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Google starting work on first fibre city in Kansas http://goo.gl/fb/hhcHR Google’s Fiber Engineers Descend on Kansas City http://tf.to/3Gvr

The battle for bandwidth http://tf.to/3EPk

Stratos acquires Blue Ocean; Mobile health Azumio receives funding; and more: Stratos BV, http://bit.ly/n7qFZu

Why customers – and investors – are overreacting to Netflix’ new prices http://trap.it/TzSy9A

Televisa reaches content licensing agreement with Netflix: Mexican TV and telecoms operator announces deal with … http://bit.ly/riWkQu

UK’s ITV to charge for its online catch-up TV player http://bit.ly/pNS9Lf

Over 60% of ConnectedTV Households Use TV Apps at Least Once per Week, Says In-Stat http://yhoo.it/qx0Ayy

Just 5% Of Broadband-Only Homes Are Cord-Cutters: LRG http://ow.ly/5O8Hk

Everything Everywhere revenues fall despite growing smartphone sales http://ow.ly/1dYXDQ Everything Everywhere Shrinks in Q2  http://tf.to/3EPj

Discovery moves into 3D: Discovery has ordered its first 3D shows in the UK and signed distribution deals with S… http://bit.ly/p2Qq5R Discovery brings 3D to UK http://dlvr.it/clvCS Discovery 3D content to appear on Sky and Virgin http://dlvr.it/clsJr Discovery strikes deals for its first #3DTV shows outside US http://bit.ly/pVivSY

Paul Buccieri to lead ITVS international: Paul Buccieri, ITV Studios America’s president and chief executive, is… http://bit.ly/q95eML

Vodafone Announces Facebook Optimised PrePay Phone http://bit.ly/oTtFQZ

Deutsche Telekom expands IPTV platform with 3D channel – Rapid tv news http://bit.ly/ofrwXi

Virgin’s TiVo offering brings in 50,000 customers: Virgin Media has revealed its second-quarter revenue. http://bit.ly/qZpNdO Virgin Media loses 36,000 customers http://bit.ly/r1gJqH Jon takes his first look at the Virgin TiVo http://t.co/MPepgFq

Vodafone 555 Blue Facebook phone will target emerging markets http://bit.ly/nrBu3j It’s a Facebook phone with a QWERTY keyboard – but no 3G or Wi-Fi. Vodafone is boasting about the integrated connectivity. Vodafone has partnered with Facebook on a handset.

RadioShack Dumping T-Mobile USA As a Sales Partner http://bit.ly/oURZdB

ASUS Wavi waltzes through FCC, ready to stream from your PC to your TV http://engt.co/q2adRp

Digital drives TV consumption and boosts business http://t.co/6lruF57

2011 FTTH Conference & Expo http://bit.ly/qfZVa3

Sony Ericsson Opens Chinese R&D Centre – Inks Distribution Deal http://bit.ly/qfbwkO

Motorola Xoom LTE upgrade available in Sept – Verizon Wireless: Customers required to return 3G tablets to U.S. … http://bit.ly/nEIoh5

Gamco Telecom Fund reaches out to emerging markets: Fund managers with $162.7 million in assets betting on growth. http://bit.ly/pRRrcb

HD Romance for Poland http://dlvr.it/clgrV

Average UK broadband speed increased by 10%  http://t.co/yHysOOP Broadband speed claims leave UK ISPs in the slow lane: http://bit.ly/otMUm5 ISPs still ‘mislead’ on broadband http://tf.to/3Bph

Orange Inks African Deal with Google for Mobile Services http://bit.ly/pgfx07

Pakistan Slowly Inching Towards a 3G License Auction http://bit.ly/qdo3ND

Daily Crunch: Handset http://bit.ly/o9r2iz

Top-3 China mobile telecom carriers deploying femtocell networks http://bit.ly/qiBLNy

ITV to launch online micropayments in January: ITV will launch its micropayments system for online content in Ja… http://bit.ly/qrsWe4

LG turns it around, reports profits back in the green http://engt.co/ql3tZQ LG Electronics Quarterly Profits Drop by 87 Percent http://bit.ly/oWLXrw

UK Smartphone Users Try to Ignore Mobile Adverts http://bit.ly/ohpViA

Vodafone has ditched the HTC Evo 3D! Apparently it’s down to delays, quite a blow for HTC – http://t.co/A2VIpF2

The Undecided Future of My Television http://trap.it/b76Zf8

M2M Roll Outs Supported by Smart Metering As Market Reaches over 400m Devices by 2016 http://bit.ly/mZzwjO

Baseband processors enable lowest power digital public mobile radios (PMR) and simplify dual-mode design http://bit.ly/pip1EH

One Billion Payment Cards with Contactless Capabilities Expected to Ship in 2016  http://bit.ly/qSsmkr

Fox to Limit Next-Day Streaming on Hulu to Paying Cable Customershttp://tf.to/3Bpj

Man charged with hacking into Australian broadband http://tf.to/3Bp

ADB brings broadcast and broadband together http://ow.ly/5O8Nx

News: Top Up TV expands Sky Sports, and ESPN services http://www.digitaltvselector.com/?p=3511

TV and film on demand market to soar in next five years http://ow.ly/5O8Dw

Apple to break into TV industry with new iOS 55-inch TV http://ow.ly/5OgSW

Seeing is believing – Bridging the Order Visibility Gap whitepaper http://j.mp/px5QR4

Keeping Pace: Staying One Step Ahead Of Communication Industry Standards  http://j.mp/qzz4Fm

Customer-Focused Experience Management Must Be An End-To -End Process  http://j.mp/n3i1rO

http://bit.ly/nRSkLu Telcos react to data price challenge, adapting billing models as data consumption surges telecomasia

http://bit.ly/phs3t4 Global LTE subscribers grow 478% in Q2, as total FDD LTE launches rise to 20, according to… http://fb.me/En4XFnSB

Xoom to get 4G hookup in September http://cnet.co/ru4aaR Verizon: Motorola Xoom to get LTE upgrade in September. http://bit.ly/ncSJbb

Keeping Pace: Staying One Step Ahead Of Communication Industry Standards  whitepaper http://j.mp/qzz4Fm

Netflix Lands Licensing Deal With CBS For Canadian And Latin American Subscribers  http://tcrn.ch/oKzwDo Netflix Price Hike Might Cost Them 12% of Dual-Subscribers http://trap.it/CYYUa9

Bringing Broadcast and Broadband Together http://ow.ly/5Oq2b

Video streaming showed significant growth in H1 2011 by increasing 93% and accounted for 39% of all mobile bandwidth mobilevideo

New Forrester global data: India and China lead in mobile banking adoption; US, UK and Germany among laggards http://forr.com/ojPRWH

Vodafone and Facebook to target prepay data users http://goo.gl/fb/7v1K3 Vodafone and Facebook team up to launch mobile phone: http://bit.ly/qyi6y6

Edit.TV says sports rights holders could make lots more money from thousands of hours of archive  http://is.gd/tx6LNw

Furchtgott-Roth: The rumors of the wireless industry’s demise are greatly exaggerated.  http://bit.ly/nWOkEj

Samsung’s Galaxy S II Is Selling Like Hotcakes And It Hasn’t Even Hit The U.S. Yet http://read.bi/ol67Jg

G-Net Integrated Services taps Convergys for smart revenue solutions | Telecom Asia http://t.co/uUqCiCT

ADS Pitches Low-Cost 3D Conversion – http://t.co/046DOAi

Motorola Droid X2 Gets Bumped Up To Android 2.3 Gingerbread http://bit.ly/rbxEgh

Size matters: the value of small cells http://goo.gl/fb/qCsK3

Concert Channel HD , Rush HD arrive in Dominican Republic http://is.gd/5LexWj

US iPhone owners have biggest WiFi appetites – Kineto Wireless – http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?ID=466551

Mobile VoIP grew faster than video in H1 – http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?ID=466558

HTC’s head of innovation resigned 30 April – http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?ID=466528

Yamgo to deliver live TV to HP TouchPad users – http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?ID=466540

Level 3 Communications Q2 Loss Widens – Quick Factshttp://tvaftertv.com/bm6

Behind the heat maps in the new Nokia Maps http://nokia.ly/nWub6l

Deutsche Telekom expands IPTV platform with 3D channel – http://goo.gl/IeO2r

Mobile TV motors as Spain surpasses 5 million pay-tv subs – http://goo.gl/UuB51

Comcast, NBCU roll dynamic ads for VOD – http://goo.gl/d0qkp

Maritime and Satellite Communications Sector Collaborate to Enable Operational Improvements at Sea  http://bit.ly/pq6Hak

DTG Industry News: Top Up TV to offer Sky Sports 1&2 and ESPN via ‘CAM’: http://t.co/q8EZw5d

50% of mobile use will be content related in 2016 according to Analysys. http://ow.ly/5NWPD

DTG Industry News: ITV Player launches on Freesat: http://t.co/Hizycx2

Why spectrum debate is tied to debt ceiling plan http://t.co/QUPqrzh

Ten GOP Senators tell FCC to conduct cost/benefit analysis of net neutrality rules. http://bit.ly/q8f24R

Service providers: Raise your glasses to MEF’s (Metro Ethernet Forum) 10th anniversary! – FierceTelecom: http://t.co/M3loKRE

Sony Ericsson to Sell Xperia Arc for $599:http://bit.ly/mPMsEC

New report: LTE Spectrum Strategies and Forecasts to 2016 http://t.co/kLLrTuy

New report: Tablets: Segmentation, Mobile Operator Business Models and Forecasts to 2015  http://t.co/IciopD5

New report: Video in the Emerging Connected Home: Connected device forecasts to 2016  http://t.co/D3yWbfs

Akamai: Average U.S. Broadband Connection Speed is Now 5.3 Mbps: http://t.co/6pnps5P

ITV expects to outperform the ad market http://goo.gl/fb/o4X5h

Tata Sky rumoured to be launching internet film servicehttp://is.gd/w3nPjw

Posts from Appmarket TV RSS – TV Apps, TV Widgets, Social TV, Connected TV for 07/27/2011 – http://eepurl.com/eXRis

IABM: Broadcast industry Is recovering from recession: .http://bit.ly/nHEmRN

Global TV Demand Drops http://goo.gl/fb/qzXS7

Entertain IPTV service to carry exclusive 3D channel – Telecompaper http://bit.ly/oc1rmI

China Mobile App Store Announces Revenue Share Policy | Marbridge – China Wireless News – http://icio.us/uf6PNx

IBM: how improving telecommunications infrastructure can save the industry http://bit.ly/nl5Gd5

The Seemingly Unanswerable Question: Can The Government Use Location Data To Hunt Us Down? http://tcrn.ch/mWuDsw

Nokia debt rating cut again as turnaround pressure mounts. http://bit.ly/qq2QIR

Broadband InfoVision Awards preview – Best New Service http://goo.gl/fb/vo1Tt

Sananda TV to take on Bengali hard hitters from Star and Zee http://is.gd/zEFNIr

Senator Kohl Boosts Anti ATT/T Mobile Merger Sentiment http://trap.it/wBzWzD

Entertain: IPTV der Telekom bekommt 3D-Sender: Die Telekom will ihr IPTV-Angebot Entertain im… http://goo.gl/fb/HgbAc http://bit.ly/pH7uwD

Study: #Amazon tablet could capture consumers’ attention in crowded market. http://bit.ly/pg2lbD

‘Regarding the set-top box, the “overwhelming” message from respondents was that it will continue to prosper’ http://ow.ly/5OEVB

How frequently do you travel? Calculate the impact your carbon footprint has: http://bit.ly/ffy9lb

Walmart integrates VUDU into e-commerce site http://is.gd/bWe57y

ABIresearch 4G Wholesale Subscribers to Break 100 Million by 2016, Says ABI Research  http://bit.ly/rcnHso

Elliot Drucker: studies on cancer and cell phone use should be conducted differently  http://bit.ly/qTXNxd

Mobile Gaming Revenues Will Exceed $16 Billion in 2016, As In-App Payments Grow http://bit.ly/oIyUQB

Android tablets to overtake iPad’s market share (but not until 2016) http://t.co/tsBD8In

advancedtv: Platform n adds Romance TV in HD Platform ‘n’, Poland’s leading http://bit.ly/pe5gv2

Paywalls: A new trend in TV streaming? | http://bloom.bg/og9n2T

Video gamers: TwitchTV wants you to quit your day job http://dlvr.it/cp7jx

IDC expects vendors to offer more mid-range and low-end smartphones at lower prices to reach the mass market http://t.co/INSlAJX

The Co-op appoints MediaCom North to digital business http://goo.gl/fb/XWFF4

TV and film on demand market to soar in next five years http://ow.ly/5OEUk

Do broadband-only households prove PayTV CordCutting theory? http://bit.ly/ojvYAP

DeutscheTelekom expands IPTV platform with 3DTV channel http://bit.ly/qaLGjL

LG reports better than expected handset results http://bit.ly/oCvlvH

InterDigital sues Nokia, Huawei and ZTE http://bit.ly/qxjG47

Adobe closes InMarket as world shifts to HTML5 http://bit.ly/ppiPqo

VoD revenues to top $5.7B by 2016 http://bit.ly/pDBq5d

Mixed PayTV fortunes for Polish telco http://bit.ly/qj6b2X

Engadget comes to your TV on BoxeeRokuYahoo and DivX starting today http://engt.co/q8SQGC

What does the future hold for the connected car? http://bit.ly/q8v8Wk

Personalized, Portable, On-Demand IPTV Services Are On the Way http://bit.ly/r0qYxq

TV Genius Facebook-integrated TV guide improves content discovery: As a cloud solution, the Content Discovery Pl… http://bit.ly/pdMGhO

UAE’s broadband the speediest in the Middle East http://tf.to/3EPd

NT plans WiMAX expansion to improve broadband access http://tf.to/3EPe

Virgin loses cable customers but increases revenues in 2Q11 http://tf.to/3EPf

4G Wholesale Subscribers to Break 100 Million by 2016 http://bit.ly/nFhkH2

YouTube surge drives skyrocketing mobile video http://is.gd/l2pozy

Malta quadruple play operator selects Entone Kamai Hybrid OTT receiver: Kamai integrates with existing home network… http://bit.ly/ohGn2p

New IDC data shows mobile ecommerce apps space shifting focus from barcodes to QR codes in 2H2011

Nielsen – 42 percent of Netflix users report watching directly on their computers; 73 % of Hulu users view primarily TV shows compared to 11 percent of Netflix users – http://ow.ly/1v2I1e

The Looming Content Battle Between TV Everywhere & Online Streaming http://trap.it/2DhD45

Qualcomm’s Awesome Augmented Reality SDK Now Available For iOS http://bit.ly/ncz4EL

CTIA’s VP of research suggests other authors who debunk BLS wireless industry job numbers, incl a former FCC Commissioner http://ow.ly/5OCOR

Harmonic Outfits The London Studios for Tapeless Workflow http://ow.ly/5OMtH

CNBC Brightens New London Studios with Litepanels http://ow.ly/5OMvl

Senator: AT&T/T-Mobile merger an “unreasonable risk to the economy”: http://t.co/4x91lOT

Will Cisco Bail on Set-Top Boxes? http://bit.ly/oZ5I28

SocialTV is about sharing what you watch, while you are watching it, and not as much before and or after http://t.co/oMOQnxi Internet-Connected TV To Grow 36% By 2016 t.co/nWqejlf @2wayTV “TV apps are not the primary reason for purchasing connected TVs”.

IPTV news – Informa: connected TV faces formidable challenges, despite early success http://ow.ly/1v2Li7 . ConnectedTV applications: only 1% believe they are completely irrelevant to the TV experience vs 50% an important addition.

Infographic: Sorry Hulu, Netflix still rules the living room http://dlvr.it/cprQ2 . Survey: Half of Netflix users connect through game console http://usat.ly/ox0jez

Comcast Expands Subscriber Bases For Eight Hispanic Nets By A Combined 14 Million-http://t.co/hQiyBur

Significant 77% Growth in Mobile Data Bandwidth Usage in H1, 2011 http://bit.ly/ojvGnO .”Power shifting to content and app providers”.

Vudu Bows 99-Cent ‘Movie of the Day’ http://bit.ly/qznhfs

Verizon turns to national lab for energy efficiency http://dlvr.it/cppbb

What Will Sprint Reveal of its 4G Plans http://tf.to/3Gvt

Comcast expects to have CableCARD self-install kits ready to go by Aug. 8 , when new FCC rules become active http://bit.ly/nFPWaA

Analysts Predict Increased Difficulties in Determining Prices for Mobile Spectrum http://bit.ly/o7jbuf

Deutsche Telekom expands IPTV platform with 3D channel http://is.gd/XR7vAf

Another day, another lawsuit: InterDigital is suing Nokia, Huawei and ZTE over patent infringement  http://bit.ly/osjyWb

IDC + Wananchi… Driving DTH (SatBroadcasting) http://t.co/MJPfgLU

This weeks @dishnetwork uplink report is NOW AVAILABLE online at SatelliteGuys.US! Over 600 changes this week!

S&T on top of interactive standards http://t.co/VYG000o

“The Anatomy of Automatic Content Recognition” at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011 | InteractiveTV Today  http://bit.ly/qxfQgS