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Sprint today took the wraps off its 25th WiMAX-capable device, the Samsung Conquer 4G http://bit.ly/ogHrGe#Android

iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry, state-by-state map: http://read.bi/nXOFIT

TV set remains top choice for television viewing http://is.gd/MuhaQa TV is the great survivor  http://ow.ly/5WGG8

Exploring the Mysteries of Content and Apps Discovery http://bit.ly/qBFrIn

DirecTV CEO downplays interest in Hulu http://t.co/1JntVOM DirecTV posts profit, confirms Hulu interest http://is.gd/Zmomkk

Harmonic goes after multiscreen video optimization http://is.gd/XvaE0J

TiVUS offers hotels ad revenue for IPTV http://is.gd/bEuvFN

Connected TV users not making use of apps http://is.gd/rGBEkv

TV Everywhere fails as a retention strategy in US http://is.gd/wTeuSb

Devastating blows for LightSquared’s proposed 4G network http://ow.ly/5W03q

THIS WEEK IN ANDROID: Here Are All The Best Apps, Updates, And Gear You Missed Out On  http://read.bi/o2JQoo

Insight Auction Fizzles: Sources – http://t.co/IhAQhTD

OTT and VOD change the face of pay-TV http://dlvr.it/fDDnJ

LandscapeHD introduces advertising insertion http://dlvr.it/fDCKH

3Play mit Vodafone: Telefon, Internet und TV / IPTV aus einer Hand – Kabel Internet, Telefon & Fernsehen. http://bit.ly/nwWJp2

India: 1,500 movies on YouTube Boxoffice, available for free in local languages such as Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali.

Telcos racing to meet the OTT challenge http://bit.ly/n6AJnD

FCC’s Reporting VoIP/Broadband Outages NPRM is Due Mon & Here ‘s 10 Bizarre/Annoying Fiber Cut Causes: http://bit.ly/rksipA

Nokia Siemens to slash workforce at its Motorola unit http://bit.ly/pQfVNh

HTC buys Dashwire for cloud and patents http://bit.ly/rqzGHe

TI working on OMAP with all-day battery life http://bit.ly/qfzUa0

China Mobile Reported to Be Preparing for iPhone Launch in October http://bit.ly/oPT4NO

Gadget Addiction Leading to Rudeness in the Office http://bit.ly/nCpubC

AT&T Changing Voicemail Password Policies Following UK Phone Hacking Scandal http://bit.ly/ouhQcr

Apple Disabling IPhones with Unauthorised IOS 5 Developer Licenses http://bit.ly/mOtuwo

PayTV Buzzzz is out! http://bit.ly/m5dgjI

Arianespace launches two satellites http://t.co/TQTDT0C

Early this morning, Ariane 5 lifted off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana placing 2 telecom satellite. http://deck.ly/~M6dG4 Ariane-5 VA204 launch date: 9 September http://t.co/OoJ0y03

Astra 1N launches http://dlvr.it/f9gp8

Intelsat-18 launch slips in October http://t.co/WJk4mBt

85% of people who watch Netflix, Hulu, iTunes video say they’re watching equal or more television: http://t.co/NrRNtiD  TV set remains top choice for television viewing http://is.gd/MuhaQa

Why IsatphonePro may be really worth purchasing for? http://i.gsat.cl/nfFYe4

Virgin Media to launch free public WiFi in London to challenge BT’s Openzone net http://is.gd/qJna0O

Wispa Ltd knocks BT fibre broadband plans | FibreBroadband.co.uk http://t.co/FbpZIJg

Radio World: Broadcasters En Masse Seek CAP-EAS Delay http://ow.ly/5XCRs

New blog: Why our viewing behaviour won’t change the TV experience in the real world  http://bit.ly/oqQ3ap

Digital divide: DTV switch leaving some in dark – Canada – CBC News http://ow.ly/5XCgb

Getting the next 50 million Nigerians on broadband http://trap.it/h9yGxF

The major players in mobile payments (US) http://t.co/xjuLMgW

BBC launches new BBC iPlayer for TV http://bit.ly/n1ee36  DigitalTV

Measuring a platform’s smartness | Quirksmode –http://icio.us/Zfot8m

Samsung’s got grand plans for LTE in Europe –http://t.co/ZGVFxMO

Telemundo unveils 1,000 hours per Comcast condition, includes weekend newscasts in NY, Dallas; weekday news in Denver. http://bit.ly/piOKdg

Eastern Europe drives Deutsche Telekom IPTV http://tvaftertv.com/a0o

US Cellular Q2 results bring higher revenue, despite small customer loss http://engt.co/prtnLl

Ensequence Targets Second-Screen Apps With Zeitera – http://t.co/nNDDCCu Ensequence, Zeitera Partner For Synchronized Interactive TV: Ensequence and Zeitera are integrating their produc… http://bit.ly/oVJsLS

Cable Stocks Tank, Wiping Out 2011 Gains – http://t.co/qmFaSo0

Telstra will sell LTE devices to business users at end of this month – http://t.co/3oy4ZQO

IMS Research forecasts in 2016 OTT video services will generate $16.4 billion and VOD services $14.7 billion http://t.co/y0T3Vjc

Verizon Adds Mobile Satellite Solutions to Its Private IP Service Suite http://bit.ly/okabZd

Comcast Rolls Out $10 Internet Access for Low-Income Families – http://on.mash.to/ooA75F

10 Considerations for Choosing a Satellite Technology Platform http://t.co/PM6EjFU

IPG Group’s Mediabrand Ventures replaced with three bundled groups: Mediabrand Ventures, the diversif…http://bit.ly/p5xTFm

Virgin Mobile takes on T-Mobile http://smartphones-4less.com/?p=22141

Samsung, Panasonic, Sony team for 3D: Technology News: TV makers pact for new active 3D glasses standard – http://bit.ly/neI0RS

Sprint Conquer Breaks the C-Note Barrierhttp://tf.to/5NAs

US Wireless Operators’ Q2 Scorecard: http://tf.to/5NAv

Telstra Means Business With LTE Launch http://tf.to/5NAw Telstra sets stage for LTE pilot August 29th, business customers rejoice http://engt.co/o2kgg4

Why Time Warner rules the cloud http://trap.it/fe3LVF

TDS Q2 profit more than doubles, driven by wireless unit http://bit.ly/p0SUIi

Rumor Mill: RIM’s first QNX smartphone won’t support BES. http://bit.ly/poQ0PJ

Tom Umstead: Comcast Is Onto Something – African-Americans watch nearly 213 hours TV/mo., Nielsen says  http://t.co/z41s7bB

Just What Is LTE TDD Anyway? http://t.co/1Nx3Wpi

Wataniya Revenues Jump by More Than a Third http://bit.ly/oZ238U

CTO explains Clearwire’s unique flavor of LTE http://bit.ly/r7SIEg CTO explains Clearwire’s unique flavor of LTE: Chief network designer John Saw defines ‘LTE-Advanced-ready’ and … http://bit.ly/nnZncA Clearwire’s LTE Move Good for China Mobile http://tf.to/5PTX

Expenditure on video conferencing will rise to $3.8 billion in 2016 – read the guide http://j.mp/q9dmfj

BSNL in fixed broadband deal with ZTE as new India stats published http://twurl.nl/gt7uws

Newcomer makes its mark in Bahrain mobile space http://twurl.nl/wvzwql

Globe seeks cancellation of PLDT’s licence http://twurl.nl/07xodj

Dutch cartel office blocks KPN’s cableco takeover http://twurl.nl/vsf6ps

Broadband Delivered over Lightwaves http://bit.ly/oi7B2R

IDC: Top 3 mobile app types under WW development in 3Q2011: 1) entertainment 2) social consumer 3) business productivity. IDC: Entertainment dethrones social networking as top mobile app type under development in 3Q2011. IDC: Google+ will be one of fastest integrated APIs in history: 50K moible apps in first 30 days, 75K apps at 60 days.

CollegeHumor Creates 3D Web Series for Nintendo 3DS http://tvaftertv.com/12v

HBO Holds the Keys to Apple “Replay” and Cloud Movie Streaming Market http://trap.it/ApfPPP

Gartner_inc: mobile data services revenue will total USD314.7B in 2011 based on four main mobile data traffic drivers – http://t.co/vdgWDTA

TV Set Shipments to Thrive in Emerging Marketshttp://bit.ly/qBgnPR

Overture boosting Ethernet-over-copper to 200 Mb/s and more http://bit.ly/n5Asyl

Harris Corporation’s BeOn First to Offer P25 Voice Over 3G Cellular and LTE Networks  http://bit.ly/ohvLrJ

Harris Corporation and Nokia Siemens Networks Join Nationwide Public Safety 700 MHz LTE Demonstration Network http://bit.ly/qou8eR

Motorola Solutions announces devices & services for Public Safety LTE  http://bit.ly/o5071b http://bit.ly/na8ueY  http://bit.ly/qsWXq4

S3 Group Supports Canoe’s National ITV Services: Canoe Ventures has selected Ireland-based S3 Group’s StormTest … http://bit.ly/nPSL6R

Summer Conference Demo Shows MoCA 2.0-Based DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway: Entropic Communications is collaborating with SM… http://bit.ly/r6vg4w

Madison Communications Gets DOCSIS 3.0 Upgrade: ARRIS has completed an upgrade of Madison Communications’ entire… http://bit.ly/oDwGn7

icueTV Partners With S&T to Demonstrate Interactive Applications: icueTV has partnered with Strategy & Technology… http://bit.ly/na0Exw

AT&T Customers Get More Mobile Broadband Coverage in Greene County http://tf.to/5PTW

TV Advertising Boom Despite Economic Worries http://tf.to/5PUa

CTIA: Explained: what happens when you dial 911 on your cellphone http://ow.ly/5XGfc

Netflix, Redbox are bright spots for Hollywoodhttp://dlvr.it/fNlwc

Which #Snapdragon processor powers your favorite mobile device, S1, S2 or S3? http://t.co/u9jjiag

Aurora Networks loads up for M&A .. 11-yr-old company’s first-ever acquisition was GoBackTV earlier this year http://bit.ly/nqAjzv

It’s Open Season on T-Mobile http://t.co/IBT5Uez

“We grew commercial M2M data revenue over 18 percent in the second quarter.”  http://t.co/PHgE6N2

T-Mobile carrier billing raises risks, says Consumers Union http://bit.ly/riDIBb

OTT Pipe Dreams – Inside Revenue Management http://ow.ly/5Y4Cd

Android set-top boxes get their first IPTV app http://bit.ly/q6Qano

Intel’s Havok Acquires 3D Tech Specialist Trinegy http://bit.ly/pgsO9k

LightSquared and ClearTalk Wireless Announce Bilateral 4G Roaming Agreement http://ow.ly/5XEkJ

AT&T to FCC: Move on the Flo TV Deal | Wireless Week –http://t.co/K6MTG59

ESPN 3D Announces College Football Schedule http://ow.ly/5Y8Ls

FCC Launches Annual Broadband Progress Inquiryhttp://ow.ly/5Y8MI

PAETEC Successfully Provisions Ethernet-over-Copper Services Exceeding 200 Mbps http://goo.gl/xrn8x Overture Networks Raises the Bar: Innovations Help Carriers Deliver Symmetric 200 Mbps Ethernet over Copper http://goo.gl/iW81o

Netia plans more acquisitions of small networks http://goo.gl/X7bt5