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Rivers finds new life on Hulu bit.ly/pJ4kPs

Linear TV lives on http://ow.ly/68aSK

Internet devices to drive consumer electronic industryow.ly/690Ag

TVP boosts internet VOD presence dlvr.it/hGjxS

Russia seeks new DTT solution dlvr.it/hHLXy

Comcast’s Xfinity app debuts on Blackberry, updated on iOS engt.co/r7ZamW

Ziggo and HBO to launch Dutch premium services conta.cc/qj2o1p

Reliable Broadband Multimedia Data over Home & Business Electrical Lines bit.ly/broadband-home…

CWTS’s Top Three 3D Mobile Handsets in the Mobile Market! Read more here: bit.ly/pEIM2f

Mobile Miscellany: week of August 15, 2011 engt.co/pmiCUb

Why Your Cell Phone Battery Life is Terrible, in One Handy Chart. (via Technology Review) owl.li/67mF7

The Difference Between ConnectedTVSocialTV and ExpandedTV – and Why You Should Care http://ow.ly/68aSq Principles of Hybrid and Connected TV http://ow.ly/68aRA

IPTV Deployments Expand Scope for the World Market for Semiconductors in Set …. bit.ly/pmxSpS

HBO Go App Shakes Up the Streaming TV Scene http://ow.ly/67fDg

New Video: #Samsung Plans to Unleash “Something Big” At IFA! Read more here: bit.ly/n0r73G

BelAir Networks Wi-F on a rooftop in Houston, TX twitpic.com/68ybov

Cel-Fi helps ensure customer retention with fewer dropped calls & higher data rates http://cel-fi.com/

Mirzard – Top Breaking Headlines: A satellite phone works by using satellites in the … http://t.co/qvzidUF

Pay-TV: Betting on quality has made HBO lotsa money. But it now faces more intense and innovative competition http://ow.ly/68dsq

Clearwire Future Uncertain As Sprint Nextel Talks to Investors http://t.co/knQsNqa

The Economist – ‘The future of pay-television’: http://t.co/4dBLsj2

The TV That Watches You http://ow.ly/67jvT

http://t.co/CLl1JPM MTV Networks baut IPTV Verbreitung aus: Nickelodeon HD, Comedy Central HD, MTV und Nick Jr. … http://t.co/d4aEiUo

“The Lesson for Today” by Robert Frost http://t.co/9X3NbRt

HD penetration will more than double in five years http://t.co/F3nqKhP

Connected TV not exploited, OTT unlikely to replace pay-TV http://ow.ly/68GeI ConnectedTV Marketing: Rumors And Truths That Affect TV Advertising Methodsbusiness2community.com/trends-news/co…

Asian pay TV to grow strongly http://ow.ly/68Gjd

Social media is to the TV networks what fantasy football is to the NFL http://ow.ly/68Gh9

OTT for live is still not ready for monetization http://ow.ly/68GfO

Simple security for wireless: no password required bit.ly/pQjtS0 Telecom

Meet the man who quit Nokia for Palm dlvr.it/hHypL

Brazil opens cable TV market to telcos ow.ly/690ph

Dual screen apps and SocialTV trends: ow.ly/695dZ

Google TV Becomes An Educational Tool bit.ly/pYOX93

Android is licensing minefield, says open source expertbit.ly/nHAhKn

Sprint seeks full Clearwire control via cablecosbit.ly/ri14JH

Critical month ahead for mobile lawsuits bit.ly/nKnWZZ

UNE Colombia started saturation press & TV advertising of #LTE this weekend saying “Coming Soon”. All about speed.

Vodafone offers carrier billing for Androidgoo.gl/fb/4UXEh

The strategic rationale behind Google’s acquisition of Motorola goo.gl/fb/t5Udv

Skype picks up GroupMe goo.gl/fb/DiAwC

Apple Adds Earthquake Warning To Japanese iOS tcrn.ch/p2QGrR Apple reportedly testing 4G LTE in iOS 5 beta builds cnet.co/qkkx6N

Apple Will Make It Harder For Apps To Track iPhone/iPad Users onforb.es/qnoZeg

webOS. bit.ly/oGXkND Nicely put, and it makes sense to me from an exec vision standpoint.

Android dominates iOS in quarter, study finds cnet.co/qlP3ED

Which Hulu Bidder Should You Be Rooting For? [Hulu] trap.it/pAyy6Y

Studios really starting to embracing Facebook to sell direct to fans – Miramax joins Warner et al – advanced-television.com/index.php/2011…

Hulu bids may top $2B| Comcast drops DirecTV ‘Sunday Ticket’ complaint|SCTE to roll out vendor brass at ’11 Expo bit.ly/nvnxf9

MIT Develop Defence Against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Cell Phone Networks bit.ly/oYN7iz

Ottawa Citizen: Alcatel-Lucent’s Kanata site is key to the firm’s fastest-growing division, R&D  http://j.mp/rsXrIC

Deloitte LLP Report: $53B investment in domestic 4G could spell $151B contribution to GDP, create 771,000 jobs: A new report … bit.ly/niMUPl

Samsung – Veni, vidi, vici (in 4G!) smsn.us/6013RObl

Mobile Now Daily Feature: Is Apple Adding LTE to Upcoming iPhone/iOS 5? goo.gl/BQgKK #yg

Nokia’s Symbian Belle Teaser Gives Us Exact Arrival Date, Fails To Tease tcrn.ch/noPBRf

RUS Awards 23 Broadband Grants and Loans Worth $103 Million: bit.ly/qlLEkz

Verizon Wireless Sticks With Mobile Video, Intros Verizon Video bit.ly/odImJN Verizon Updates Mobile TV for LTE lightreading.com/document.asp?d… Verizon Wireless’ LTE expansion keeps on trucking, 15 new markets on September 15th engt.co/ojWonS

FCC Strikes  Fairness Doctrine From Rule Book http://bit.ly/mRkpL7  FCC eliminates 83 outdated rules, including Fairness Doctrine and cable programming service tier rate.

Big Three telcos gearing up to sell BlackBerry Torch 9860 by month’s end http://ow.ly/69FZ0

LG denies OLED Apple TV tvaftertv.com/gw

President Makes Vineyard Visit To Comcast’s Brian Roberts – BC/DC: Eggerton on Washington broadcastingcable.com/blog/BC_DC_Egg…

FTC commissioner calls for new Do Not Track approach cnet.co/pYd6O0

Welcome Dane Snowden to NCTA. Today is his first day as new Chief of Staff. cble.co/ripLDY

Another LTE device now 4 sale- Mobile Hotspot#Elevate4G. Limited LTE availability in select markets. Learn more at social.att.com/sLU

Calix Unified Access portfolio selected by two Iowa Broadband Stimulus award winners bit.ly/mQE3wq

MetroPCS renews calls for conditions on ATTmobile, says spectrum divestments are needed  bit.ly/pIFhnm

Five Pittsburgh TV stations could disappear under a federally mandated expansion of frequencies available for broadband. http://j.mp/prHRfS

Germany: Consumer Electronics market displays sound growth in the first half of 2011 bit.ly/r2IFNP

40% of millennials currently watching video through DVR’s, VOD and web bit.ly/pQSWG5

ConnectedTV revenues to top $95 billion by 2015; 40% growth expected over next five years  bit.ly/pGv4Cz Connected TVs stalled by replacement cycle http://ow.ly/69vsc Connected TV revenues to top $95B by 2015 – FierceIPTV bit.ly/r95Zcr

AT&T adds new U-verse Multiview options bit.ly/pilzh8 telecom

API Spotlight: Mobile Location API uses cellid to provide geographical positioning (Slideshare)| Ericsson Labs – icio.us/i8iAM7

IntelsatONE network expands capabilities and reach. Read full article… http://ow.ly/69j7h

Infonetics’ Service Provider VoIP and IMS newsletter is out! IMS market up 87% year-over-year, more: bit.ly/qghrln

BT, TDC, Vodafone top Infonetics’ scorecard for EMEA hosted business VoIP service providers:  bit.ly/rt3gH3

GENBAND leads combined carrier VoIP and IMS market in 2Q11: bit.ly/qRoOiy

71% of adults that use home wireless networks use them almost seven days a week (on varying devices).bit.ly/n4op1J

JPEG2000 Compression and IP Transport: bit.ly/pB0GZI

$103M to expand broadband Internet in rural US tw.physorg.com/233248387

The pay-TV model, principal generator of profits and good programmes in the media business, is coming apart econ.st/o10gJs

SiTune Unveils Low Power Single-Die Dual/Diversity Terrestrial/Cable/Analog CMOS TV Tuner bit.ly/nj4hX1

TW Cable Business Class checks in with IP video — for hotel TV play bit.ly/pxFzsL


Session border controller (SBC) and voice application server (VAS) revenue is up 15% and 42% year-over-year: bit.ly/qghrln

Content snackers become cordcutters, change the world of TV as we know it… tcrn.ch/p6vCRe

HP Cancels The Pre 3 In The U.S.  read.bi/rjvvXY How Much Did HP Lose on the TouchPad? Here’s a Good Guess. -by @ahess247dthin.gs/ohs9cr

Comcast SportsNet New England Selects Volicon bit.ly/qnOUEp

RGB Networks Expands use of Interra’s Industry Leading Vega H264 Analyzer – FierceIPTV bit.ly/njlvQR

Blinq: compact base stations help operators bridge capacity gaps bit.ly/qPSEjF

Cisco Pays $31M for Axiom Systems bit.ly/qufoLN

MobileMarketingWatch: Infographic: Mobile Advertising Click-Through, Battle of the Sexes Full bit.ly/rkUqWj

Should non-Netflix subscribers have to subsidize the broadband used by current Nexflix users? http://ow.ly/69DOc

Intel Exec: We’ve Heard Apple Might Switch To ARM read.bi/qEGbeK

Affordable smart phones to drive Africa’s Internet adoption | TNWAfrica – icio.us/mcLpba

New Research Weaves Omnidirectional Antennas Into Clothing tcrn.ch/pdfq7U