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Verizon swiping credit cards with new Intuit hardware bit.ly/nYsvpt

Personal subtitle glasses from Sony may get trial run in UK next year engt.co/oQPn8x

FCC Places Freeze On Applications for Channel 51  goo.gl/NdEYC

MasterCard eyes anchor role in mobile-pay relay cnet.co/pxR95Q

Watching video podcasts on your Apple TV dlvr.it/hr0My

Upgrade costs force rural cable company in Brady, Nebraska, to shut down, move subs to Dish Network http://j.mp/qknS3s

Maine Seeks Ways to Fill State’s Broadband Gaps http://j.mp/qDXOO1

Google TV gets set to launch in the UK trap.it/FGZLMR Google chairman Schmidt to woo TV elite reut.rs/pihD0e

Biggest oxymoron in the mobile industry: “best effort”. Usually means “no effort”, or sometimes “deliberately obstructed effort”.

Vodafone präsentiert auf der Funkausstellung LTE und IPTV  telefontarifrechner.de/news11604.html

Dubfire Adopts Xone:DB4 bit.ly/osaQdx

FCC Chairman Genachowski Joins Sen. Begich in Alaska http://j.mp/rhLm3t

IBC 2011 Q&A: Steve Davi, SVP advanced technology SeaChange International: tinyurl.com/3hatmwz

PazWizard launches Samsung TV payment app: PayWizard, the provider of payment solutions to the digital TV … tinyurl.com/3kp2gje

Net Insight’s Nimbra chosen for IAAF Athletic World Championships: Video transport technology specialist N… tinyurl.com/3tbxh34

Bridge Technologies tackles DVB-T2 monitoring: At IBC, Bridge Technologies will debut the world’s first mo…tinyurl.com/3c64g2o

How can broadcasters integrate traditional linear television + VoD file publishing workflows  http://is.gd/YL9wQf

Vodafone: IPTV bald auch über LTE verfügbar: Wie der Vodafone-Chef Friedrich Joussen in dieser Woche dem Nachric… bit.ly/pQhFEA

Apple TV subscription service in works? tvaftertv.com/dy Apple may still challenge cable with TV subscription service: arst.ch/qov

People spend an average of 66% of their internet-surfing time watching online video compared to social networking sites at only 22%

UC – Why Cisco Makes Cius lightreading.com/document.asp?d…

Deutsche Telekom reportedly to set up FTTH subsidiary.  tinyurl.com/3h7235u

Classic Hacks: the Apple I Computer, the iPhone, and the iPad 3G techre.vu/qjBv3W

Verizon Wireless most reliable carrier, says J.D. Power cnet.co/nXornq

India exceeds 100 million pay TV households dlvr.it/hvGKH

Korean government is building its own OS for Samsung & LG. tinyurl.com/3tgw2c5

Pico for 2G, Femtos for 3G – RT @chriscox_ipa: India: Bharti Airtel moving to use picos rather than repeaters for 2G bit.ly/qSbHTU

China & Indonesia will be the most important countries on emerging markets side in terms of LTE in APAC region: bit.ly/qGN1im

Harmonic Extends Spectrum Family Codec Support http://www.tvtechnology.com/article/123778

FCC Restarts Clock on AT&T/T-Mobile Deal: on.wsj.com/q2Vkcv Sprint’s iPhone win may help AT&T’s case for acquiring T-Mobile. bit.ly/qL6JVL

LRG: Telcos, cable MSOs added 350,000 net broadband subscribers in Q2 – FierceTelecom: bit.ly/o9TaOc

Broadcom Crafting PON-Speed HFC http://goo.gl/NGsiz

ABIresearch: 97% of All Smartphones Will Have Touchscreens by 2016 bit.ly/p9c6cp

DirecTV teases ‘Nomad’ Slingbox competitor http://cnet.co/pLOO16

By 2015, tools & automation will eliminate 25% of IT labor hours | http://bit.ly/nYd4Th

AT&T #LTE devices arrive in select markets http://bit.ly/pOHitM

Google “The interactivity of smart TVs provides a real opportunity to deepen engagement”  http://ow.ly/6dPIb Kothari Head of International GoogleTV

Mango Windows Phones put Nokia back in the app game | bloom.bg/nuJfw7

INFO GRAPHIC: IP Edge Vendor Revenue Market Share by Quarter (Cisco, ALU, Huawei, Juniper, ZTE) pic.twitter.com/zLmGWDr

As mobile innovation matures in AME,the market will become more competitive, spurring more mInnovation developmentshttp://bit.ly/oqc8Ba