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Forget TV — broadband is the future of cable — Broadband News and Analysis http://ow.ly/6fu14

Samsung unveiling its own instant messaging tool http://cnet.co/pILfVG

Google chief lambasts the UK for its technophobic ‘luvvie’ culture http://trap.it/CadJYW  ericschmidt ” Internet is fundamental to the future of TV for one simple reason: because it’s what people want.” Is troubled Google TV staging a comeback? http://t.co/RTWYz2R How Google plans to change the way you watch TV http://gigaom.com/video/google-schmidt-tv/ Google’s Schmidt delusional on  TV again: 5 ways to end the madness  http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/googles-schmidt-delusional-on-tv-again-5-ways-to-end-the-madness/56591

HDTV Almanac – Bad Economy? hhgregg Steams Full Speed Ahead. http://bit.ly/oxX25m

HDTV Almanac – Let’s Watch a Movie; Fire Up Facebook. http://bit.ly/o93aTD

The FCC has some more questions about AT&T’s rural LTE pledge http://bit.ly/nkW6kw

SyncTweet will sync TV ads with your Twitter stream http://dlvr.it/hzQTR

Obviate support calls to the operator help desk with Cel-Fi – a simple plug & play system with no installation required  http://cel-fi.com/

Customers Embrace IntelsatONE as Network Expands Capabilities, Reach… http://ow.ly/6foku

Russia brushes off #DTT setback dlvr.it/jG3wx

Zon triple play starts to wane http://dlvr.it/jGK62

Telefunken and Grundig brands to disappear http://dlvr.it/jGK4H

Amino showcases new enhanced OTT-enabled Aminet IPTV set-top box range at IBC11  bit.ly/pzFoyL

Dutch digital TV market seeing growth thanks to IPTV and FTTH increase http://ow.ly/6fkub

Clickable TV Ads Provide Significant Revenue Sources for TV Broadcasters & Higher Conversion Rates http://bit.ly/interactive-tv-ads-eBif

Espial Powers KPU Telecommunications On-Demand Video Services bit.ly/oJ46AY #VOD

DirecTV teases Nomad TV Everywhere product http://ow.ly/6flLk

Swisscom: On Demand content increasingly popular ow.ly/6fkkl

Rural Telephone Service At Risk Say Small Telecomshttp://ow.ly/6dYD2

Steven J Crowley: New blog post: I look at recent experimental radio applications at the FCC. http://bit.ly/qIOfe9

Smartphones Are Bridging the Digital Divide http://bit.ly/p3X3Wt shame it’s such a compromised  broadband experience

SLAs, QoS and guaranteed WANs: Service level agreements are an important part of creating a reliable wide area network http://bit.ly/il7uyJ

NetLogic Microsystems Begins Volume Shipments for its Industry-Leading IPv6 Knowledge-based Processors http://bit.ly/q0eKg4

PCmag: Cable TV outages most prevalent in NC, cell phone disruptions may continue.  http://bit.ly/oN2SGw

Samsung considering a webOS acquisition? Better than building that govt-driven OS from scratch, right? http://bit.ly/rtywJi

Cisco Announces Acquisition of Versly http://bit.ly/oNjKQz

Google TV Coming to Europe in 2012 – http://t.co/CHmdSbp

Deutsche Telekom creates new FTTH subsidiary http://t.co/mwak0HB

The need for a Next Gen 911 system for wireless users is more apparent following the east coast earthquakes http://ow.ly/6dK2l

From the radio receiver to IPTV: 17 highlights of IFA History: Electrical TV, FM  radio  image  Shields (German) -.http://t.co/cZCDsSn

Native Or Web? Bizness Apps Adds HTML5 Platform To Let SMBs Create Their Own Apps — For Both –http://t.co/lnkr6Gs

Qualcomm’s most recent Partner Forum discussed the growth of mobile in Brazil & Latin America. Photo highlights on Flickr http://bit.ly/nB1ya3

Huawei successfully launched 110 outdoor & indoor sites for China Mobile’s LTE TDD trial network http://ow.ly/6ffKl

Level 3 Communications Extends Its High-Capacity Network Into http://tvaftertv.com/2zh

“Video’s Wi-Fi Solution” http://bit.ly/pVPTaV

Integra Telecom adds Palo Alto Networks’ platform to its cloud services suite  http://bit.ly/o3E0lM

Frontier taps into high school sports with “Game On!” video service http://t.co/CkQK6PO

Gartner – Trends Driving Your Mobile Strategy Now Through 2015. http://gtnr.it/plCwAP

ZST Digital Networks, Inc. to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Global Investment Conference  http://bit.ly/pKTird

NetLogic Microsystems Begins Volume Shipments for its Industry-Leading IPv6 Knowledge-based Processors http://t.co/hieVhEI

Fujitsu to release waterproof Arrows Tab F-01D LTE tablet on NTT DoCoMo?  http://engt.co/oVyDzB

Nokia C7 is Getting Smarter http://bit.ly/nPAtER [please http://su.pr/5PbjdV]

Price Will Be Driver of Amazon Tablet Sales: Forrester Research has released a report (“delayed a week out of …http://bit.ly/nwcszz)

PCs, devices & network speed are deal breakers or deal makers for cloudcomputing adoption in LatinAmericahttp://bit.ly/qnI1Ta

Carriers set to chip in $100M in Isis to take on Google http://bit.ly/mZa2wR

Vodafone to Talks to Buy Greek Mobile Network – Report http://bit.ly/oU7jYR

Competitors squeezing IP edge market share from Cisco: http://bit.ly/qQDUEX

AMT moves closer to REIT status: American Tower Corp. continued its movement to elect to become a real estate in…http://bit.ly/pE0nJh

Report: Verizon to launch Samsung Droid Prime in October http://cnet.co/rizhZX

Apple TV will not come with an OLED screen http://ow.ly/1wnpBa

Add to Cart: 5 Ways to Improve Shopping on the Mobile Web … –http://icio.us/XBIUlv

IPTV in Ukraine is expected to take off in 2011: http://bit.ly/owRyOK

Ericsson innovation sees double awards win at BIRTV 2011http://bit.ly/o2kMCf

Neighborhood networks constitute the majority of broadband access in Egypt, Pyramid Finds:  http://bit.ly/nNkU9X

NEC takes the telecom #cloud from PowerPoint to live customers. Read about it here  http://ow.ly/6aQYJ

Interview: Jane Clarke, Managing Director of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM).. http://bit.ly/o51Swc

Ur whole world in 3D, on 9/4 w/LG #Thrill4G with glasses-free 3D. Tell us how your world is going to come alive. http://social.att.com/t3Y

KPU Telcommunications launches on-demand video services in Ketchikan, Alaska powered by Espial http://bit.ly/o2J1wE

Ensequence Bringing Interactivity and Engagement Across TV and Connected Devices http://bit.ly/rdGG3E

Will Mobile Payments Kill the Credit Card? (Infographic) http://bit.ly/qUGR6P