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Anevia OTT Demo (Over The Top Streaming):  pear.ly/ghrCe

Motorola mobilty investing in online video platform Ooyala bit.ly/puMX2G

SES… More ORS In The Transponder (SatBroadcasting™) goo.gl/fb/uMrqd

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Huawei’s enterprise play detailed. So is Huawei aiming to take customers (enterprises) from its customers (SPs)? http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/15/us-wef-dalian-huawei-idUSTRE78E0LO20110915

Huawei Partners with Aero2 to Launch World’s First LTE TDD/FDD Commercial Network huawei.com/en/about-huawe…

Microsoft Promising IPTV on Xbox for Xmas… Again tvaftertv.com/c78

Limelight Networks Inc (NASDAQ:LLNW) Holds the Line Amidst the Rumors tvaftertv.com/bv7

CloudPact solves mobile app problem for enterprise customers india.rcrwireless.com/?p=511

E-MiLi: New Idle Technology Could Make Smartphones 44% More Energy Efficientow.ly/1eIUeS

CRTC to Rogers: Fix Your Broken Throttling System – Regulator Gives Rogers Until September 27 dlvr.it/lnnCN CRTC tells Rogers they’re violating neutrality rules and to fix their broken throttling system: bit.ly/pdcm4M

Liberty Global acquires Poland’s Aster: .bit.ly/pquZjB

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Cablevision embraces over-the-top video.bit.ly/nieYjR

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