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Garpun launch time satlaunch.net/2011/09/garpun…

Proton-M to launch AMOS-4 satlaunch.net/2011/09/proton…

China and Belarus signs contract for new satellite… satlaunch.net/2011/09/china-…

ChinaSat-1A launched satlaunch.net/2011/09/chinas…

Can Apple become the Ultraviolet killer?dlvr.it/m2R7y

FTTH project begins to deliver HD IPTV across Doha tvaftertv.com/8cm #IPTV

Bahrain prepares for IPTV tvaftertv.com/f1g

A Look At AT&T’s Embarrassingly Tiny 4G LTE Coverage Versus Verizon’s Domination  read.bi/nnOwXH

Neat infographic puts mobile payments under the spotlight | phonearena – icio.us/KCdnbi

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook price drops in U.S., Canada soon to follow? http://ow.ly/6xHeL

Netflix abruptly yanks unavailable streaming movies from ‘saved’ view engt.co/qntOvl

Broadcast Engineering – Captioning’s future: As platforms continue to expand, dubbing’s alternative is an economic means to use & resell assets bit.ly/nyT4Uc

So Google launched its smartphone Wallet app today. bit.ly/oxn5qH

Taking a FRESH approach to the newsroombit.ly/oYpBfq

Pace claims DirecTV line to connectedhome first, announces with MultiRoomDVR bit.ly/pnqQbE

Adaptive, automated loudness control: Multiloop technology provides a way to integrate loudness control with automation bit.ly/rrOjX6

Processing audio for mobile DTV: Mobile DTV devices present new challenges for audio mixing engineers. bit.ly/r7cIwr

Fixed-point vs. floating-point numbers in audio processing bit.ly/nSDxJk

New loudness metering standard: With the revisions to BS.1770, a new test suite was needed to test meters 4 conformity bit.ly/pGAXEL

“Miso will be releasing a platform so anyone, a celeb, superfan, network, can build a mobile companion to a show/movie” 10 Startups to Watch: Miso adage.com/u/0a4D4b

Gig U Wants You for 1 Gbps Broadband: bit.ly/nsOJcF

Global OTT: Germany connected TV bit.ly/rudwhK

Arianespace Ready To CHIRP For Heavy Lift Off x2 (LAUNCH) goo.gl/fb/dhzWh

Visa, Google Strike License Deal Allowing Mobile-Phone Payments – Bloomberg bloom.bg/niMLOl The Google Wallet is Open for Business –dthin.gs/rgbk79

The AP and 40 newspapers from around the country are partnering on a new mobile advertising initiative, iCircular bit.ly/pzXjGx

Amazon’s new tablet may pose a greater threat to NetFlix than to Apple onforb.es/py4ZTl

Is Content the Problem Or the Solution? Adweek shar.es/HVPop “The Internet needs showmen”