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On first anniversary in Canada, Netflix launches Facebook integration http://ht.ly/6CZG9

Dish Network launches streaming service: Technology News: Blockbuster Movie Pass only for satcaster subs — Dish… goo.gl/Cw9pn Dish to Launch Blockbuster Online, but Faces Serious Hurdles streamingmedia.com/Articles/ReadA… Dish to acquire a wireless carrier? |bloom.bg/njTlW8

Google TV roll out in UK to be ‘a challenge’ predicts Enders tvaftertv.com/gi7

Murata’s Flexible Remote Lets You Control Your TV With Bending And Twisting Motions tcrn.ch/phD83H

Another hybrid TiVo box service leveraging Docsis 3 for European cabler: RT @gip89: Spain’s Ono offers next-gen TiVorapidtvnews.com/index.php/2011…

What the New Facebook Changes Mean for TV tvgenius.net/blog/2011/09/2…

Cloud-based gaming service launches in the UK goo.gl/fb/JcwCM

DSL the silent King of the APAC broadband market goo.gl/fb/nBQMc

TVs edge ahead in the battle for the connected home goo.gl/fb/lRwYE

Operators need to move beyond the framework of regulation to encourage use of smartphones… goo.gl/fb/Wy75R

UTStarcom awarded EPON contract for smart grid in Ningxia province bit.ly/p6uOkt

Milestone: More Than 1 Million Pay for Hulu bit.ly/naqlnc

Univers Freebox – Le nouveau FHV, nommé « icinéma » sera bien lancé prochainement:universfreebox.com/article15063.h…

Great graphs and fantastic statistics on 3G and LTE for mobile broadband from the GSA gsacom.com/news/statistic…

Mobile  – Operator News in Brief – 23rd Sep 2011 bit.ly/nhAvn6

Infonetics in EE Times article, “LTE sales overtake WiMax” bit.ly/rsYpMt

Infonetics in Telecoms.com article, “HP, Oracle open app store warehouses” bit.ly/o7bQLb

Infonetics – Mobile Subscriber Forecast: Long reign ahead for 2G/3G despite fast growth in 4G (LTE, WiMAX) bit.ly/pqsfLP

New Infonetics report: Policy Management Solutions Market to Grow 49% in 2011. Login for report or info: bit.ly/lYTa8A

Our femtocell survey results bit.ly/qzTyJ7indicate a roadmap for the evolution of the residential femt… (cont) deck.ly/~uhcyZ

Infonetics in Telecom Lead story, “Motorola beats HP to capture third position in WLAN equipment market” bit.ly/obwXAF

Infonetics – Competition is as fierce as ever in Ethernet switches. The battle is mostly playing out between Cisco and HP, but … bit.ly/nXzkEF Infonetics in FierceEnterprise breaking news story, “HP, Cisco battle prompts drop in Ethernet switch revenues” bit.ly/qUaVAF

From our blog: Connected devices can personalize broadband and TV ow.ly/1eO1CZ

Wireless Increasingly Popular, but Fixed Lines Dominate Downloads bit.ly/opYEty

Upswing in Demand for IPTV and Broadband-based Video Services Stokes Growth in

Interview: Mehboob Chowdhury – Citycell: lnkd.in/wRfpSu

In China iPad shaping up to be computer replacement bel.ai/nmtHyx => Carrier Wi-Fi!  bel.ai/pcyy0j

Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 Vectoring Platform Promises 100 Mbps Over Existing Copper Lines bit.ly/nsT8HR

SFR to Give Away Femtocells to its 3G Subscribers bit.ly/oMzPvv

Startup Umami Serves Side Of iPad Content For TV –multichannel.com/article/474290…

NFL Network close to deal with Time Warner Cable, says New York Posts Claire Atkinson tinyurl.com/3ppvf2m

Clearwire talking to AT&T, Verizon and others about selling capacity. bit.ly/ockM7q

Facebook-Netflix U.S. disconnect | Open season on net neutrality |VUDU’s VoD vault expands| Cord-cutting v The Economy bit.ly/nOLIIv

Hulu deal hits rough patch; Owners unsure about moving forward… bit.ly/ngiyzo

UTStarcom Provides End-to-End Internet TV Solution for Newly Launched Network Television Station bit.ly/qJQcfz

FCC publishes net neutrality rules, likely sparking fresh lawsuits. bit.ly/riSgUF Simon Maloy: Understanding The New Internet Freedom Rules trap.it/mvZqkH  Hutchison slams FCC’s net neutrality rules bit.ly/qToqGL

Ofcom says O2 is fastest mobile broadband operator Telegraph.  7% of households use only mobile internet telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsby…

CTIA – By Dec ’11, smartphones>feature phones. 1 smartphone= 24 featphns; 1 iOS/Android=96 featphns cot.ag/om0puz

Tektronix helps operator manage mobile data explosion bit.ly/nAG9l6

FCC issues new (lower) NG911 deployment cost estimate, seeks comment on modernization bit.ly/qerxE8

C Spire Wireless: New Name, New Focus: Crafting a new name to match the changing new times, Miss.-based wireless… bit.ly/oK9Yxs

Tablet sales jump by 80% in 2Q11 ; sales to reach 326.3 mn units by 2015: According to market reports by top analysts… bit.ly/nwG193

New Zealand gets public #WiFi in time for the Rugby World Cup bit.ly/qBSAns

China ‘s recent investment in fiber deployment will propel it to the largest market for fiber connections in the region: http://ow.ly/6DamM

Verizon Wireless chose Tekelec Policy Server, read the CurrentAnalysis perspective http://ow.ly/6CaLg

1 in 3 Android users want an iPhone, while iPhone users boast 89% retention rate http://ow.ly/6Dbqu

Connected TV devices to outnumber broadband connections soon: Household penetration of in-home connected TV devi… bit.ly/pZTsNr

Android smartphones to become in-home media hubs through DLNA adoption: Android smartphone manufacturers a… bit.ly/okXL8E

xDSL text equipment market benefiting from popularity of IP television services: The current spike in demand… bit.ly/n2Ai3u

Telus vs Shaw vs Rogers vs Bell: The Techvibes Guide to Choosing Your Home Internet Provider [Infographic] http://ow.ly/6DbMG

Recent Research showing “Everyone likes TVeverywhere, Everywhere” bit.ly/rjXR84 20% of U.S. Broadband Homes Want TV Everywhere bit.ly/qBzgxF

Motorola’s Larry Robinson on the set-top evolution. moto.ly/48

Broadcast Engineering – Community launches groundbreaking dSPEC226 loudspeaker processor: New processor leverages Resyn control software…bit.ly/r6YZTx