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Netflix makes deal with DreamWorks t.co/7SDPfC3y

Americans still favour TV as major local news source – but only just t.co/o3ZRam5s

New study quantifies the impact of broadbandspeed on GDP http://ow.ly/6GoyR Ericsson

The connected home is closer than everdlvr.it/nK64j

BBWF Siligence say 2016 is the year STB will disappear into Gateway & SmartTV. Siligence says sophisticated Gateway is cheapest way forward for multi-room services but standards like DLNA must prevail first. Siligence (small French box maker) gives convincing arguments on why connected TV can’t be answer for operators before 2015 if ever.

BBWF Jeff Heynen of Infonetics sees no light at the end of the inexorable commoditization of BB tunnel except adding more & more services

BBWF HGI’s David Thorne: the frenzy of putting everything into the cloud bypasses the issue of what to do when connectivity is lost.

More than 5.3 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, with 3 billion in emerging markets: t.co/mVmzblMt

Latam nears 45 million pay-TV subs t.co/ndU3skrq

LTE is the Most Important Direction for the Telecoms Industry Says GSA t.co/iRiaSfm9

Virgin Media Business: Delivering on Carrier Ethernet Opportunities in the Cloud t.co/9L2L4Cui

Samsung’s Android-based Answer to the iPod Touch Finally Headed to U.S. – t.co/BKHxOAsc

Nokia Siemens Networks brings Liquid Net to Broadband World Forum 2011 t.co/iVMql0TZ Nokia Siemens Networks unveils three TD-LTE devices: Nokia Siemens Networks has launched three new 4G devices in… t.co/4LjF2Jce

MediaTelGroup are offering 25% off The Connected TV Experience tickets MTCTV11  t.co/B160HSW9

ZTE announces first Mango smartphone t.co/MUDzN9Zn ZTE Shows Off its First Windows Phone Based Smartphone t.co/T1a2u7eg

China warming to broadband competition t.co/3Kl0rG0X

BBWF11 Blog post: The future of Broadband is here t.co/2Rz1dDmM

Features : BounceTV: Changing the Urban TV Landscape http://ow.ly/6FYdh

The world will need around 20m small cells by 2015 says CTO Doug at basestation conference

Telcordia introduces Service Innovation for SDPs solution t.co/jRU979F7

UTStarcom wins EPON contract from Ningxia Electric0 t.co/Pc0NR0f7

Network Cloning Speeds Up Radio Network Controller Upgrades t.co/5zVFFV9i

BBWF Huawei music to operator ears: future is for dumb devices & sophisticated network services. Strong contrast with device maker’s view! bbwf Huawei hopes to see significant growth in IPv6 deployment by 2015 CarriersWorldEurope

Film 4 takes on iTunes with movie download service: Film 4, the movie channel operated by UK broadcaster C… t.co/CDOkOfAA

Connected TV dominating OTT⁰⁰: Although there are an increasing number of connected devices that enable co… t.co/rbXJd80a

OTE to launch DTH service in October: Greek telco OTE plans to go ahead with the launch of its DTH service… t.co/2BTrKmqs

Etisalat switches on LTE in UAE t.co/4GwfihuP

Pac-Man set for 3D TV debut t.co/mSQp2PD9

FT Orange cool to Google Wallet, calls for m-commerce openness – FierceWireless: Europe http://ow.ly/6FPoK

CitiGroup: There Is No Spectrum Shortage – There’s Just a Bunch of Squatters t.co/5wZoeGDJ

The new Open Graph and the Live Ticker will boost #Facebook presence in the media spacet.co/WG8ZCeD9

Facebook’s Mobile Chief: Within 1-2 Years, We’re Going To Be A Mobile Company tcrn.ch/q5ZH4C

We had lots of Qs on deploying high-density Wi-Fi at large events, blog with our TMEs: wifi-cs.co/qafvqx

Alcatel-Lucent, Belgacom Speed Up the Internet: Belgacom says its customers will get guaranteed speeds of 50Mbps… bit.ly/qoQqeg