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Global Video Encoders Industry http://bit.ly/qk1HlM

Worldwide IPTV revenues to almost triple by 2020: There will be just over 160mn broadband subscribers in t… bit.ly/nSRN9n

Global IPTV subscriptions top 50m in Q2 http://tvaftertv.com/swo

IPTV Pioneer Now Going OTT – Light Reading http://bit.ly/qcqX6b

IPTV predicted to treble in Europe by 2020 http://tvaftertv.com/38z

Kroes: cable can take on the incumbents http://ow.ly/6Htcf Cable industry preparing for the “great unbulding”? http://bit.ly/qBLX6N Cable ‘a la carte’ chatter returns as smaller MSOs call for programming option http://bit.ly/qeJ7QY

3D Cinema Movies Fail To Impress Many Brits: YouGov Poll http://ow.ly/6H8lE

Digester subsidiary lands 2 IPTV projects http://bit.ly/nCfd6O

Hollywood’s New Math: No Need for Studio Walls in Leaner Times | The Wrap Movies http://www.thewrap.com/movies/article/hollywoods-new-math-no-need-walls-leaner-times-31371

MediaTel: Newsline: The future has to involve ‘TV everywhere’ http://ow.ly/6HsZq

Turnbull storms Paris with NBN’s doom bit.ly/oHpCT1

Amdocs: Policy and charging must integrate to drive new revenue bit.ly/pAA3Vf telecom

New Sprint does push-to-talk without Nextel bit.ly/nmJ9n3 Telecom

Facebook’s mobile czar: We’re a mobile company, but we don’t have an iPad app…yet. cnet.co/nLDDLu

New report explores the opps available 4 cable ops & content providers as a result of new TV viewing models, learn more http://bit.ly/nrBgMu

India Caps Daily Text Messages At 100 Per User http://ow.ly/6Hb0m

ADB Adds Epicentro® Intelligence To Gateways, Bringing Vertical Service Revenues To Teo http://ow.ly/6H122 ADB brings vertical service revenues to TEO http://bit.ly/pvnyon

Yamgo takes Russia Today mobile http://is.gd/s7KVw8

ProSiebenSat.1 to enter US series market http://is.gd/lHMIkV

SK Telecom to offer seven smartphones, one tablet with LTE network in 2011: South Korean operator to launch LTE-… http://bit.ly/mW50xg

Google to build three data centres in Asia, investment to exceed $200m: Internet giant to acquire land for data … http://bit.ly/rcRloB

Huawei opens enterprise-focused business unit in India: Chinese vendor to sell network equipment to non-telecom … http://bit.ly/p36ZQs

Regulation Hinders Google’s FTTH progress. http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?ID=467981

Kindle Fire is not just a ‘low’ cost tablet; it’s a low cost tablet w/ ‘premium’ service. Not many tablets can say that. Here’s a quick recap of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch news from this morning.cnet.co/piEEbP Amazon Tablet: Apple Will Be Fine, But Netflix Is Another Story onforb.es/pePAKJ A serious threat to Netfilx and Hulu? To me, this is the most mind-blowing slide during Kindle event: http://bit.ly/nUR7Fl

Toshiba Shows Off 7-Inch Android Tablet http://bit.ly/ooFIDt

Wireless networks are more than just conduits for voice and data – they’re gold mines of data on traffic, subscribers bit.ly/niCIOr

Google Announces AdWords For Video – Video Ad Management Made Easy bit.ly/q4rrAI

Lots of talk about app demands on 3G networks at 4GAmericas – but fragmented API ecosys remains a stumbling block for progress

Vodafone TV mit LTE kostenlos testen – dsltarifinfo.de bit.ly/plnuRV

MacKenzie signs Sports Tonight Live to VisionIPTV bit.ly/qpDzf1

Pew study on cell phone habits: 30% of people prefer texting to talking. http://ow.ly/6HqN3

Health education and lifestyle videos from HealthiNation are now available on Roku streaming players.

Adding PRISA to Boxee today-world’s leading Spanish media group for entertainment, information & education b0x.ee/qUERcd

CenturyLink, Comcast, Cisco consider involvement in Gig.U broadband project bit.ly/rlHdjC

Shared investment key to ROI on next-gen networks twurl.nl/wegbu2 Fitch: French LTE auction will trigger network sharing opportunities – FierceWireless:Europe: bit.ly/mXLI2C

France Telecom outlines mobile offload strategy twurl.nl/s8ru3p

Blu-ray to push DVD out of market by 2015 http://bit.ly/nIcbvu

New access switches, WLAN controller and mobile software launch Juniper’s Simply Connected line http://bit.ly/n887NH

Ericsson Labs – Users Care About Friends, Not Algorithms – http://ow.ly/6FTVX

ABIResearch: Over 1.7 Billion Mobile Social Networking Users in 2016 http://ow.ly/6HBRj

Tekelec – A survey of 2,000 smartphone users in the U.S. show that data security is more important than call quality. Do you agree? http://ow.ly/6Gi52

Design recommendations for VoWLAN, key RF & site survey considerations: http://wifi-cs.co/mVjPZk

Complete pricing of Rogers upcoming LTE devices (Jetstream, Galaxy S II and mobile hotspot) bit.ly/pe0FcE Rogers expands LTE network in Canada dlvr.it/nSTsN

41% of mobile users in NA plan to purchase a device they know nothing about including features/price  http://j.mp/oVdZ5S

Drucker: are we setting expectations too high for what LTE can do? bit.ly/oWZIrd

Comcast expands into mobile tower business – FierceCable: bit.ly/o0nCDs

Group challenges FCC’s “net neutrality” rules reut.rs/qYGAUq

Seybold: operators need well-placed spectrum to succeed bit.ly/nsubSV

Backhaul will be a huge headache> Picochip argues London LTE coverage needs 70,000 small cells – FierceWireless:Europe: bit.ly/oUMHHX

Hulu Rumor Mill: It’s Down to Google and Dish – multichannel.com/blog/BIT_RATE/…

Telcos still fundamentally indecisive about the cloud bit.ly/qfCE9E

Time Warner Mulls Center Move In Manhattan – multichannel.com/article/474490…`

The landscape of mobile apps in Africa [2011 report] | memeburn  http://ow.ly/6Hb24

BBC R&D looking to get its ground-breaking Orchestrated Media integrated in IPTV boxes. Exciting stuff lnkd.in/7WcUQU

Meduza opens the order book. bit.ly/pXwyeH

Despite Slowing Economy, U.S. Communications Spending is Expected to Increase 4.1% in 2011 — bit.ly/oMgKlJ

Getting machines to watch 3D for you.bit.ly/pGjlBw

High frame rate production gets Cameron-Christie boost. bit.ly/pPXrBU

Plenoptic lens arrays signal future? bit.ly/nufzqF

Updated with video demo – The Kindle Fire Pulls All Of Amazon’s Cloud Media Onto A Tablet techcrunch.com/2011/09/28/kin…

Colleges struggle with students’ data demand bit.ly/odYhuF

41% of consumers plan to buy the iPhone 5 http://ow.ly/6HIBr

4G in the US is expected to account for 39% of subscriptions by year-end 2016:  http://ow.ly/6HIfj