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Doubling broadband speed increases the GDP by 0.3%: Increased broadband speed boosts economic growth http://ow.ly/6GJao

DOJ asks Google for more data about Motorola deal: cnet.co/n3ZOiA

Motorola Xoom 4G LTE upgrade process begins tomorrow, new tablets on sale October 13th http://engt.co/n4PPTG

TVTech… Forecast: Broadcast to Dip in 2011 and Rise Through 2015 http://goo.gl/c4qdR

AT&T U-verse Rides Into ‘Showtime Anytime’ Corral  http://bit.ly/piaUaP

Diverse Web Series Grows Through Social Media http://tvaftertv.com/oq

Interactive TV News Round-Up (I): Amazon.com, Fox, Clikthrough, Comcast Spotlight | InteractiveTV .. http://bit.ly/prwuUY

Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): DISH Network, Blockbuster, Facebook, HealthiNation, Roku | Interactive.. http://bit.ly/n9TuE9

Interactive TV News Round-Up (III): iPowow, Nine Network, itaas, Liberty Global, SeaChange | Interactive.. http://bit.ly/qfwQpJ

Interactive TV News Round-Up (IV): Miso, DirecTV, “Dexter,” MOG, Samsung, NBC, Yahoo! | Interactive.. http://bit.ly/n7bIw6

Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): Netflix, DreamWorks Animation, Sezmi, Showtime Networks | Interactive.. http://bit.ly/pow61f

FCC – Read about the buzz on communityappshttp://bit.ly/nIEd8b

Malaysia’s YTL Bets on WiMAX to Capture Wireless Broadband Users – WSJ.com http://on.wsj.com/o78o8G

Menatelecom in deal to expand WiMAX network http://bit.ly/qTHKMP

Broadcasters must dominate synchronized companion apps http://bit.ly/pYPWhc

Apprion Extends ION Video Application With WiMAX for Long-Range, High-Performance, Broadband Video http://bit.ly/nU0rmk

Apple Bans Phone Story App, Game That Shows the “Dark Side” of Smartphones http://ow.ly/1eT3L1

Time Warner Cable Finally Gets HBO Go – Being Spun Off From Time Warner Somehow Didn’t Help http://dlvr.it/nTGTd

SK Telecom plans 7 LTE smartphones, 1 LTE tablet – MarketWatch http://bit.ly/qSjy53

Huawei Unveils Its U2Net Vision Analysis http://bit.ly/rpiLij

T-Mobile debuts its first dual-carrier HSPA+ smartphones http://bit.ly/r4k1qo

Mediacom, LIN Retrans Stalemate Continues – http://bit.ly/n1sQ2g

GlobalLogic acquires Method http://bit.ly/nOjRUF

Adtec adds HD encoder: The low-delay encoder/modulator is designed for DSNG use.bit.ly/oGo7Ay

Switch for FTTH bit.ly/qqIvkL

HTC Hero S coming to US Cellular next month alongside Wildfire S and Flyer engt.co/pLU7OP

Novavision inks deal with India’s Gold TVis.gd/Xu2I4I

Pie a la mode? Cable a la carte? Yes please.reut.rs/oEPWKG

What impact will the newly launched Kindle Fire have on the media tablet and eReader markets? Get IDC’s take at bit.ly/qw5mfV

Asia Pacific to have 481 million pay TV subscribers by 2016 is.gd/8oRAee

Bulgaria’s Vivacom to Offer Satellite Based Internet Services bit.ly/n1XzUW

Does TV Check-in Have a Future?tvgenius.net/blog/2011/09/2…

Wohler Partners with SoundField bit.ly/quH8Cf

MediaCom’s Sue Unerman says “You’ve got to have faith” bit.ly/p9HHbv

Mediacom fights loss of LIN TV stations with free sports programming. fiercecable.com/story/mediacom…

Nokia to cut 3,500 jobs, invest $1.36B in NSN along with Siemens. bit.ly/nrBv3j

Ericsson Labs – 5 Mobile Security Issues To Watch | Informationweek http://ow.ly/6HaQF

Russian Networks Plan Joint LTE Network Deployment bit.ly/pADY87 [MTS and Vimpelcom]

Russia’s Yandex invests $15M in US search underdog tw.physorg.com/236513984

Multiscreen campaigns create deeper impressions sbne.ws/r/96DU

China and India Hampered by Poor PayTV Regulatory Systems bit.ly/rqZv1T

New Updates to the TWCable TV app for iPad – Time Warner Cable bit.ly/o6J5bf More proof multiscreen is becoming just like traditional TV! New Updates to the TWCable TV app for iPad TWC bit.ly/pRVLhc

Amazon Lights Fire Under Netflix, Not Apple bit.ly/o8lEXo

MIPCOM – In praise of linear TV dlvr.it/nbLkF

GSMA: Industry is overlooking a $13B market opportunity bit.ly/nbMpkX How can the mobile industry aid women in developing countries?

60 million IPTV subscriptions in the EU by 2020 bit.ly/pis5zP

European operators embrace Wi-Fi offloading with a hint of caution. bit.ly/qIxIKZ

Macy’s is pushing to get RFID technology into stores to help it manage inventory bit.ly/qOq6Fs

NCTA’s Powell: FCC’s AllVid is “classic example” of “jobs-killing, cost-raising, innovation-crushing regulation” is.gd/Ue0gBb

Interesting fact #1 from Picochip’s 70k small cell messaging: we’re mostly talking indoors – only 12k outdoor. Interesting fact #2 from Picochip’s 70k small cell messaging: extrapolate to other global metros and we’re talking 19M cells!

Need better UIs-> SmartTV Space May Never Take Off as Predicted http://ow.ly/6Ivwh

One-word answer to why one N American MSO was at IBC this year: IPTV

Cox Says They’ll Boot Repeat Cap Violators – Four Strikes And Your Service Gets Cut Off dlvr.it/nZR52

Clearwire likely the crux of Sprint’s LTE strategy, just doesn’t have enough spectrum alone goo.gl/P5taO

Cable’s About-Face on a la carte sa-link.cc/6Z Cable Companies’ A La Carte Plan Seems Like a Bait-and-Switch trap.it/xLh8xE

T-Mobile opposes Apple’s crusade against Galaxy products bit.ly/nHlRFt

GrahamDrew: nicely done – TV Twitter Trends tvgenius.net/socialtvstats/

For those interested in TD-LTE (LTE TDD), Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) website has some good resources: lte-tdd.org/report

Moto Finally Xooms on Verizon LTE lightreading.com/blog.asp?blog_…

Twitter a more visible brand on TV than most paid product placements. Facebook, YouTube also enjoy free promotion bit.ly/ouH6Vt

Viacom, SBS ink Korean pact goo.gl/fb/6C0dF

Music piracy drops 25% in Sweden due to @Spotify. Take note, enabling people works: wifi-cs.co/o5DQ11

Through Brazil, China Telecom aims to reach other Latin American markets: Brazil is the first country in Latin America. bit.ly/rnV9eo

Samsung’s Smart TV division interview: ‘Connected TV is here to stay’ digitalspy.co.uk/tech/news/a342…

Who’s adopting LTE? bit.ly/n9jEmO

Cablevision Latest to Put Mandatory Arbitration in Fine Print – AT&T Supreme Court Victory Leads to Fine Print Parade dlvr.it/nbrGd

Did you hear? Russia Adopts DVB-T2 advancedtv bit.ly/nelEeE

UBS Maintains a ‘Neutral’ on Level 3 Communications (LVLT … tvaftertv.com/kzw

RIM calls PlayBook discontinuation ‘pure fiction’ goo.gl/fb/IzLSG

Nokia Siemens Upgrades, Expands Networks in Europe, Africa: Nokia Siemens Networks has upgraded the E-Plus Group… bit.ly/oWTV9J

Shazam Ditches The Monthly Tagging Limits For iOS And Android Devices tcrn.ch/nropFS

Two points. First, HetNets (heterogenous networks) include Wi-Fi and are not specific to LTE-Advanced as Qualcomm implies.

Time Warner Cable banks on DOCSIS 3.0 data service growth, but are customers biting? – FierceTelecom: bit.ly/raqHvm

Landscape changing – so will revenue / subscription models – more ad based to offset content costs lnkd.in/wDiegH

Here’s Why Amazon Is Promoting Netflix, Its Competitor trap.it/5mYKXz

Tellabs adds content awareness to routing platform to cope with rising data traffic – FierceBroadbandWireless bit.ly/mQBkd2

Ericsson proposes new plan for AWS spectrum – FierceWireless bit.ly/nEiBOP

Charlotte inks deal with Alcatel-Lucent on LTE network — Urgent Communications article bit.ly/n6orkX

RogersLTE is now live in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Exciting news for Canadian StreamboxLive users!

FTTH2011 Latest FTTH North American FTTH deployment statistics released – homes passed and homes connected. bit.ly/np3VrW

Microsoft looking into Web TV service, report says http://tvaftertv.com/v3s

WTA: Interactive TV Growth Requires Business Model Adaptation http://bit.ly/mZs7z6

Mobile hot-buttons: Spectrum, small-cell networks and Wi-Fi offload http://bit.ly/plCwyi

Pay TV’s future and the battle for Input 1 http://dlvr.it/ncb4s

Brazil: DTH dethrones cable http://is.gd/bwG0BH

FTTH2011 Latest FTTH North American FTTH deployment statistics released – homes passed and homes connected. http://bit.ly/np3VrW

Satellite: Proton launches with QuetzSat-1 bit.ly/nBMYjL

Satellite: Mexsat-3 to be launched by Arianespace http://bit.ly/nPRQOT Mexsat-1 & Mexsat-2 launch updates http://bit.ly/rfHBcr

Netflix tumbles to lowest trading price in one year | bloom.bg/pgksIu

Game On: Comcast, FiOS TV Coming to Xbox http://bit.ly/o4mK5A

probleme mit meinem IP-TV … laut DTAG ist sehr warscheinlich meine Fritzbox die das prop macht http://bit.ly/oYMVCo

ZTE Smart Tab 10 makes its way through FCC with Vodafone branding http://dlvr.it/nd0tY

TIA Takes Cloud Computing by Storm http://bit.ly/nPQtDj

Broadcom introduces Central Office VDSL2 SoC http://bit.ly/ozKRHR

Qualcomm launches AR7420 chipset http://bit.ly/pSH3Fa

Telchemy’s VQmon Measures Quality of Video Streaming Services http://bit.ly/p7iH5h