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Telcos can challenge piracy law bbc.in/o35kSw

Sprint Nextel Accelerates its LTE Deployment by Two Years http://bit.ly/ndSpuG The cost of switching to LTE? Sprint to spend $10 billion over the next two years dlvr.it/plyCg Sprint lays out an aggressive plan to roll out 4G services as it fights to avoid falling behind.cnet.co/qw3Dt6 Sprint Announces LTE Plans – The Worst-Kept Secret in Telecom is Official dlvr.it/plJW7 Sprint to cover 120 markets with 4G LTE next year. cnet.co/pvN2n7 Sprint’s New 4G LTE Network Will Cover 230 Markets By 2012 bit.ly/qhlTyW Sprint has decided not to make Clearwire an important part of its Network Vision plans, even though Clearwire has the most spectrum. I do not think that this closes the door for future wholesale/MVNO relationships around LTE TDD between Clearwire/Sprint. Sprint unveils ‘aggressive’ LTE plans mwl.me/nMKmrQ Sprint to unveil LTE network, stop selling WiMAX devices twurl.nl/zuix7v So much for Clearwire: Sprint is deploying LTE in its 1.9 GHz spectrum, will launch mid next yearbit.ly/n8tkev Sprint Stock Plunges Despite iPhone Availabilitydlvr.it/pmn4Z

BT cuts duct, pole access prices twurl.nl/ro5a2g

Magyar Telekom to launch LTE in January 2012twurl.nl/gip1zk

Gemalto brings Facebook to users with no data plan bit.ly/oVXvNi

SocialTV Heats Up Battle For Living Room:74% surf the internet while watching TVhttp://ow.ly/6Q822

Connected TVs to dominate OTT market bit.ly/o6xKKo

CTAM in NY: Cable Pipe is King – 2011-10-07 10:53:09 | Multichannel Newsmultichannel.com/article/474922…

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Are Officially Live $AAPL by @_dtl read.bi/nRiWzK

Ericsson number 1 in Global LTE Packet Backhaul Equipment in 2011 | ECN: Electronic Component News – ecnmag.com/News/2011/10/E…

Expanding & diversifying – IPTV news – Deutsche Telekom adds channels bit.ly/nnBEDD  and  bit.ly/nTCa7V

Deutsche Telekom adds channels – IPTV News bit.ly/p9y85r and bit.ly/qNZdUX

Samsung, Google postpone Galaxy Nexus launch, saying now’s “not the right time” to launch a new product. cnet.co/pPdQSn

Cisco #Infographic: The future will see an increase in workplace #mobility creating the “anywhere office”blogs.cisco.com/news/the-anywh…

Cinemark Shouldn’t Worry: Universal’s “Tower Heist” $60 VOD Test Will Also Flop: Late yesterday, the LA Times re… bit.ly/ndcwma

Misreporting revenues: DoT to issue notices to 5 telcos: India’s Department of Telecom plans to issue notices to… bit.ly/oSenBe

Verizon launches online portal for business customers bit.ly/p6JFsP telecom

BT and Everything Everywhere trial 4G in UKgoo.gl/fb/Ad3qX

India’s BSNL cuts off operators following disputegoo.gl/fb/UmZ3c

Facebook on a SIM targets mass marketgoo.gl/fb/qYKmF

A 5.5 on the Spencer Scale goo.gl/fb/66Bw3

Kenya lowers “virtually all regulatory fees” for operators goo.gl/fb/jHn8k

Low-Cost Tablet Runs on Three Watts of Power techre.vu/q8LGox

51% of consumers use the Internet to access news or information while watching TV content – OvumICT study. There is follow up on TV advertising: 35% say they are accessing further info related to specific TV messaging – exactly what SyncAds do. “only be a matter of time before more valuable advertising revenues also move away from the #TVand onto the second screen” – OvumICT .

Ericsson Labs – Survey: Majority of iOS game developers struggle with low revenues | Mobile Business Briefinghttp://ow.ly/6Q8bF

Challenges to the FCC’s Net neutrality rules will get a hearing in court after all. cnet.co/mQ5TVF

Smartphones drive Samsung to stronger than expected Q3 bit.ly/ovweBP

Google-backed patent group sues Motorola Mobility bit.ly/o5gI12

Smartphones drive Samsung to stronger than expected Q3 bit.ly/ovweBP

Despite IPv4 Reprieve, Groups Kick Up IPv6 Prep: IPv4 Internet Protocol addresses were widely expected to become… bit.ly/oUKC7s

The Brazilian adoption of cloud, mobility highlight in Accenture’s survey: Corporate mobility, increased adoption… bit.ly/nFWDvC

Comcast promises Xfinity VOD streaming on more devices, new Xcalibur guide in 2012 engt.co/ngMANZ

PressRelease: NEC to deploy Microsoft Lync for Plymouth City Council: bit.ly/pWhEdT

Interactive TV News Round-Up (I): AdoTube, Avail-TVN, Liberty Global, Canoe Ventures, Softel | Int..bit.ly/p69mts

Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Clikthrough, AOL, Cliffs Notes, Comcast, EBIF, Xcalibur | Inter..bit.ly/n7W5Tw

Interactive TV News Round-Up (III): easeltv, Virgin Media, TiVo, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nielsen | Int..bit.ly/ndsKX3

Interactive TV News Round-Up (IV): SeaChange, Showtime, CTAM “iTV Idol,” Sony Movie Channel | Inte..bit.ly/qNap4d

Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): Synacor, Grande Communications, UltraViolet, LodgeNet | Interact..bit.ly/oxT5Kf

Get a sneak preview of @heavyreading Pay TV Research. Full details unveiled at TelcoTV http://ow.ly/6QEvB

Checks and balances – quality assurance, service providers and the web: QoE and QoS monitoring for pay TV … tinyurl.com/4xy5akf

ZipPay To Launch New Mobile Payments Service Cheaper Than Square

Are apps more valuable to Apple than music? Yes, by a long way bit.ly/poW58L

App downloads to reach 98 billion by 2015 twurl.nl/3itfud

Google, AdMeld and the Need for Diabolical Liquidity: http://ow.ly/6PwEV

Analysts: Samsung likely to pass Apple in Q3.bit.ly/pO5kvV

Sprint: iPhone to be one of most profitable devices |bloom.bg/nK8N6K

RIM pays $100M for NewBay Networks. bit.ly/qYaJPz

Western Digital Refreshes WDTV Live Hardware:zatznotfunny.com/2011-10/wester…

Volicon unveils Observer Mobile: Designed specifically for media executives on the go, Observer Mobile provides … bit.ly/nEVHm9

CinemaNow strikes deal with Intel, adds new movies in 1080p HDhttp://engt.co/oUSSr7

Vodafone Czech Republic launches managed mobile games store | Mobile Business Briefing http://ow.ly/6Q8l4

T-Mobile, protecting AT&T, expected to lose 1 million plus subscribers this year bit.ly/qVyra9 telecom

Mobile Now Daily Feature: eport: Sony to Buy Out Ericsson from Handset Partnership goo.gl/Mdp5d

Sony Reader WiFi review dlvr.it/pn3kB

How Content Producers Can Engage Their Audiences in New Ways mashable.com/2011/10/06/soc…

Yahoo launches fall web series tvaftertv.com/v3y

San Francisco in 4K (Featured on Boxee) b0x.ee/rmVaye

Mipcom attendance tops 12,500 dlvr.it/pnMlZ

Roku -Not sure what to stream this weekend? We have your back – http://ow.ly/6QYiI

Video QAM’s Long Swan Song – BIT RATE | Blog on Multichannel News multichannel.com/blog/BIT_RATE/…

CTAM in NY: Cable Has Unique Opportunity in Addressable Ads – 2011-10-07 20:41:52 | Multichannel Newsmultichannel.com/article/474947…

Ericsson Labs – ‘Solar as a service’ to aid off-grid phone charging – Rethink Wireless http://ow.ly/6Q8ng

comScore: Android continues to gain share over Apple in the smartphone segment bit.ly/pndQpM