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The pay TV market is still resisting disruption ow.ly/6U8SE

Apple TV gets an update with iCloud, AirPlay and more programming tnw.to/1BJqW

BlackBerry Users Facing Third Day of Disruption bit.ly/n3jwyC

Sprint To Sell The iPhone 4S With Unlocked MicroSIM Slot tcrn.ch/piJ4He

Apple releases iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Apple TV tvaftertv.com/cj9

Turn your mobile phone into a remote control for your home. A Tech Guy’s Personal “Smart Home” Experience. moto.ly/vzemployeevideo

Did Apple Reject Next Media Animation iPad App for Being Too Offensive? [VIDEO] bit.ly/mUa0M3

Foursquare “Radar” Taps iOS 5 to Alert iPhone Users of Local Activities bit.ly/pZZRAM

Verizon and Sigma Designs Make Smart Home a Reality bit.ly/oOA3IU

Kansas City has taken lead in Fiber to Library initiative. Using Google gig as catalyst. DVA met with KC librarians to plan strategy. In KC, librarians expect lot of visitors wanting to know what gigabit really means. So libs will give them hands-on experience, can see what does. Libraries will broadcast test beds to new applications, services. It’s wise to plan for creating these types of broadband application pilot projects. Librarians, though, will refuse government money if the government tries to force filtering what peeps can access, or spying on citizens.

Sen. Kerry calls for more equitable Universal Service Fund.

The U.S. Has More Wireless Devices than People nyti.ms/rnHbay

New Peering Policy Covers Level 3/Global Crossing: To comply with questions raised by the U.S. Department of Justice… bit.ly/nYHARp

Congress struggles with Facebook’s frictionless sharing dlvr.it/qQwnN

Verizon Launches New Home Monitoring Platform – $10 a Month Plus Cost of Hardware  dlvr.it/qQzDM Motorola and Verizon team up for Z-Wave monitoring service, let you control your home as you roam dlvr.it/qRCCh

Neilsen: More from our report on global shopping and saving – Consumers Go Sale Searching and Coupon Clipping shar.es/bWtst

XipLink Backs GeoEye’s ‘Eye Sight’ goo.gl/fb/FuVOI

SatBroadcasting –™This report includes new information on Bright Technologies, Digital. goo.gl/fb/mXzQW

Comcast Launching Asian American-targeted network in Washington bit.ly/pduxdu

Here’s how you can connect to a wireless network with built in Wi-Fi on your 2011 Samsung TV: smsn.us/6011Rkvc

Hot news at CTIA Guidelines for Mobile Giving Payment. Offers non-profits 60% off short code  bit.ly/pe0yQ4

Wireless industry needs more spectrum: In 2011, we use 108.4 petabytes per month. By 2015, 914.6 petabytes per month! ow.ly/6Vqlb

68% of the cost of the network is incurred after purchase. TCO matters, HP: wifi-cs.co/oG8WQd

Third quarter a barn-burner for mobile, online video fundraising – FierceOnlineVideo bit.ly/qvb4ZR

White knight emerges for MOSAID: bit.ly/oM0BOJ

Wireless devices take the stage at Ovum’s CTIA event bit.ly/pOCA1g

“TV Everywhere” – Rino Petricola of Front Porch Digital writes about the opportunity and challenge for media…fb.me/1gqwLSdOO

FCC – To help illustrate the scope of the challenge & need for USF & ICC reform we’ve developed an interactive map fcc.us/usficcmap

NCTA’s Powell says no 1 group can write plan for reforming universal service. Says putting consumer 1st solves some of the complex issues. NCTA President President Michael Powell to Senate: USF reform must be written with consumers, not self-interested companies, in mind. Telco USF reform plan was good starting point, but not an end point. USF should not collect more money than necessary, only target areas in need of support. Arcane and mind-numbing USF detalis can be reduced to Focus on consumers, not companies. Kathleen Abernathy of Frontier: Telco USF plan was consensus approach.

Wash utility commissioner concerned about states being pre-empted on intercarrier compensation, VoIP.

Grass Valley acquires PubliTronic: The acquisition is part of the company’s overall strategic growth plan, with … bit.ly/q1caks

Universal Dumps $60 Home Video Rental Plan dthin.gs/pEYMl0

Etisalat launches catch-up TV on upgraded IPTV service tvaftertv.com/orz 

Zitter: HBO Go Coming To Latin America, Asia – multichannel.com/article/475123…

New Mobile App Zoomingo Helps You Find Nearby Sales tcrn.ch/o2p6ls

Android SDK add-in for Google TV finalized before major update tvaftertv.com/i3f

Mobile broadband to drive telecoms growth through 2015, predicts Ovum bit.ly/pnrgQt

Intel Has Shut Down The Group Making Chips For Google TV businessinsider.com/intel-bails-on…