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Reed Hastings On His Vision For Netflix onforb.es/sI4MRV

The End of New Release DVD Rentals bit.ly/t2B5fc

Cisco, AT&T offer Wi-Fi IPTV bit.ly/stwhXu

Galaxie Music Mediaroom Launches with Three Telcos bit.ly/tztXZ6

Time Warner Cable loses 126,000 video subscribers in Q3 bit.ly/rOZJDR

The end of remote controls? Apple’s TV ‘to be voice controlled’ bit.ly/uLW5Px

Strategy Analytics – ZTE overtook Apple to become the world’s 4th largest handset vendor in Q3 2011. RIM is in ‘Others’

Ouch! 92% of Internet subs contacted customer service by phone in 2011.: J.D. Power multichannel.com/article/475840…

GateHouse… Breaking The Mold (SATCOM) goo.gl/fb/He5Ol

HSPA+ to reach data rates of 336 Mbps – FierceBroadbandWireless: bit.ly/uwZARd

Infonetics in CNET article: “Shared data plans: ‘Radical change’ likely to take off”: cnet.co/tsPCuo

Skylink/CS Link strategy revealed dlvr.it/sb8vv

Exploring the Art and Science of Social TV – Streaming Media Magazine bit.ly/vgVVDO

IPTV Can Google TV Rise From the Dead? With New Update, Stay Tuned. goo.gl/re3Jl

Warpia’s StreamHD Value Edition does wireless USB to HDMI on the (kinda) cheap engt.co/vDf2GD

Nokia plans big Lumia launch in India; targets over 50% market share tnw.to/1BaLe

Bridge Technologies Will Display New Products at the OTTtv World Summit 2011 bit.ly/sabHD1

Hybrid set-top boxes to gain momentum by 2016, exceeding 60% ow.ly/7bvOR

HDTV Magazine Weekly – 10/28/2011. bit.ly/9TPL8V

Exploring the Art and Science of Social TV ow.ly/7bvJw

Motorola Mobility Loss Shrinks Slightly As Revenues Rise bit.ly/uc4Gsh

News: Virgin Media reports strong 3rd Quarter digitaltvselector.com/?p=3998

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #502: Optoma Neo-i DV20A Projector Review. bit.ly/vm1a65

MobiTV Joins ‘TV Everywhere’ Land Rush – 2011-10-27 19:34:05 | Broadcasting & Cable ow.ly/1zlLn8

Judge blocks most of SF cellphone warning law bit.ly/uUmzvh Telecom

SoCs deliver uncompressed wireless audio capabilities to PCs, TVs and gaming bit.ly/uyWpVm

Zeebox goes live dlvr.it/sbtyT

Anthony Rose’s Social TV Startup Zeebox Is Now Live – paidContent – Mobile ow.ly/1zlLzW

China tops 100M 3G subs mwl.me/thuNud

Sky Go passes 100m views: Sky Go has served more than 100 million content views since it launched in July, with … bit.ly/rq7q1A

ITV looking to sell products on-demand: ITV looks set to integrate a retail proposition with its video-on-demand… bit.ly/ua7J1e

Sky’s Darroch paid £2.7m as profits hit £1bn: Sky’s chief executive officer Jeremy Darroch is on track to take h… bit.ly/rMt1eY

Samsung overtakes Apple as top global smartphone maker twurl.nl/ictghf Samsung smart-phone sales pass Apple’s in Q3 as customers waited for 4S: tgam.ca/DCHL Samsung’s Q3 smartphone sales offset weakness in other segments twurl.nl/i3kz3h

ZTE chairman not seeking core equipment deals in US twurl.nl/5co6os

Motorola Mobility narrows loss on smartphone sales twurl.nl/huctpi Motorola Mobility beats Wall Street in Q3 bit.ly/tvrZsA

10G fiber transport platform drives Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand services bit.ly/vwok5M

Wimax still alive as Greenpacket announces EU deals goo.gl/fb/m1OQ3

Hybrid set-top boxes to gain momentum by 2016 ow.ly/7bNP7

Mobile Phone Market Growth Slows As Smartphone Purchases Soften bit.ly/s7cRvN

Complex USF reform approved by FCC may tilt playing field toward big carriers while expanding rural broadband…. fb.me/1gYobQ5I0 FCC Clears Up Their Powerline Broadband Rules – But It’s Too Little Too Late For the ‘Great Broadband Hope’ dlvr.it/sdc64 FCC USF vote a big win for chairman Julius Genachowski POLITICO.com: politico.com/news/stories/1… FCC Creates $4.5B Broadband Fund in Major Telecom Overhaul: The FCC on Thursday voted to modernize the multibillion… bit.ly/uPsYSs

Everything Everywhere’s CEO says brand is “silly” bit.ly/sEStxA

Tele2 further threatens Russia’s shared LTE plan bit.ly/sdehMv

Netflix to launch in UK, competing with Sky and Virgin Media…. fb.me/1awvounex

Hands on with Zeebox, your new social TV guide dlvr.it/sdbYv

Hrvatski Telekom holds its own dlvr.it/sdbHF

Hulu bags UK comedy dlvr.it/sdhNv

UPC extends Polish internet offer dlvr.it/sdgcp

Harris Reports Q1 2012 Results, Says Broadcast Revenue Increasing dcft.co/tr1pOD

New Survey says Verizon, Cox & WideOpenWest topped a survey on customer service satisfaction. bit.ly/uG5hJM

Let’s get back to basics with stereo 3D AJAVideo bit.ly/qRLj4I

Wireless Innovation Forum announces annual award finalists: bit.ly/u7mK69

DTG Industry News: PBS UK to debut on Virgin Media: tiny.cc/i4ghx

Former VAS GM On New Action Sports Digital Video Distribution Company, The Orchard trap.it/gCU8RS

Samsung Will Make Phones With Flexible Touchscreens Next Year read.bi/vJd7E3

Article in iTVT: Can we use robots to monitor TV? Featuring TSMonitor s-and-t.com/news/itvt-can-…

Satellite: ULA’s Delta 2 sends NASA/NOAA’s long-awaited NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) satellite into space.

J.D. Power: Broadband Customer Satisfaction Improving bit.ly/v4NOq9

SNL Kagan predicts that the total retrans take of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, & MyNetworkTV will grow from $125 million in 2011 to $1.3 billion in 2015.

Mobile TV’s company MobiTV announced that they will be providing existing customers cable, satellite, or telco… fb.me/1na9mCEbt MobiTV launches TV Everywhere solution for cable and satellite providers bit.ly/v1E6Mw

ITV snatches French Open tennis rights from BBC: ITV has secured the free-to-air rights to broadcast the French … bit.ly/uxvLEx

RIM’s PlayBook Push: Businesses Buy Two, Get One Free tcrn.ch/teNLmp

China Mobile has over 600 million mobile subscribers. Full top 20 carrier list: wifi-cs.co/sES9dv

Com Dev wins two Canadian Space Agency contracts: bit.ly/uGTPha

Paradise VFX launches HELIOS rig. bit.ly/rB4Ne9

Dive 3D ready for action. bit.ly/uCD3mF

Researchers develop touchable 3D interface. bit.ly/rpSQnS

3D broadcasting dominates IBC. bit.ly/tGi8tm

Sony puts record straight on high frame rates. bit.ly/rCQtbo

United front in achieving broadband for all ow.ly/7bWMf

Iran Joins Pakistan, Bans Encryption, VPNs – To Help Protect You From the Bogeyman dlvr.it/sf4Pf

Mobile Broadband logics: “One-Trick Pony” ow.ly/7bXqm

Cisco goes back to being a router company, Linksys falls into line tinyurl.com/5v5ofuh

Motorola Mobility Announces Third Quarter Financial Results bit.ly/uGBiht

Telecom NewZealand does the splits: becomes the world’s 1st completely demerged incumbent telco tinyurl.com/6gm4eu3

PapayaMobile introduces iOS tools to expand social capability mwl.me/u641OC

Consumers love FiOS Internet in latest ISP satisfaction survey: bit.ly/tR7nzl  bit.ly/rEtyY2

PressRelease: Belgacom reports Q3 financial results: bit.ly/v8F4J2

San Francisco ordered to revise wireless radiation rules: buswk.co/t31kCr

Towerstream Talks 4G and Wi-Fi Offload at the OpenMobileSummit in San Francisco November 2, 2011 at 3:15 p.m., PDT: bit.ly/vFooi7

Chunghwa Telecom within a hair’s breadth of 1mn IPTV subs bit.ly/vdIawi

CHR Solutions Announces Availability of Media, a New IPTV Interface Solution bit.ly/uyXdYk

US mobile social media audience grows 37% in the past year with 77.2M Americans doing so via mobile device. ow.ly/7bZGB

NielsenWire says avg. US household has 2.5 TVs, where will you put yours? csc0.ly/6017RjPx

Just 14% Of Internet Customers Disappointed With Speeds: J.D. Power bit.ly/vYnC46

Mobile banking services on the up in US mwl.me/tTPak3

US consumption of real-time entertainment [infographic] bit.ly/v3MW0G

Is there a disconnect between wireless demand and capacity? bit.ly/vqIIgv

Online Video Content Up 28% Versus Year Ago in U.S. bit.ly/vg5139