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IPTV – Hybrid/OTT Expands Opportunities for Pay-TV Operators http://bit.ly/rDfmto

Blu-ray Disc Players: Spoiler Device This Holiday Season http://goo.gl/fb/GAzXB

Geographic Expansion Propels OTT on CE Devices http://goo.gl/fb/ighij

SkyVision  launches its new Ku-band  VSAT Services in  Africa, offering robust dependable IP  connectivity  icont.ac/nKwi

Walmart’s New Mobile Apps Add Voice And Budgeting Tools –http://onforb.es/vRjlrG

China Telecom Releases IPTV STB Tender Results goo.gl/fb/Wf1AY

Hybrid/OTT Expands Opportunities for Pay-TV Operators http://goo.gl/fb/mONSJ

LTE – Bit of scare tactic> 4G Americas: More Worldwide Economic Loss if TV Spectrum Delayed http://bit.ly/sWphWF

Boxee Box is getting live TV integration with new update http://trap.it/Nb39ea

Panel: Small Ops Turn to Broadband for Growth – 2011-11-09 04:30:45 | Multichannel http://www.multichannel.com/article/476453-Panel_Small_Ops_Turn_to_Broadband_for_Growth.php

Most TV Brands are selling TV’s with addon package Bluray player or free DTH connection

The droid nobody was looking for: an R2-D2 MP4 player http://dlvr.it/vHKXk

Apple: Siri Is Not Coming to Older iPhone Versions http://dlvr.it/vJ4zt

GPON – China Unicom and Alcatel-Lucent build one of the world’s largest fiber access networks http://j.mp/rZZCZq

The FCC has video and presentations available from its Oct. 28 small cell forum. Good stuff.  fcc.us/oKdBua

Ericsson aims to increase revenue from patents: Swedish vendor says it has become a net receiver of royalties. bit.ly/vQ0Ysw

Over-the-top influence spreading bit.ly/se1V9D

Vodafone claims £250m in “new services” revenue. M2M, finserv, ads, external billing, etc.

Harmonic’s new ProMedia Capture promises to streamline content acquisition is.gd/P9ZrV1

Get ready for SCTE Cable-Tec Expo next week –> Cable MSOs: Storming the cell tower ow.ly/7neGe

A *lot* of enthusiasm about CDN at Newdigecon

H264 only french DTT, planned for 2015 bit.ly/vQNaop

Samsung “We don’t need HbbTV to do connected TV” There’s no money in HbbTV for TV Manufacturers

TEF and Telenor’s new digital divisions – pioneering examples from Newdigecon

ZTE, Vodacom Introduce Commercial IVAS Solution in Congo bit.ly/u6rmqR

Advanced Television has covered the launch of Farncombe’s new test lab. bit.ly/sMqq7m

Connected TV to break through in Germany bit.ly/uMKOQw

1.5% of Telenor’s mobile revenue is from services to content providers under CPA Newdigecon

South Africa tops Informa’s Africa Mobile Government Readiness Index goo.gl/fb/sk8zX

Refarming the 1800 MHz spectrum is ideal, but what about the GSM users? LTEIQ

Intelsat expands African interest dlvr.it/vHlVn

Ericsson -Johan Wibergh, head of Networks:”35% of the worlds population will have LTE coverage in 2016. Growing from 2% in 2010.”

Africa is Now the World’s Second Largest Mobile Market bit.ly/s1esR1

Rovio aiming for a billion Angry Birds fans mobilebusinessbriefing.com/articles/rovio…

Hybrid/OTT providing new opportunities for pay-TV operators | Advancedtv ow.ly/7nroy

Broadcast – Loudness Measuring In Workflows europe.nxtbook.com/nxteu/lesommet…

How Aircel retains customers with Blyk. Saving of 12.5% of revenue from SAC. Newdigecon

Vooma Peel PG92 case brings dual-SIM capability, added appeal to your iPhone 4, 4S dlvr.it/vHfg9

Global Wi-Fi Hotspot Numbers to Increase 350% by 2015 bit.ly/rxLS67

Press Release: GSMA launches Mobile Health University Challenge. mwl.me/sD09Yj

Google tries to prevent further regulation in India tinyurl.com/cqu85d2

Google rides to the rescue of Android firms hit with lawsuits: bit.ly/uBW0oB

Clever Cisco China Counterfeit Conspiracy Crushed onforb.es/tBN6Nu

More ISPs asked to block Newzbin2 bbc.in/w3ApIK

RIM a “wounded puppy” as bank downgrades stock outlook tinyurl.com/dxsfjvm

MapmyIndia ShowNearby is your guide to your neighbourhood in India tnw.to/1BlGN

BLOG: “Zeebox and first mover advantage” theconnectedset.tv/1217

Third of Chinese Urban Residents Use Smartphones bit.ly/uu2SsW

Kurt from Parks Associates “Declaring the death of the STB is premature” CONNEU11  RandomDTVGuru said in February ow.ly/7nFRN

49% of delegates at newdigecon think that the features of RCS-e are good enough to offer an attractive alternative to OTT services. 44% of panellists at newdigecon think that RCS-e is too little, too late for operators. 33% took the opposite view. Telcos can’t discuss the business model around RCS-e, but telco speakers Newdigecon say it will be really competitive. 27% delegates at newdigecon think telcos should proactively support Microsoft/Skype in voice & messaging. 35% of delegates at newdigecon# think telcos should fear Google most in voice and messaging. 26% said Facebook.

Broadcast segment’s growth takes center stage at Scripps ow.ly/7nIF9

KPN to acquire full control of Reggefiber dlvr.it/vK2XV

Is it time to end-of-life the GSMA and move instead to an OTT Service Providers’ Association? disruptivewireless.blogspot.com/2011/10/there-…

Connected TVs: Entertainment’s Trojan Horse? ow.ly/7nreu

Cass Cable flips Cisco’s video switch| MSOs to follow Comcast’s Internet Essentials lead. Boxee to bundle live TV option bit.ly/s5zvV6

Raycom and ITV Deliver ‘America Now’, by Paige Albiniak ow.ly/7nJ27

Globe, Altimax Skirt Issue of Illegal Frequency Use Claims Smart bit.ly/tSDf4j

Discovery’s Tom Keaveny honoured for work in APAC PayTV, story here: tinyurl.com/6tynrse

Cord-cutting, Cord-swapping and Cord-weaving ow.ly/7nFvD

China Telecom Looking to Set Up a USA Based MVNO bit.ly/sIagti

In the US, streaming is 3% of video rev but 33% of Internet bandwidth. Hence Limited growth without total…

FCC enlists more cable providers to offer discounted broadband to low-income families dlvr.it/vKDFZ

Shazam partners with Delivery Agent to let you discover and buy products in TV shows  http://ow.ly/7nzbR

Cyan Widens Its Ethernet View – http://bit.ly/t62A8x