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Doubling Average Broadband Speed Increases National GDP by 0.3 Percent t.co/GzzjyJjA

French viewers embrace connected TVs dlvr.it/x8R37

Atmedia focuses on the web and sales dlvr.it/x8R2m

Dutch pubcasters start HbbTV tests | Broadband TV News: t.co/vVQObYPV

Czech TV outlines HbbTV/new media plans | Broadband TV News: pear.ly/g9H08

NY Times – “even though we live in a global world, people still want #TV with a local wrapping”  t.co/crO4Olnc

Discovery Tries To Gin Up 3D Interest With Consumer 3net Website bit.ly/vGS7Xi

Product is a year late –> Samsung says in last-stage talks to launch Google TV –finance.yahoo.com/news/Samsung-s… IPTV Samsung in Final Talks on Google TV t.co/n4BXEsJx

DGWS11 Video interview: Gabrielle Gauthey on FTTH (and mobile) t.co/wvpyXzQj

Delicious stack: 50B connected devices – Mobile m2m ow.ly/7fYst

Broadcasters team with ITU to connect Africa t.co/9Re9movK

Declining Prices Will Be Key to the Uptake of Mobile Services in African Continent bit.ly/ttkws0

Indian Mobile Handset Sales To Surpass 230 Million Units in 2012 t.co/JGO0wB7Z

ZTE Wins Informa LTE Award for Best Enabling Technology t.co/lvp5wkzr

Super Committee Fails; Spectrum-Incentive Auctions Will Go It Alone –  multichannel.com/article/477064…

Satellites respond to humanitarian needs bit.ly/vcHVuQ

New blog post: Another reason why application-based charging for mobile data won’t work … t.co/nEXx6CoK

Is VoLTE a standard? Verizon Eyes LTE Roaming in Europe, Canada bit.ly/szuMDi

AsiaSat… It’s Gonna Be A Breeze On November 26th (Launch) goo.gl/fb/Brx99

Industry: Will Targeted Advertising on TV Be Better than on the Web? | InteractiveTV Today  bit.ly/w4dqov

Gartner Says Semiconductor Inventory Correction Dampening Sales in 2H 2011 goo.gl/fb/oay7z

IHS Reduces 2011 Semiconductor Forecast goo.gl/fb/pH7CF

News: Sky Sports and ESPN agree new SPL deal t.co/H7eHeReF

ITU to make U-HDTV a priority t.co/CKNE7REP

LTE Subscribers to Reach 430 Million by 2016 bit.ly/rSSUTX

Nationz Technologies Selects Mixed-Signal IP from S3 Group for Mobile TV SoC goo.gl/fb/cMIYW

HTC Loses Patent Battle with Apple t.co/wjZWRRph

Gilat Satellite Networks… The Sky Edge’s The Limit (SATCOM) goo.gl/fb/5y4Vy

BBC – Huge oppo for ad-blocking lenses. Advertisers should pay me to occupy my field of view: Bionic contact lens t.co/OVLrh8v5

Just 20% of UK Consumers Happy with Their Mobile Broadband Speeds bit.ly/s8HMWu

Has Netflix overextended itself? t.co/7whZaYPx Netflix has agreed to sell $400 million in stock and convertible bonds

Global DRM Market to Reach US$2.5 Billion by 2017t.co/BpRvxiWo

Ericsson getting Russia mobile. Interview with Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg on Russia Today — RT t.co/qPWryqDg

Verizon eyes LTE Roaming in Europe bit.ly/vnnJbi

New version of the AppXplore analysis tool | SonyEricssonDev ow.ly/7BfKy

What Are Your Customers Really Experiencing? Very interesting article in TellabsInc Insight – download PDF t.co/j1lo4T9A

“Nearly all” new mobile malware targets Android, says study mwl.me/udNnac

nPulse, cPacket Team on NOC Visibility: nPulse Technologies and cPacket Networks are partnering to bring what th… t.co/paZexlnE

Sky could be forced to open up set-tops to OTT rivals: UK pay TV provider BSkyB could be forced to give rival… tinyurl.com/848k6d5

France’s Free makes Twitter available on TV: French ISP Iliad Telecom has made Twitter available to TV screens… t.co/mZMHS445

Eastern Europe TV revenues will near US$10 billion by 2016: Eastern European pay TV revenues will increase from … tinyurl.com/6unz6ve

Connected TV a “successful failure”? TV Connects for the Holidays, by John Merli t.co/aljvgTOI

India’s big 3 telecom carriers warn of 3G exit over roaming restrictions tnw.to/1BwhO Indian Networks Threaten to Hand Back 3G Licenses bit.ly/uX6aLo

First Mirasol-enabled device on sale in South Koreat.co/my6W4UQK

Is 4K in Your Future?, by Oliver Peters t.co/xjOVGBoE

FOX Networks Engineering & Operations (NE&O) expands HD capabilities with Quantel. http://bit.ly/v5aw00

QVC updates iPhone app t.co/qARrnxoT

Profitable price planning key to differentiation for African CSPs says Joseph Abounajm Redknee MD MEA CommsAfrica  bit.ly/u0rwZd

IPTV -Research and Markets: Taiwan – Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts – 2011  t.co/zbbsLAZW

IPTV – American Movil and AT&T Sign Strategic Accord to Expand Relationship, Deliver Advanced Solutions to Multinational… bit.ly/tcGcOa

Reminder: All DTV Broadcasters Must File Form 317 by December 1 : CommLawBlog t.co/4HrooHDO

Motorola XT615 Android phone arriving in Taiwan: slim, but not RAZR-thin t.co/PBSKoVCp

FCC Finally Releases USF Order for a $4.5B Connect America Fund t.co/W4U2NHMu

China approaches 1B mobile subscribers ow.ly/7BxLT

Watch IntelAlcatel_Lucent & Telefonica‘s representatives discussing the Internet of Things IOTMAI Operators t.co/y6xi52kS

CE Industry Facing Dismal 2011 Sales – 2011-11-22 13:56:29 | Multichannel News t.co/83VVsYBc

US mobile giants agree that more mergers are a good thing…. fb.me/18hQyXHeD

Survey: 83% expect carriers to provide Wi-Fi service as part of bundle. bit.ly/si1PkI