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TelecomTV : 100 million M2M devices connected today, billions by 2020

ST Secures MoCA Certification for Set-Top Box IC, Simplifying Home Multimedia Networking t.co/cHTCQ3Sl

Sinclair TV kick up Kentucky retrans dispute with cable co. Insight, t.co/cnLwDgxB

RPT-Ceva, Mitsui invest in gesture technology firm | Reuters t.co/VqNK2i2e

Research in Motion Cuts Price of the PlayBook Tablett.co/Iq36KGh5

Tencent’s QQ Mobile browser coming to US.t.co/YuUt5dz2 (trust issues with Chinese cloud-based services?)

IPTV Boxee Box by D-Link Adds SlingPlayer Appt.co/Qv3bVZUz

Smartphones Drive the Demand for Mobile Data in the UK bit.ly/u4djJf

Android Market earnings just 7% of App Store revenue mwl.me/u6RTOX

Regeneca(TM), Inc. Announces First to Market Mobile Technology for Distributors – bit.ly/sL095S

IPTV Level 3 Communications Shares Climbing Higher, Up 2.0% vsb.li/AsWcWH

IPTV Wall Street Brief: Credit Ratings Post Supercommittee, Netflix Financing … vsb.li/E5kbjQ

IPTV Google TV Is Dead. Long Live Google TV?vsb.li/ONVLmY

Visa Introduces New Mobile Prepaid Product for Developing Countries bit.ly/sKKmGM

49% French homes own device (connected TV, game console, Blu-ray player, IPTV STB) that lets them watch Web TV  bit.ly/t96yR9

E-Access To IP/MPLS VPNs Growing goo.gl/xPojd

3D TV penetration to reach 10% in 2011 Shipments of 3D LCD TV panels bit.ly/rX2cyV

Study: Internet TV to reach 60% of HH by 2014 bit.ly/rEpMQd

Comcast Offers Free Wireless Gateways: Comcast is so keen on being involved with its subscribers’ connected home… bit.ly/slPFXx

FCC Releases Massive Order on Telecom Reform: The FCC released the gargantuan order after voting unanimously bit.ly/w4xu0I

IPTV – Exterity Expands Sales Team in Middle East bit.ly/slprz9

ABI_4G posted a great summary/analysis of WiMAX’s sordid history in comments of CLWR story bit.ly/vQASs2

Handset News in Brief – 22nd Nov 2011 bit.ly/rtoHM7

Going off-grid but need to stay online? Iridium has an offer for iOS users, but it ain’t cheap.  cnet.co/vib66j

Has online video become the light at the end of the tunnel for pay-TV, programmers? http://mvpx.tv/rRfajs

Study: Internet TV to reach 60% of HH by 2014 http://mvpx.tv/t1ltOg

Magid Study Reveals Impact of Alternative Video Viewing Platforms on Traditional Television and Home Video… http://mvpx.tv/vWhZcZ

Nokia Siemens to cut 17,000 jobs http://twurl.nl/v0dn4o The businesses that are getting the axe at Nokia Siemens Networks http://bit.ly/vqqUqI

China becomes world’s largest smartphone market in Q3 http://twurl.nl/4d2jry

Nokia says Lumia 800 sales in UK off to excellent start http://twurl.nl/p4sq2w

Idea Cellular launches range of 3G smartphones in India http://twurl.nl/w1trtf

Shocking iGR Study: People Really Like Wi-Fi – Heaviest Users Consume 390 GB Per Month http://dlvr.it/xN1h8

How The FCC’s AT&T/Qualcomm Decision Could Benefit Sprint, Verizon And LightSquared  http://onforb.es/uEa30b

Calls for HbbTV to be standard across Europe | News | Rapid TV News http://j.mp/sVGJhp

Ericsson – Download the Networked Society City Index – Part II http://ow.ly/7Dbcf Ericsson index ranks ICT-savvy cities by benefit for citizens http://ow.ly/7DaJs

“How to design multi-device user experiences” http://bit.ly/s6uXrf (what about the TV?)

Community Update: video consumption via smartphones has dropped drastically with the increase in  tablets http://inv.lv/v5tlgZ

New blogpost – our 4G future http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15854582

Etisalat Nigeria Planning 1,000 Extra Base Stations for 2012 http://bit.ly/ueECxS

Liberty Media may up SiriusXM stake: John Malone’s Liberty Media is considering doubling down on Sirius XM after…http://tinyurl.com/7bn4ll9

VIDEO: Twitter says TV ratings connection is becoming clearer http://ow.ly/7AalI

IPTV Apple’s TV could be using (more) Sharp LCD panels vsb.li/9oe1C5

Iridium releases AxcessPoint Mail & Web app for globetrotting iDevices http://dlvr.it/xNHlw

Spectrum Auction Bill Markup Slated For Dec. 1 http://bit.ly/v1W44b

Jamii rolls out FTTH in Karen, Kenya | BiztechAfrica – IT News Africa … http://bit.ly/t5r8vy

Cellular offload to Wi-Fi growing, and expected, says a new reporthttp://bit.ly/soY26a telecom

Analyst Expects Weak Sales of Nokia’s Newest Smartphones http://bit.ly/u3DS3u

Web TV success dwarfs IPTV at Turk Telekom http://bit.ly/s5IpMt

Infonetics Research Releases Self-Organizing Network Software Market Outlook http://bit.ly/vBdyE5

Media companies “may struggle” to profit from online video growth: A new study from US-headquartered management …http://bit.ly/ugcJGU

Qualcomm Chips Fuel Apple’s Push Into LTE In 2012 http://onforb.es/skzKQB

Verizon Ordered To Stop Using ActiveVideo Patents – http://www.multichannel.com/article/477157-Verizon_Ordered_To_Stop_Using_ActiveVideo_Patents.php

3D TV penetration to reach 10% in 2011 | Advanced Television http://dlvr.it/xG3vH

TelecomTV | News | Forget Connected TVs; viewers are turning to tablets and smartphones  http://ow.ly/1ASFcF

Social TV – 45% of TV viewers in India and China use network of friends to choose “must-see TV.” One-third in USA, UK http://bit.ly/uqi0Cf

“How to design multi-device user experiences” http://bit.ly/s6uXrf (but what about the TV?)

The IPTV Daily Newsletter is out! http://bit.ly/fNrcuh ▸ Top stories today

IPTV news – Deutsche Telekom begins interactive TV advertising http://bit.ly/tgjifY http://bit.ly/sBQ6WO

AT&T to Take $4 Billion Hit As It Reconsiders T-Mobile Takeover Options http://bit.ly/sOJ6SV Moody’s: If AT&T/T-Mobile Deal Doesn’t Close, Impact Greater for Deutsche Telekom Than AT&T http://bit.ly/tw09SH

Every 10%-pt increase in smartphone penetration leads to 0.6%-point drop in voice/SMS revenues from OTT substitution

CNT launches satellite pay TV in Ecuador [es] goo.gl/fb/fMVs0

iPhone 4S tariffs in India are as expensive as the phone itself tnw.to/1BykZ

Sharp to supply LCD panels to Apple for next iPad: Apple reportedly investing in facilities at Sharp’s panel manufacture… bit.ly/t5JzQ1

ITV Studios Uses Modern IPTV Video Distribution Technology in New Studios … – RealWire (press release) bit.ly/tToBri

Raisecom Announces New Standalone OLT for FTTH, FTTB and … bit.ly/uupy4Z

TTP eyes TV White Space spectrum for emergency services communications bit.ly/u3zKfe

IPTV NTT : Report Analyzes Trends in Japan’s Social Media(NTT … vsb.li/stek6e

3UK: 90% traffic is data, 43% of data is video. 60-80% smartphone penetration and busy hour is getting more complicated

HDTV – Russia faces HD challenge dlvr.it/xJ29Y

Ofcom calls on ISPs to make their traffic management techniques more transparent to consumers ofcom.in/w15mYN

Op strategies re OTT comms: new Telenor price plans combine more SMS/MB/minutes to try to reverse decline

UTStarcom to Build Integrated IPTV Broadcasting Control Platform in Zhejiang – Review seeker (press release) bit.ly/rJwebI

Nokia support spurring Windows Phone interest; RIM on slide mwl.me/rvu53k

Report : Pay-TV strategies must reflect the evolving market landscape – http://goo.gl/q2rvo – Ovum Report

European Commission Presses 16 States to Implement New EU Telecoms Rules http://bit.ly/sbS8E9

New DTH platform for Hungary http://dlvr.it/xTvLw

IPTV drives growth in Russia set-top box sales – Telecompaper http://bit.ly/tOqkxT

FCC Sets Dec. 13 Public Vote For CALM Act http://bit.ly/seotUU

FilmFlex takes control of hmvon-demand http://dlvr.it/xThL2

Poland imposes mobile TV punishment http://dlvr.it/xTf8Y

Alfa and Telenor to Maintain Agreement – For Now http://bit.ly/sWRcuf

MasterCard, Telefónica create m-payment joint venture: MasterCard and the Brazilian unit of Spain’s Telefónica… http://bit.ly/sfMGmG

Pay-TV facing uncertain future http://dlvr.it/xTLv2

Sony races to create Internet alternative to cable TV: small bundles of channels via Internet TV, PS3, Blu-ray players http://bit.ly/tBj06g Sony rolls out TV-show download service for UK PlayStation 3 owners tnw.to/1Bypa

Optical Networks – First implementation of 100Gbps and 40Gbps ultra-high-speed plug-and-play optical communications bit.ly/sS8nja

Tiny chip delivers data at 1.5 Gbps on terahertz waves: bit.ly/tF2ek5

IPTV – Entertain stockt weiter auf: Das IPTV-Angebot der Telekom, Entertain, nimmt Anfang Dezember wieder neue Sender i… bit.ly/u32DCq