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Simon-Kucher’s Global Study Reveals the Shortcomings of the Telecommunications … sns.mx/uWfQy6

RIM expands offerings beyond #BlackBerry with a new management solution for Android, iPhone bit.ly/sVxmc8

The number of smartphones in the US will almost double from 79.11 million end-2010, to 156 million by the end of next year ow.ly/7HzIL

Live DVB-T TV brought to iOS devices worldwide, Articles | ConnectedWorld.TV:  http://www.connectedworld.tv/articles/live-dvb-t-tv-brought-to-ios-devices-worldwide/6140/#.TtUHeXFrRzw.twitter

Primax primes DLNA component solution for digital home , Articles | ConnectedWorld.TV:  http://www.connectedworld.tv/articles/primax-primes-dlna-component-solution-for-digital-home/6219/#.TtUHQJ8J6Nw.twitter

AT&T Attempting to Rescue T-Mobile Acquisition in Last-Minute Deal http://dlvr.it/yCxND

Is Spotify on Track to Hit 100 Million Users? [CHART] http://dlvr.it/yCxNg

85% of the world’s population is covered by a wireless network-Only 80% have ability to charge a cell phone http://csc0.ly/6015RcO5

Getting rid of WiMAX makes sense. NSN serves large mobile operators, Nokia/NSN have lots of IP in LTE, & Clearwire halted WiMAX deployments. Nokia Siemens sells WiMax unit, starts revamp  http://reut.rs/sz2LTo NewNet plans to acquire Nokia Siemens Networks WiMAX businesshttp://bit.ly/va4ZlM [PDF. Essentially getting Motorola’s old WiMAX business]

AT&T and Leap Wireless secretly planning side deal, says report http://bit.ly/uq4i9u telecom

Verizon FiOS TV to come to Xbox Live next month http://usat.ly/uFg588

Sky Movies takes to tabletswithSky Go , Articles | ConnectedWorld.TV:  http://www.connectedworld.tv/articles/sky-movies-takes-to-tabletswithsky-go/6218/#.TtUGPX_Am9c.twitter

Satellite – Astra-5B provisional coverages & footprints http://bit.ly/vYTByl

Shazam Buys Back Patents It Sold in 2005 http://bit.ly/ss3zBU

Storm Broadcast Provides Brainstorm’s Aston 7 To Nemeton TV http://bit.ly/rCTOip

GSM – Operators face corporate hurdles in building apps business http://www.mobilebusinessbriefing.com/articles/operators-face-corporate-hurdles-in-building-apps-business/20056/

Speech by Ed Richards on spectrum in an age of innovation http://ofcom.in/tbaeS4

Why social TV startup BeeTV is calling it quits http://trap.it/HM34ag

LTE subscriber numbers to hit 430 million by 2016 http://ow.ly/7HG5q

Telefónica launches FonYou app in Spain http://goo.gl/fb/t8Wj2

Samsung to take top spot for LTE basestations in Asia Pacific says report http://goo.gl/fb/aWi5b

Allstream seeks capacity, cost-effectiveness with 100 Gb/s network upgrade http://bit.ly/vpuYj5

Brazil tops 12m pay-TV subs October’s net subscriber gains http://bit.ly/rZ0JPc

US leads Europe in connectedhome; operators less threatened by erosion from OTT http://ow.ly/7HVzJ

DSLA2011 Telus: Trying to convince users what up-to-100Mbps cable actually means would be a waste of time. Compete on services, not bandwidth. DSLA2011 TP: FTTH/B is future, but relies on high capex and regulation is unclear. Working on hybrid FTTx/DSL to push fiber closer to customers. DSLA2011 Telus: At some point with deepening DSL acceleration, your costs per customer would exceed GPON FTTH rollout costs. DSLA2011 Telus: VDSL2 covering largest 24 markets or 85% of total network footprint. 75% of those can get 26Mbps. The challenge is the 25%.  DSLA2011 Telus: Next up, vectoring. Has already delivered line-bonding in the east and working to deploy in the west.  DSLA2011 Telus: Vectoring and line-bonding means we could deploy 0.4x as much fibre as the current base case. GPON would need 4x as much. DSLA2011 Telus: Challenges w bonding: We’re running out of ports. Do we add new DSLAMs, add costly DRAs, etc.? Or FTTH be more efficient? DSLA2011 Assia: Conducting studies that show that 50-70% of vectoring gains can be made in an LLU env if all ISPs are “polite” and use DSM.

Text-message malware threatening wireless networks dlvr.it/yKSWx

Govt to insist on high quality service delivery by telecommunication operators sns.mx/uXfQy5

Ku-Band & C-Band VSAT Service in Africa lnkd.in/6bhevx

VM’s Mark Brandon says TiVo ad strategy revolves around branded content with several partners and novel ad formats #ftvads Virgin Media’s next gen TV ad strategy being built around ‘big screen VOD’ and TiVo content discovery, says Mark Brandon #ftvads

Vodacom focuses on mobile as healthcare enabler mwl.me/w3eY75 #mHealth

Telstra targets LTE smartphones next quarter mwl.me/rvHqfi

Pass bill to loosen telecommunications rules sns.mx/uKfQy5

3G over IP emulator covers all elements of luCs and luH interfaces bit.ly/vIC2Me

Vision IPTV joint venture partner Vision New China exhibiting at the Sichuan TV Festival pic.twitter.com/kREIitk9

Satellite – Astrasat Blog: Ποδόσφαιρο στα δορυφορικά κανάλια /Πηγή Digital TV… astrasat.blogspot.com/2011/11/digita…

Platform n adds OTT | Broadband TV News dlvr.it/yGgQM

IPTV – Etisalat adds 7 new HD channels to it´s IPTV service in the UAE: rapidtvnews.com/index.php/2011….

OFCOM – The latest audience complaints figures have just been published ofcom.in/t6Fn2z

ViVOtech NFC Payment Software Powers Tri-Reader 3 for Cubic Transportation Systems bit.ly/sUd1uv

NSN sells WiMAX business: bit.ly/sMGaCD

Online video viewing sets records in Ocotber bit.ly/tbIM2V

Norton Adds Location Tracking from Skyhook for Anti-Theft Services bit.ly/spx43y

FCC says AT&T, T-Mobile merger plan fails to meet public interest twurl.nl/7g7md5 FCC Publishing Report On Why It Opposes AT&T/T-Mobile Deal – multichannel.com/article/477253…

Broadcaster Profile – SPT – EMEA dlvr.it/yKrNs

Brightcove launches cloud-based mobile app platform dlvr.it/yL0HL

Australia overturns ban on Samsung’s iPad rival mwl.me/tBI7vm

Ofcom boss says Europe’s DTT frequencies could be radically reorganised broadbandtvnews.com/2011/11/30/ric…

DSLA2011 ZTE: Ops used to think copper opex was huge, but some now suggest gap with FTTH/B opex is not as great as originally thought. DSLA2011 Regulatory factors mean that incumbents will have to maintain copper, so while FTTH might reduce opex, copper opex won’t go away. DSLA2011 Does the DSLA case add up? W. so many steps -VDSL-CO, FTTC, vectoring, bonding, DSM, g.Fast, etc.- will it cost more than FTTH/B?

Connected TV – Tablets cannibalise, smartphones complement TV -: connectedworld.tv/articles/table…

Google sites had nearly 21 billion video views in Oct. — VEVO had 827 million – ow.ly/7Jtcq

France completes digital switchover dlvr.it/yFfh3

Swisscom introduces mobile data packages optimized for tablets swisscom.ch/en/ghq/media/m…

Videocon Telecommunications, Etisalat DB move TDSAT against DoT to revise … sns.mx/uWfQy0

Samsung reveals TV apps pricing strategy dlvr.it/yL2dz

LG UPlus outlines LTE development plans mwl.me/vxAiYg

Etisalat to add MBC HD channels: UAE-based telco Etisalat has added seven HD channels from broadcaster MBC to it… tinyurl.com/7tmzfnu Etisalat adds seven more HD channels to its IPTV service (UAE) – Wireless Federation bit.ly/sa3XEb

Huawei claims LTE standards leadership mwl.me/tRo7cH

Second-screen consumers comfortable with personalised ads bit.ly/sV103d

Neural Technologies’ Staff Achieve Certification as Telecommunication Fraud … sns.mx/uTfQy9

Microsoft Offers Windows Phone Emulator for Android and IPhones bit.ly/vHhH2G

FastFeed: Australian Samsung Ban Lifted, Lenovo Plans Connected TV, FCC Damns AT&T-T-Mobile Deal But Allows Re-Try is.gd/GtleCO

DOCSIS 3.0 Represented 43% Of Cable CPE Shipments In Q3: Researcher – 2011-11-29 22:56:01 | Multichannel News multichannel.com/article/477254…

NSN offloads Moto WiMAX unit goo.gl/fb/Wnyn3

Study claims tablets are cannibalising TV viewing: csimagazine.com/csi/Tablets-ca

Getty adds news and fact-based clips to its video library dlvr.it/yLynt

The Sprint Nextel and Clearwire boards are approaching a critical deadline. onforb.es/rBv8W7

Broadband Access Crucial for Seniors’ Quality of Life ow.ly/7Jns7

IPTV_News: Live Verizon FiOS TV Coming Soon to Xbox, Complete With Kinect Voice and Gesture Controls bit.ly/sOeS5E

China bans ads during TV drama broadcasts bit.ly/tYx23q

Astrasat Blog: Απολαύστε λιλιπούτειες εκτυπώσεις από τα smartphon… astrasat.blogspot.com/2011/11/smartp…