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SocialTV: Are We Really Watching TV Any More? | tvmash.co.uk/?p=257 less ‘first’ screen, more and more second screen; why SyncAds key!

Apple’s iPhone Passes 10% Market Share in the USA bit.ly/s9X2dJ

35% Of UK Mobile Users Access Social Networks Via Mobile twrt.me/7lhikf

IPTV – Saudi broadcasting forum tackles opportunities, challenges trap.it/X9WtQ5

Globalstar Announces December 25th Date For Third Launch Of Six New Second-Generation Satellites  i.gsat.cl/spzipe

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Added To Compulsory Fire Service Safety Kit In Spain i.gsat.cl/uMt8Z7

OnAir Selected By Inmarsat As Global Xpress Distribution Partner i.gsat.cl/t4JLmP

Taiwan busts telecommunications fraud organization sns.mx/u2gUy2

Telecommunications market in Iraq: Poor services and need for development sns.mx/uIgVy2

MENA region largest Broadband FTTH Conference shows Clear evidence for the … bit.ly/rGXS4T

IPTV Why we’re going to keep calling them “web series” vsb.li/1jzFqy

Satellite – Astrasat Blog: Astrasat – S. Vizarelis Bros …Ένας γαλαξίας προϊ… astrasat.blogspot.com/2011/12/astras…

French IPTV boost as fibre subs reach 600000 bit.ly/s69dOY

I think American Social TV startups have always been behind in terms of B2B when put alongside how things have been pl…lnkd.in/cUkibr

Industry Voices: When it comes to #4G, T-Mobile has the advantage bit.ly/sOAMRW

OTT – Orca’s customers at Boxer successfully launching Hybrid DTT VOD Over-the-Top service bit.ly/vaLvCA

Pay TV – What exactly is so broken about TV anyway? ow.ly/7O0no

Telefonica Denies Czech Subsidiary Sale bit.ly/u0Hmqp

IPTV – Switched On: Keeping the ‘app’ out of Apple’s TV trap.it/WrqBsK

Research In Motion: Not Much Coming Down The Chimney, Citi Says onforb.es/rIQDmt

AT&T’s LG Nitro HD goes up for sale, LTE-enabled Gingerbread pep for $250 dlvr.it/z0nj7

IPTV – New study: Information overload is the roadblock to effective communications trap.it/z9MaSW

America Movil S.A.B. De C.V. ADR (AMX): Today’s Featured Telecommunications Winner sns.mx/ukgVy6

TV Innovation Better Come Soon | Innovation Excellence ow.ly/7MO0P

Engagement: Is TV Finally Ready for a New Metric? bit.ly/vd5dMy

New Xbox update aims to put Microsoft at the heart of TV viewing cnet.co/vNjFkh Here’s How Microsoft is Adding Voice Control and Gestures to the Xbox (Video) – dthin.gs/uYnZSL Xbox 360’s new video services won’t all launch right away; Comcast, Verizon, and HBO Go delayed dlvr.it/z1KP6 Xbox 360 Rolling Out Entertainment Apps to Expand Video Offers, Provide ‘The Future of TV’ j.mp/uLjtBB Blog Post: Bing on Xbox: The Future of Entertainment Search trap.it/cmK6X9 The Xbox Metro update turns console into a home media center ow.ly/7OxQ9 it’s not about games, it’s about content.  Xbox Live Challenges the Cable Box: nyti.ms/taHUDk Xbox Lights Up Epix, YouTube In Guide Overhaul – 2011-12-05 05:01:00 | Multichannel News multichannel.com/article/477423…

When is a smart TV not a smart TV? Quite often, actually bit.ly/rNB4Ri

IPTV Analyst: Apple TV Will Cost Twice as Much vsb.li/eEkg4k

Broadband drives Croatian TV market growth dlvr.it/z2dzN

YahLive adds seven MBC HD channels dlvr.it/z2gxf

STC set for revival after suffering a tough year [National, The (United Arab Emirates)] bit.ly/u53vhT

CTT: Working Together to Attack Cybersecurity bit.ly/uw4zQE

Verizon scores new spectrum from Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House for $3.6 billion engt.co/viPY0z

ROTH Capital Partners to Host Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) … sns.mx/uzgVy3

French IPTV boost as fibre subs reach 600,000 bit.ly/vlOxfx

HCI Roommate III puts Android powered TVs in hospitals engt.co/v2p94O

Mobile Apps Approaching Major Milestone of 1 Million Apps in Marketplace bit.ly/spTY2m

Q&A: Nick Webb, head of solutions at Vodafone Global Enterprise, discusses the mobile workforce and unified comms bit.ly/uleLiK

Tata Sky Ushers in a New DTH Chapter in India with Video on Demand goo.gl/fb/rS2x4 Tata Sky adds on-demand to DTH, with help of Ericsson: . bit.ly/t6VKDA

Cyfrowy Polsat targets DTT viewers dlvr.it/z2xmB

Local recommendations website Burrp launches iPhone app for Indian users tnw.to/1C6T

Nice Systems completed the purchase of Merced Systems.. bloom.bg/vplzZE

First deployment for Ericsson Media Delivery Network dlvr.it/z3YsN

OTT gains in Russia dlvr.it/z3YsK

OTT exploding despite fraction of ConnectedTV consumers plugging in IP-enabled screens: bit.ly/tiAUAs

Walden Bill Would let TV Stations Use Alternative Transmission Systems, by Doug Lung tvtechnology.com/article/126582

Syria Issues a Ban on the Apple iPhone bit.ly/tcLh01

Stratos’s New StratosTrax Tracking Portal for Multiple Mobile Devices Now Commercially Available satellite.tmcnet.com/topics/satelli…

Satcom1 Launches Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Billing for Charters, Fractionals ainonline.com/?q=aviation-ne…

IPTV Anbieter Informationen: IPTV Wir bieten Ihnen Informationen rund um das Thema Internetfernsehen Was sind… bit.ly/tPfsJT

Interaktives Fernsehen, nur in Deutschland nicht – Der Tag, an dem das Fernsehen starb goo.gl/3sblp  bit.ly/vZdwwk

IPTV Azerbaijan ready to demand licensing from 20 local Internet TV operators vsb.li/1Pcrns

Social TV Social media is building TV brands, but having ‘minimal’ impact in driving viewing.  lnkd.in/WYPZc7

Samsung comes out on top in latest Apple legal skirmish mwl.me/sjcMWT

China Flexes Its FTTx Muscle bit.ly/w4hirN

BT selects Ciena as key 21CN vendor goo.gl/fb/DgFXL

Telefonica commits to Czech Republic mwl.me/vjMJ46

Visa-Rwanda Partnership to Drive Electronic Financial Services bit.ly/tNRd9B

Tesco Takes Free In-Store Wi-Fi Service Nationwide bit.ly/st298V

Global FEMTOCELL revenue up 9% in 3Q11, units up 14%. Login for Femtocell report or TOC:  bit.ly/kZ9iSF

Virgin looks to fight way through Wi-Fi overcrowding dlvr.it/z3K2P

Telecom sector outperforming the economy by a long shot: bit.ly/vP2ZMk

Top 5 convergent charging vendors: Telcordia, Comverse, Huawei, Ericsson, Amdocs:  bit.ly/u2BU07 (based on 2010 global revenue)

Connected TV homes set to be at heart of hi-tech revolution, Articles | ConnectedWorld.TV: connectedworld.tv/articles/conne…

Infonetics forecasts the subscriber data management market to grow to just under $1.5 billion by 2015:  bit.ly/syyePc

LTE iPhone5iPad3 release slated for 2012 bit.ly/uP0H7n

Amtrak Expands Wi-Fi Access to Californian Trains bit.ly/sR7On2

LTE infrastructure spend shrugs off EU debt crisis bit.ly/vIXQiS

And the top three policy management vendors are… bit.ly/upNmOK

Mobile network optimization/self-organizing network (SON) market nearing $3 billion by 2015 bit.ly/uDFQIS

Countdown begins for British radar satellites j.mp/udwzpb

Samsung remains top US phone maker, Android gains share: LG, Motorola, RIM all lose market share while Apple’s c… bit.ly/rvjWDA

Nokia to launch Lumia devices in US in early 2012: CEO Stephen Elop says close cooperation with operators is key… bit.ly/vDqFtM

Zynga road show details ‘disruptive’ business model: Company keeps its games fresh by tweaking them based on ana… bit.ly/ryFk3W

US Q3 smartphone penetration up 46.8% sequentially: Fitch claims growth rate slowed as consumers waited for launch… bit.ly/vQes3U

Samsung denies collecting Galaxy smartphone user data in S. Korea tnw.to/1C6XK

HCI Roommate III puts Android powered TVs in hospitals engt.co/v2p94O

IPTV – Tesco and Blinkbox debut Ultraviolet rival: UK retailing giant Tesco has introduced an innovative new serv… bit.ly/sIwzru

IPTV – Verwirrung um Analogabschaltung: „Nächstes Jahr wird das analoge Fernsehen abgeschaltet“, so heißt es in letzter… bit.ly/rx7h9x

Dance Trippin TV launches on Astra 23.5 East dlvr.it/z36Wp

Lovefilm comes to the Xbox dlvr.it/z36Wm

MobileTV: Nutzerzahlen vervierfachen sich: Die Nutzung von MobileTV wird in den kommenden Jahren rasant ansteige… bit.ly/uJlU7w

Social Media Solves the Demand Generation Riddle lnkd.in/kuTNNq

Digicel Group reports 16% revenue growth for fiscal H1 mwl.me/u7630F

Interesting insight into politics involved with licensing of TV white space frequencies in the US.  bit.ly/spsDiB Another White Space Database Ready to Make Its Debut : CommLawBlog ow.ly/7OHZQ

ITV Ads Boost Awareness Even If They Aren’t Clicked: Canoe Study – multichannel.com/article/477421…

Wi-Fi Service Upgrade for Norway’s Airports bit.ly/uWxqa2

GALAXYNexus: the world’s first smartphone to feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich & a HD Super AMOLED display youtu.be/CdD8s0jFJYo

Want to know what Voda’s group head of device marketing thinks about Apple, M’soft, Nokia, RIM and Android? Yes you do. telecoms.com/37448/buyers-m…

Qualcomm Forms Subsidiary to Deliver Wireless Solutions for Medical Devices bit.ly/t9ZGVn

Astrasat Blog: Καλώδια HDMI στις καλύτερες τιμές της αγοράς! Από …astrasat.blogspot.com/2011/12/hdmi-a…

TF1 re-enters pay TV world with Lib’Télé: French broadcaster TF1 is set to re-enter the pay TV world five years … tinyurl.com/83bvenm

Ad expenditure set for Olympic boost: Global ad expenditure is expected to grow by 4.7% next year, up from 3.5% … tinyurl.com/6s6rpg4

Orange to expand 3D offering: French pay TV operator Orange is expanding its 3D content after striking a deal wi… tinyurl.com/86q48az

MBC Group delivers HD bouquet to YahLive: United Arab Emirates-based YahLive, a joint venture between YahSat and… tinyurl.com/6vlxj3x

Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2 camcorder approved by BBC for HD production is.gd/CSgrzM

Amino passes milestone of four million set-top boxes sold and shipped globally bit.ly/w4nghB

Wireless LAN Infrastructure Market Posts Record $1.7B in Third Quarter bit.ly/tUrFyi

3DTV Test Card Debuts on Sky 3D Channel ow.ly/7OI5p