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SocialTV App market just at beginning of consolidation bit.ly/rEJx9E

IPTV DT selects Celeno solution to support IPTV service vsb.li/ermG06

Advanced Telecommunications Offers First Public Cisco TelePresence Service in Ukraine  sns.mx/uagYy2

Humbled Netflix CEO still thinking, talking big bit.ly/vCzetj

Netflix-Backed Bill on Video Disclosure Passed by U.S. House buswk.co/v1OKod

Ericsson wins role in New Zealand’s Ultra-Fast Broadband project goo.gl/fb/KsqaG

Verizon Wireless won’t put Google Wallet in Galaxy Nexus goo.gl/fb/jgzos

Netflix unveils new Xbox interface, expands streaming in Latin America bit.ly/tTPVH2

STB – STMicroelectronics and NDS Announce Certification of New Security Technologies in Latest Generation S… bit.ly/tldtO4

Deutsche Telekom Chooses Celeno to Support ‘Entertain’ IPTV Service in Germany bit.ly/thWmL6

Blank TV screens for some cable subscribers in city ow.ly/7RGep

OTT – The cloud shouldn’t be an over-the-top service bit.ly/sCxLdK

New Insider looks at the fiber rollouts in Europe. View the report here: ow.ly/7RFWz

Korea Telecom snaps up video search specialist Enswers bit.ly/tMeV2S

OTT – Verizon Needs to Bring More than a Knife to the OTT Gunfight: Late yesterday Reuters reported that Verizon is lo… bit.ly/v7QaOY Why Verizon wants to go over-the-top bit.ly/vR2Rn7

Primus Canada Significantly Expands VoIP Service Area sns.mx/uggYy8

Westinghouse is bringing new LED HDTVs to CES, acronym lovers reportedly ‘delighted’ engt.co/vTFSVN

MyZenTV goes 3D with Orange bit.ly/sSr4So

With forecast of $13.6B in investments, Telefónica Brazil sets sights on expansion, Vivo line: The Brazilian uni… bit.ly/w1FUtZ

IPTV – UK consumers dispelling ConnectedTV myths bit.ly/tSraBD

Interesting information in Motorola’s latest Media Engagement Barometer bit.ly/sQeHlq

Comcast: No plans for usage-based broadband pricing bit.ly/smppuk

Netflix will stream more than 1 billion hours in Q4 bit.ly/vR7Ki6

Service providers can change for bandwidth usage, but it could cost them bit.ly/suHu7U

IPTV Logitech Revue gets Google TV update vsb.li/J1CLmF

Verizon to stream after Netflix | Cablevision, VZ are fighting again | DirecTV’s TiVo combo | Shaw tests Wi-Fi net bit.ly/rOd6tH Verizon Needs to Bring More than a Knife to the OTT Gunfight bit.ly/uyORg6 Verizon might offer a Netflix competitor to areas outside of FiOS markets. Read about it in today’s Cynopsis: Digital – ow.ly/7RIHN

AT&T 4G LTE to officially launch in New York City this December dlvr.it/zQh8K

DeutscheTelekom Chooses Celeno to Support ”Entertain” IPTV Service in Germany bit.ly/tdVQtr

FCC Com Copps & I discuss USF reform, citizen involvement in telecom policy debates. Gigabit Nation bit.ly/t7ORlm

IPTV – ITV Ads Boost Awareness Even If They Aren’t Clicked: Canoe Study bit.ly/s5Yqy2

IPCom Threatens Retailers if They Sell HTC Smartphones in Germany bit.ly/rKyxBO

International Remittances Sent Via Mobile Handsets to Reach $55 Billion in 2016 bit.ly/rPuE04

Chinese operators set to update app payment options mwl.me/uIF4sJ

HTML5-enabled phone sales to top 1B in 2013 mwl.me/urTB9B

Momentum in the Middle East – The region and its growth prospects: While nascent TV markets like the Middle East… tinyurl.com/6t7l79y

Comcast says no to tiered data for its broadband service, hardcore Netflix users rejoice dlvr.it/zQzFY

Marvell chipset for 3DTVs integrates SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D bit.ly/uVj614

LTE and IPTV keep growing. lnkd.in/2TyztZ bit.ly/sBHtPg

FiOS TV inked deal w/ Alterna’TV to feature 5 Latin American channels incl Once TV Mexico & AyM Sports as part of Spanish-lang packages.

3D – 3net assesses 3D market dlvr.it/zWTmY

LG partners Chumby Industries for more smart TV content cnet.co/u4FoOU

A Broadband Breakthrough – Xplornet Conducts First Canadian TD-LTE Demonstration with Alvarion 4Motion TD-LTE solution bit.ly/ugONrU

IPTVColba.Net launches its IPTV bit.ly/sQLGzI

Celeno’s Wi-Fi Silicon Implemented for Deutsche Telekom’s IPTV – Converge Network Digest bit.ly/tA8chy

IPTV Google’s Eric Schmidt envisions Google TV on majority of new TVs by summer of 2012 vsb.li/33Yjgs

UK broadcasters focused on second screen apps bit.ly/w1dGwG

Broadcasters told to kill their ‘Player’ brands bit.ly/vbYSvD

FCC filing outs Nokia 710 as T-Mobile’s Nokia launch handset tnw.to/1C9gl

Super-Canal Buenos Aires launches HbbTV jointly with Axor Corporation goo.gl/QISmR

Scharfe Stimmen, scharfe Bilder: The Voice of Germany in HDTV – ab 2015h auf Pro Sieben HD

Verizon Wireless says LTE service down in some areas: U.S. mobile operator’s customers rolled back to 3G; online… bit.ly/s7REZo

In brief: Nokia to sell luxury Vertu phone brand: Finnish handset maker hires Goldman Sachs to manage sale. bit.ly/uBHsEU Nokia reportedly looking to sell Vertu, Russian oligarchs reportedly upset engt.co/rWxUcy

Connected TV to drive OTT broadbandtvnews.com/2011/12/07/con…

Everything Everywhere Outlines UK Network Upgrade Plans bit.ly/rqjqUI

Very cool way to promote the benefits of Broadband from BTOP awardee. MCNC Launches 12 Days of Broadband in N.C. prn.to/rYpe1W

Chris Dziadul Reports: 3D in CEE dlvr.it/zWrqJ

Deezer to challenge Spotify? dlvr.it/zWrds IPTV Boot up: Deezer’s (slightly too ambitious) music vision, Apple TV as an iMac … vsb.li/2xt4VN

GlobeCast contracts capacity on Yamal-201 dlvr.it/zWrd3

Gartner Lowers its Forecast for Semiconductor Revenue Growth bit.ly/tUGcSc

White Paper Mobile Location-Based Services: Location-based service revenues in Europe to reach € 435 million by 2016 bit.ly/syCiM0

Microsoft looking to lure developers to Windows 8 store mwl.me/vsNEGE

IPTV Logitech deploys Google TV update to Revue vsb.li/9VjdZg

New GSMA head urges operators to strengthen mobile partnerships mwl.me/rZRTxn

Blog – Operators, device makers and app developers can all learn from the Carrier IQ furore mobilebusinessbriefing.com/articles/the-l…

Picochip debuts newest femtocell SoCs with faster host, new security and lower power bit.ly/uLRO12

Upgrading from Freeview to Freeview HD: You can enjoy the highest quality programming and the most impressive im… bit.ly/svmnOy

Satellite – ESA has awarded €45.5 million contract to Astrium UK to act as prime contractor for Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite… (cont) deck.ly/~1RqwW

Research and Markets: Czech Republic Telecommunications Report Q1 2012 – The … – SYS sns.mx/uOgZy7

Increase in Home FTTH Upload Speeds – Internode bit.ly/tmGxTL

Bahamas Gains a 4G Network bit.ly/tGp6yI

NBC News Launching on Roku – 2011-12-07 –  multichannel.com/article/477616…

FCC Won’t Make Cablevision Carry GSN on Basic During Carriage Complaint Process multichannel.com/article/477615…

AT&T: iPhone 4S fuelling record smartphone sales mwl.me/szRCDk

FCC Won multichannel.com/article/477615…

Verizon and Redbox working on Netflix killer? bit.ly/w0CCdG

Verizon suffers more LTE outages mwl.me/uGJgyW

One in six accessing internet via TV, research claims – Media news – Media Week bit.ly/vnDmJJ

Apple TV updates stream purchased TV shows to Australia, Canada and the UK dlvr.it/zXbBg

OnLive brings its cloud gaming platform to iOS and Android devices tnw.to/1C9rM

Where’s the money in mobile government? | telecoms.com ow.ly/7PTGI

Vodafone Signs Partnership Deal with Afghanistan Network Operator bit.ly/tk11vH

Motorola Barometer shows shift towards social media dlvr.it/zXd5c

FTTH connects 1 million Dutch homes dlvr.it/zXd6t

IPTV – Schmidt reveals big 2012 Google TV hopes trap.it/heUDEQ

HBO personalising recommendations from Facebook users’ lifestyle choices & Likes, not just entertainment data bit.ly/vKNuiz

Brazil spectrum auction raises US$132M mwl.me/txQWUZ

EE unveils £1.5B network evolution plan mwl.me/rKlg4f

Ofcom publishes its draft Annual Plan for 2012/13 ofcom.in/uZJOnK

Significant Progress Claimed in UK Spam SMS Investigation bit.ly/shvjWn

Who’s the HD Leader in the Cable TV Biz? Our poll results: bit.ly/snUopQ

Orange & T-Mobile invest £1.5bn, UK customers to get better coverage in coming weeks tnw.to/1C9sN

PressRelease: Xirrus unveils new managed service provider program: bit.ly/rRZfjP

IPTV CRYSTAL CLEAR Satellite and Internet TV vsb.li/am6wLx

Research and Markets: Australia – Analysis Telecoms Market – Late 2011 bit.ly/rD6lVy

OTT will not disrupt traditional pay model, says Liberty Europe head bit.ly/tXVNzo

Nokia rolls out first update for Lumia 800, offers up new features for web-based 3D Maps on the side (video) engt.co/t97PMD