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Forrester – The App Internet is 2.2Bn market growing at 85% – the untapped potential for companies here is BIG.

84% of applications fail security testing… bit.ly/sfaM9d

In the News: Nokia Siemens promises better TD-LTE and CDMA coverage, no alarms or surprises – Engadget engt.co/uEatYQ

IPTV -Microsoft Requires Kinect Functionality For All Future Apps Built For Xbox 360 trap.it/9NsLeK

TV & transmedia intl pitch competition open for submissions w €25,000 funding from Warner Bros MIPFormats mipworld.com/en/mipformats/…

Superfast Broadband Pilot Projects: Lessons Learned – opticalreflection.com/2011/12/superf…

Ono adds remote record to TiVo: Spanish cable operator Ono has added remote record to its TiVo platform. Users c… tinyurl.com/7hbnjs7

UTH launches ClipYou music video service: Russian broadcaster UTH has launched a new music video portal linked t… tinyurl.com/77uft6z

Telstra Customer Account Details Leaked in Security Breach bit.ly/uwzqkf

NSN and iDirect tout satellite backhaul mwl.me/sth1JB

Thailand set for 3G auction mwl.me/vwZ7n6

Indian telcos face higher charges for 3G roaming mwl.me/sMrHKy

Russia faces cable dispute dlvr.it/zjLNk

Verizon CEO: Machine-to-machine wireless promise finally here | SmartPlanet ow.ly/7TLYc

IPTV Zynga Poker Debuts On Google TV vsb.li/bTKq6g

iPlayer on the TVonics DVRs, IPTV on Freeview is.gd/6GHiIz

Panasonic is trying to enter the global smartphone market, starting in Europe in March. Prototype of new phone: cnet.co/tpSASf

Spotify Radio feature turns into an app, offers Pandora-like stations with unlimited skips engt.co/v5AL8Y

IPTV -Is Xbox 360 the Future of TV? trap.it/u6hALD

Canadian WiMAX Network Tests LTE Overlay bit.ly/vyVJd8

Hungarian DTT take-up grows dlvr.it/zjYtb

Spectrum auction to deliver new TV and wireless services dlvr.it/zjYtd

“O2 has committed to launching a mobile wallet service during the second half of 2011”bit.ly/j7DGNP

Clearwire Stops Selling WiMAX Service in Alaska bit.ly/sAw5qg

Ericsson TV ahead in tough year dlvr.it/zjgb0

Rogers, BCE on verge of deal for MLSE: bit.ly/tozSJW

LTE – Verizon displays growing pains after recovering from LTE outage: US carrier Verizon Wireless restored LTE bit.ly/sb0TkU

TEF while-label ZTE Android phone for Xmas is an example of low-end smart phone strategy. See bit.ly/rY8ZoP for more.

BBC plans to air Strictly Come Dancing in 3D, also on iPlayer: The BBC is to air the final to Strictly Come Dancing… tinyurl.com/7czw8kf

Ofcom outlines TV plans for forthcoming year: Ofcom plans to press ahead with the auction of spectrum in the 600… tinyurl.com/6vs9y6v

Astrasat Blog: Δέκτες Επίγειας λήψεως & δέκτες Επίγειας + Δορυφορ astrasat.blogspot.com/2011/12/high-d…

Comtech Telecommunications Corp to pay quarterly dividend of USD0.275 per share sns.mx/uTgay3

Why Television still needs advertising: Matthieu de Chanville, Principal, A.T. Kearney Related PostsCTV Summit P… bit.ly/sv1ZJx

CE/Pay TV cooperation needed to exploit iDTVs bit.ly/ulRckr

Google released fourth-gen WebM hardware decoder, “Driver.” It has 6% fewer logic gates and 4K x 4K video support: bit.ly/uGlSzn

T-Mobile Launching Nokia Lumia 710, Tips WSJ: bit.ly/uoxXc0

Huawei to Scale Back Business in Iran sns.mx/uTgay4