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Satellite – Intelsat-21 footprints http://bit.ly/ugGuFp

Satellite – Lanzamiento exitoso de 6 satélites Globalstar 2 desde Baikonur http://i.gsat.cl/uuUNuY

Satellite – SES-4 new launch date: 21 January 2012 http://bit.ly/v2zTbr

Satellite – 2019 launch page is on-air. http://www.satlaunch.net/p/launch-schedule-2019.html

Could Apple TV deliver every cable subscribers’ long awaited fantasy: a la carte channel subscriptions? http://cnet.co/t1AqG5 Will AppleTV be sold as an a la carte product? http://sbne.ws/r/9IhV Lot of speculation & misinformation so far

IPTV Boxee releases new PC version – as a farewell gift http://vsb.li/402pTV

White Spaces or Wifi on steroids: The Next Billion Dollar Wireless Industry Has Launched http://linkd.in/tbXDhL

LG To Showcase 84-Inch 3D TV With 4K Resolution At CES 2012 http://tcrn.ch/uUWSS6

Verizon Wireless to Charge a $2 Fee For Paying Bills Online Or Over The Phone http://bit.ly/tbYdeB

TV prices fall, squeezing makers and sellers http://trap.it/XqqMBp

US-CERT says Wi-Fi hole open to brute force attack http://bit.ly/vsjKaH Telecom

Mikael Eriksson Björling from ConsumerLab blogs about consuming the web on screens of all sizes http://www.ericsson.com/thinkingahead/the-networked-society-blog/2011/12/29/consuming-the-web-on-screens-of-all-sizes/#.TvyP39XLXk4.twitter

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France Télécom Dumps Orange Switzerland: European telco giant France Télécom is a little lighter this week after… http://bit.ly/v6cljP

Digital Issue explores how sharper visibility allows operators to be more aggressive in managing networks & services http://bit.ly/uqHUcy

Social TV – A great wrap-up of the year in social TV in an infographic: http://www.lostremote.com/2011/12/29/social-tv-in-2011-by-bluefin-labs-infographic/

IPTV Suppliers gearing up for Apple TV launch in 2012 vsb.li/MZjxXL

Telecommunications to Help Pregnant Women Get Treatment sns.mx/uOgqy5

IPTV – Hands on: Airfoil to the rescue for streaming from Mac to Apple TV trap.it/FHQjrE

Wireless is taking over the enterprise. Check out this GigaOm report to learn about the future of wireless xirr.us/gigaom

Mobile App Downloads Set Records on Christmas ow.ly/8c9Vn

TV Budgets Shifting To Video Ad Spend http://lnkd.in/s-cqEm

IPTV Emotistyle: The New Fashion Advice Web Series We Love http://vsb.li/YscnnZ

Digital free-for-all may loom (SVOD & iVOD) via Variety http://mvpx.tv/rLFMEo

What’s Coming In 2012: Internet TVs Out-Box The Boxes http://paidcontent.org/article/419-whats-coming-in-2012-internet-tvs-out-box-the-boxes/

Verizon LTE outages: Yesterday, trouble w any cellular connectivity. Motorola Bionic worse than Samsung Galaxy Nexus. http://read.bi/sSJfT4

Online Video Streaming & Video Cloud Computing: Streaming as a Service mvpx.tv/uXKdhS