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Google TV on track to launch around the world in 2012 dlvr.it/13kd12

BitTorrent takes on Dropbox with personal file sharing –  j.mp/yPDx7v techme.me/D10z

GoogleTV says LG sets on way, Marvell and MediaTek replace Intel chips, more devices from Sony. Google TV officially adds LG to the fold, will demo new hardware along with Sony, Vizio engt.co/yfedXA

Broadcasters’ election-year windfall could near $3 billion according to one source: bit.ly/ymUtjE

Google TV Increases Presence At CES bit.ly/zu16e6

IPTV Lenovo and VIA Technologies A30 internet TV set top box bumps up your boob … vsb.li/Shg7vB

Sprint reveals initial 4G LTE markets; rollout begins in coming months sns.mx/uhguy3 Sprint Unveils LTE Launch Cities – Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio dlvr.it/13kq3k

Sprint version of LTE Galaxy Nexus outed by premature advert tnw.to/1CTca

TW’s Martin: TV Everywhere Will Be ‘Game Changer’: John Martin, EVP/CFO of Time Warner, called the ad market… bit.ly/yolpJH

Rural telcos push FCC to rethink USF reform program http://bit.ly/w6MRbB

Google changes channel: new TV to debut at CES tinyurl.com/783m7bu

Web-enabled TV big trend at Vegas electronics show trap.it/x6dZSG

HDTV Almanac – LED TVs to Dominate World Market. bit.ly/zfFajz

Square’s Mobile Payments Nemesis PayAnywhere Won’t Limit You To Just One App – read.bi/zvUCK3

Analyst sees troubles ahead for postpaid, bullish on prepaid bit.ly/zEDNRZ

Community Update: A pay-per-view structure is seen by consumers as a better value than the per-head cost of the movies inv.lv/v5tlgZ

Cord-Cutting Grows: 22% of Consumers Have or are Considering Ditching Cable : We’re cutting the cord and… bit.ly/zwnsfI

Copaco launches IPTV service in Paraguay – bit.ly/y79Mpq

New Video Formats to Cause Tectonic Shift in Pay-TV Advertising Spend bit.ly/yrC4Uq

Satellite – GlobeCast and ARABSAT Launch Global Arabic Bouquet GlobeCast and ARABSAT announce (bit.ly/yAWXOi)

Siri, Vlingo, Google’s voice input, etc will increase data usage, naturally – voice processed off-board / in cloud. read.bi/wWTiDB

Globecomm Goes On The Road With Wireless, M2M & Maritime! ow.ly/8ko0F

CMOs: merge your online video and TV ad buying teams into one; we look at the future unified video ad buy forr.com/wpBGYQ

Sprint’s Data Plans Not Quite ‘Truly Unlimited’ sns.mx/u0guy8

KIT digital acquires Sezmi for $27 million – FierceIPTV bit.ly/zs7ivg

10 predictions for wireless in 2012: bit.ly/wXMIg4

Google TV 2.0 tees up CE help | Charter, Turner take TV everywhere | HBO, Netflix clash | Dish ‘Hopper’ scuttlebutt bit.ly/xTCT4e

Study: Top 1% of global users generate half of all mobile data traffic.bit.ly/zxSqhk

How Boxee Gained 2 Million Users and Sold 200k+ Devices since 2007 –b0x.ee/wnO4dI

Time Warner Is Making Life Worse For Netflix Users To Try To Sell More DVDs read.bi/AfjxiW

Coinstar Says Redbox Hasn’t Agreed to Longer Wait on Warner DVDs – Bloomberg  bloomberg.com/news/2012-01-0…

STB – Honey, they shrunk the STB. Roku to launch a set-top on a stick. lnkd.in/Qnn46i

Telecom – Indian telecom regulator issues consumer safeguards: In a bid to quickly resolve consumers’ problems with telecom… bit.ly/zVP6nC

RESEARCH: Consumers DO want Facebook on their TVs, says Futuresource. Yes, that surprised me too. lnkd.in/j3TtKF

Sprint: We Don’t Throttle Postpaid Users – Though We Reserve the Right To Kick Users Off Network http://dlvr.it/13sxK9

A third of TV-owning American households still have at least four television sets http://mvpx.tv/zwQWXW

Netflix, HBO Do Battle – http://mvpx.tv/yyFfaV

Waiting for Zeebox to launch in the US http://mvpx.tv/yV7V6P

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Fujitsu LTE Femto Benefits Operators, Enterprises: At SCTE Cable-Tec Expo last year, the talk was all about smal… http://bit.ly/wiBF7d

Verizon Wireless Vets Sierra Gateway: Verizon Wireless has certified the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX440 4G LTE wi… http://bit.ly/xt0rGp

LightSquared, ISP Store Partnership Targets Small to Medium-Sized Markets http://bit.ly/ACJFAc

Netflix app hits PlayStation 3s in UK, final details still being worked out alturl.com/3guzk

Apple TV, Google TV – Is 2012 the Year They Take Off? bit.ly/zgGPle

From the LasVegas Strip to your living room: GoogleTV partners at CES bit.ly/zg0xtz

Indian ISPs Forced to Block Entire Domains – Simply to Try and Stop Trading of One Film dlvr.it/13tltf

IPTV – Microsoft Mediaroom Linked to Telefonica IPTV Deal bit.ly/w5u9ZL