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Nokia says its first major Windows Phone is only the beginning of a long-term strategy for the U.S. market. cnet.co/z0OzQM . Nokia Could Sell 37 Million Windows Phones This Year –http://dthin.gs/yf7FRW

Motorola plans to make fewer smartphone models in 2012. http://bit.ly/z4wEDt

Purchase of Networking components, accessories, network security solutions & software, TV (LCD/LED), IPTV, Video… bit.ly/xeFvHp

HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces AV2 Specification for Next-Generation Broadband Speeds – bit.ly/zrUjo5

IEEE Senior Member, Richard Doherty talks top tech trends for 2012. Video on the IEEE FB page http://on.fb.me/wNrrOs

Entropic Powers Pace HR34 Home Media Center HD-DVR for DIRECTV http://goo.gl/fb/C6eLU

Television X Makes TV History http://bit.ly/wx7AvP

Is the US military approaching “netcentric warfare” the right way?… http://fb.me/19q2MGU0Y

Boxee working on bringing Netflix to the UK http://inv.lv/wnnmM4

Xavier Niel interviewed on Free Mobile. WLAN, femtocells, advanced CPE, ID, and payments – a whole world of Telco 2.0 http://see.sc/Efns33

App and Ecosystems will be battling for content distribution http://ow.ly/8q54b

Hands On With JVC’s 4K Video Camera http://gizmodo.com/5875213/hands-on-with-jvcs-4k-video-camera-it-wont-break-your-back-or-your-budget

Danish online video viewing growing rapidly http://bit.ly/yp0MWD

Web Video Gets Real-Time Translation In 50+ Languages http://bit.ly/xQcO7e

IPTV Panasonic HDTVs feature Time Warner Cable IPTV app with live streaming … http://bit.ly/A1EJXq

SeaChange Integrates Envivio Multi-Screen Encoding for Ad Insertion on Apple Devices http://tinyurl.com/7akqzwj

GetGlue’s next iPad app aims to reinvent the TV guide http://dlvr.it/14gPsx

Now two people can watch a different show on the same TV http://bit.ly/zihkx1

3DTV Still Suffers From “Black Hole of Content” http://www.multichannel.com/article/478831-CES_3DTV_Still_Suffers_From_Black_Hole_Of_Content_.php

Satellite – Iridium 9555 Satellite tv Mobile phone: A total Deal regarding …: The particular Iridium 9555 satellite television… http://bit.ly/wElXP6

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Satellite – HF radio and pactor modems vs Satellite Phones for email at sea …: Satellite Phone advantages over Pactor Mode… http://bit.ly/zHN0uQ

What is MPEG DASH? http://mvpx.tv/ynLZBC

Numericable to embracing & deploy multi-screen television! http://csc0.ly/6019RsNR

Ford talks up connected cars at CES (Q&A) http://cnet.co/zGntR6