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Samsung’s transparent touch screen brings the internet to the one place it’s been missing: your window http://cnet.co/wu2qqD

Hands-on with the Lenovo K800, the first Intel powered smartphone (video) http://cnet.co/w4HIMt

OnLive Viewer finds its way into Google TV http://trap.it/zNzkGh

Amazon has become the first major retailer to agree to sell films on the UltraViolet platform cnet.co/wJAWl2

Voice, Gesture, Touch To Transform Online Ad Industry: What’s the next big technology for the advertising… bit.ly/zaZM5R

CEA Forecasts $200MM+ Revenues In ’12: As consumer electronics move even further into the realm of necessity… bit.ly/wkGQ23

AT&T Unveils Data Plan Pricing for Sony PlayStation Vita: AT&T has announced its data plan pricing for the 3G-en… bit.ly/xwHYKN

GERMANY, UNITED STATES : MobiTV and Deutsche Telekom to provide TV platform [TendersInfo (India)] http://bit.ly/xunLAZ

50% of U.S. homes will be streaming web video on TV in 2012 and how that impacts tech companies [VIDEO] http://youtu.be/933L6mejmSs

Facebook and Boxee Team Up Around the TV – http://b0x.ee/wAXIhC

Video: Apple’s Siri will boost telecom companies: tgam.ca/DPSH

Broadcom Doubles Home Throughput on STBs: Broadcom has announced its MoCA 2.0-integrated System on a Chip (SoC) … bit.ly/AwRcKf

Smart TVs take center stage at CES on.wsj.com/yYUcLO (WSJ)

Sigma Designs Focuses on New STB Designs for the Connected Home: Connected media platform provider Sigma Designs… bit.ly/wcup1T

MSFT puts payTV plan on pause| FCCer has questions about Comcast’s AWS intentions| Cabler tests EchoStar| TWC eyes Panny TVs http://bit.ly/x2WeBO

New trend in TV ecosystem: Companion Screens. http://csc0.ly/6017Rt8H

Big Chains Launch “Hulu For Hotels”  http://selnd.com/zexruV

Video ads are generating billions of dollars, but not for news organizations | Poynter.: http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/business-news/the-biz-blog/155697/video-ads-are-generating-billions-of-dollars-but-not-for-news-orgs/#.Tw8Ei5Hi5Fs.

FCC gives broadcasters more time to file cross-ownership rule waiver requests citing certain petition to Supreme Court that has yet to be addressed.

Samsung’s Smart TV and Blu-ray players will be first to get FiOS TV App CES engt.co/zYB1Wd

CES: Cable One testing EchoStar’s Aria platform – CED Magazine cedmagazine.com/news/2012/01/c…

40% prime-time tweets are about TV: major opportunities for brands, TV shows to connect with engaged viewers bit.ly/y52D9T

The average Philippine mobile subscriber texts 496 times per month: ow.ly/8rbCa

Informa Telecoms & Media predict that the pay-IPTV market will more than double by 2016 to 76.5 million users

Panasonic Expands and Enhances Commitment to 3D bit.ly/z5qsCg

Set-tops are a lot smarter than connected TVs. fiercecable.com/story/set-tops…

Sustainable Business Model Needed to Ensure India’s Ecommerce Success bit.ly/zKR4pP

Hulu Plus Subscriptions Hit 1.2 Million in 2011; exceed expectations alturl.com/6vina

DidYouKnow: Only 38% of TV Viewing is Live? bit.ly/AhFxO7

“Soft” Ad Sales Ding Hulu’s 2011 Growth – dthin.gs/AkkrTk