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Mobile/LTE – Huawei rolls out first ever LTE TDD multi-mode mobile Wi-Fi device – http://goo.gl/NkolY

Big December pushes BBC iPlayer to record figures – http://goo.gl/P5fMV

Huawei signs Hibernia cable project deal – Huawei Marine Networks to supply cables and plant for Global Financial Network Project Express across Atlantic – http://goo.gl/0zJFM

Reliance plans stakes in cable firms- Indian multinational seeks stakes in cable operators to boost planned 4G broadband services – http://goo.gl/GIUZ5

How Mobile Apps Are Getting Data Savvy, Even Internationally: Travel and mobile apps ought to go together like… http://bit.ly/yFdG1o

Online video businesses see connected TV opportunities http://mvpx.tv/AzBqpm

Broadband CPE and home networking vendors make push towards premium services; ZTE surges – http://bit.ly/tJ2Vs5

How Pay-TV Advertising will Shift to New Formats http://ow.ly/8uRMw

IPTV LG to manufacture ‘Nexus’ brand Google TV later this year? http://vsb.li/CRTpMM

IPTV Google TV 2.0 Review, Tweaks, and Screenshots http://vsb.li/Yq17XD Google TV at CES was underwhelming http://vsb.li/PTOoPV

Tunable LTE antenna module features aperture-tuned technology http://bit.ly/x9PK0L

Samsung highlights full-wall TV possibilities: Samsung was demonstrating a video wall at CES this year… http://bit.ly/xlJgy1

FCC narrowbanding deadline is now less than a year away! http://bit.ly/yBgiJI

China Telecom to triple Wi-Fi hot spots in Shanghai to 20,000 in three years. Up to 300 Mbps. http://bit.ly/xmUVuB

Pacnet: “Caching no longer solves all problems”: We speak to Chris Wilson, SVP product strategy & management… http://bit.ly/wvAmBR

Swisscom develops catch-up TV offering: Swiss telco Swisscom is in the process of adding a catch-up TV … http://bit.ly/Av9grP

Consumers “rapidly turning to other CE devices” for content needs: A major survey by Accenture has found that… http://bit.ly/xUWyAJ

IPTV Boxee talks up BBC, Blinkbox, mourns SeeSaw vsb.li/4bSTjS

IPTV subscribers globally has increased 6% in Q3 2011 to reach 54.4 million.

Viewing on demand transforms television habits bit.ly/wGY28p

IPTV – In December alone, 7 million programs were requested from BBC iPlayer on connected TV sets!

Pay TV – Interesting to see how this chart changes over time. Movies watched via linear TV (19%) Vs VoD (1.9%) ow.ly/8uWPv

IPTV – Telekom will Entertain TV auf PC, Tablet und Smartphone anbieten telefontarifrechner.de/news12049.html nachrichten iptv tabletbit.ly/yTCCuK

IPTV – As IPTV growth continues, how long before the BBC demands a computer licence fee? bit.ly/ythBDX

IPTV CES 2012: Best of Web TV vsb.li/dzeEL7

Latest News: Industry sources say that the triple play IPTV services in Jiangsu washed bit.ly/zF3SgJ

IPTV Apple’s plans for your living room: On Apple TV, “iTV”, Siri, and all the rest vsb.li/TEkQHz

IPTV a relatively new business for Telekom Malaysia bit.ly/wdSdqr

IPTV News: Technology and Workflows for Multiple Channel Content Distribution This… goo.gl/fb/JplsX

Light Reading- Bright House Lights Up Wi-Fi in FL: goo.gl/nH1vu

Mobile – Video soon to be 90% of online traffic ow.ly/8v6OT

OTT – Netflix, Hulu and the golden age of content mvpx.tv/wnFW7W

Samsung and Lenovo TVs recognize viewer to log them into Facebook and show them their favourite TV channels bit.ly/Ags1dD

Why you’ll buy a new TV in the next 5 years because smart TVs are finally about to get really smart dlvr.it/15W4MK

Retrans fees could increase thanks to the NFL’s $3 Billion TV deals ow.ly/8vepY MP: $27 BILLION Total!

YouTube Debuts Two Entertainment Channels – multichannel.com/article/479170…

Google TV – Google TV to gain personalized recommendations trap.it/M78uk5

Cable ISPs Offered Fastest Speeds in 2011* – *At Least Among Largest ISPs, And Thanks to Slow DSL dlvr.it/15Wd62 DSL operators have the opportunity to match cable operator BB speeds with vectoring. The $billion question is whether they will deploy it.

Who said 3DTV isn’t going to take off? Some CE manufacturers are banking on it. bit.ly/Ajq8sr

Satellite – ViaSat’s Exede Ka-band Broadband Service Goes Live bit.ly/wIjVPu