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Satellite – Middle East ops have Australian SATCOM Support bit.ly/zPAOht

Mobile – API Management Service Apigee Acquires Mobile Data Platform Usergrid tcrn.ch/zraGtU

IPTV New Apple Patent Reveals Upcoming Apple TV Set Could Have DVR Capabilities vsb.li/w5wAK9

IPTV, broadband uptake highest since 2009 bit.ly/y9Rx6o

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David Hopkins from Motorola says we’re now at a tipping point in video transcoding. Time to move from CPU to silicon: connectedhome2go.com/2012/01/18/fro… Silicon-based video transcoding can deliver a lower cost per stream than its CPU counterparts. Read our blog post moto.ly/hopkins1

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Extreme sports stars get their own channels on YouTube dlvr.it/15vCzf

Broadcast TV – NewTek Unveils TriCaster Certified Operator Program ow.ly/8ydC3

Vizl aims to make your experience in the fitting room a little more digital, courtesy of augmented reality bit.ly/wrdafm

IPTV Apple Granted Patent for Apple TV Episodic TV (iTV?) vsb.li/OVT6Xl

Mobile – IMT-Advanced standards announced for next-generation mobile technology bit.ly/wsMXID

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