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Connected TV to dominate global TV shipments – 80% of TVs will be connected by 2015 bit.ly/w17pAS

Virgin Mobile will start throttling data speeds for customers who use more than 2.5 GB per month beginning March 23 bit.ly/zrbk6K

Boston Mayor Trying to Fight Relentless Comcast Rate Hikes – Begging FCC for Authority to Stop 80% Hikes Over Three… dlvr.it/166C6W

Casio said to be prepping a quadcore handset cnet.co/xPAlbs

Enjoy 1000s of videos from our newly released App in US & Asia from ViawayMedia. bit.ly/wameDr

Google CEO: YouTube still has ‘huge amount of growth’ ahead bit.ly/wFDgvP

Satellite – Echostar – We are going to offer a managed, over-the-top video solution. Big tech adventures this year! fb.me/u4wRYavR

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IPTV – Die Zeit für Multiscreens in Deutschland ist reif. Wer wird das Rennen? bit.ly/w5JruS

Connected TV – Connected TVs will be the norm in 2015 tgr.ph/yImTfS

Pay TV – Interesting times in the China IPTV payTV market bit.ly/zdtpTY deal brewing between CCTV and BesTV.

‘5 Reasons for Broadcasters and Content Owners to Use Freeview HD to Reach Niche Audiences’ – Read out new blog post – bit.ly/wpYbhI

3UK: New Year’s Mobile Traffic Growth: Voice +10%; SMS +28%; Data +471% goo.gl/fb/j4PSv

Camera-less iPhone 4S now available in Singapore, military approves dlvr.it/16FWPh

IPTV – Mobile Penetration and IPTV Services Fuel Brazil‘s Market through 2016, Pyramid Finds bit.ly/wK3r06

IPTV – Sunrise IPTV unveils launch details bit.ly/xNAqjw

Boxee Live TV avc.com/a_vc/2012/01/b…

HDTV Almanac – Another Passive 3DTV. bit.ly/x7kCPv

LTE will be disruptive: Virgin Mobile CEO trap.it/RnyqpB

OTT – Amazon Responds Decisively to Netflix Move in the UK bit.ly/yswVQc

OTT – Will Netflix vs Lovefilm drive people to piracy? bit.ly/yDYwR1

IPTV – Sun rises on new Swiss IPTV service bit.ly/xJfKCJ

OTT – EchoStar Readies Over-the-Top Video Play bit.ly/y8avWI

60% of YouTube’s video ads are skippable bit.ly/w8s7T7

Reaching for that 3D shot with PolecamMan  ow.ly/8Anzn

IPTV Level 3 Communications Lures Near-Term Option Buyers vsb.li/Tyamv6

Blackmagic Releases New HyperDeck Shuttle 2 bit.ly/AE23OX

Ericsson agrees to settle patent disputes with ZTE, names Ewaldsson CTO. bit.ly/wJMYIp

4G not fast enough for ya? Here comes 5G! bit.ly/wKLE9g Don’t look now, but 5G may be right around the corner sns.mx/urg5y8

Comcast Challenges FCC’s Program Carriage Ruling That Landed in Tennis Channel’s Court – Multichannel News multichannel.com/article/479347…

Wealth TV Launches 3D Network- http://goo.gl/Evmu7

DirecTV Subs in Miami Get Football Despite Retrans Blackout broadcastingcable.com/article/479341…

Satellite – WGS-4 Launch Sets Military Milestones Boeing, ATK bit.ly/yRAb87

Satellite – “A difficult and confusing set of management issues,” could lead to Pentagon cuts. Gov’t really needs to understand the consequences here.

Satellite – The Satcom Weekly is out! bit.ly/nqUqKc

Zambia reverses Zamtel sale to Libya’s LAP Green twurl.nl/v8zngn

Vodafone wins India tax case twurl.nl/nnn36w

Mobile wallet fragmentation inevitable – Monitise twurl.nl/lf16vi

IPTV – Great Indian Bazaar: Control your TV viewing with Internet Protocol… goo.gl/fb/VTp3R

Verizon cable deal should be of biggest concern to smaller telcos (Windstream CenturyLink, Frontier): bit.ly/zpvgRN

Through the power of the Cloud, we look to remove traditional barriers to video editing like cost & complexity ow.ly/8vPbz

Video: the future of 3D printing comes into focus: bit.ly/Ady5CX

Analyst: TV Everywhere Could Create $12 Billion in Annual Revenue for TV Industry – The Hollywood Reporter ow.ly/8ASh9

ITU Certifies New 100 Mbps Wireless Standards – LTE Advanced, WirelessMAN-Advanced (WiMax 2) dlvr.it/16Hl1h

IPTV – A new study predicts IPTV to be 60% of TV subscriptions by 2016: bit.ly/zpQ9fP

BC-IA–IPTV-Grassley,130 – KGAN bit.ly/zAIJI4

Just published: 2012 Rich Communications Suite Services & Subscribers Market Size & Forecasts. Report/TOC: bit.ly/xx68ys

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Satellite – Delta-4 rocket launches WGS-4 military satellite bit.ly/yCmwyO

WiFi cufflinks let you create wireless hotspots: bit.ly/AvQ16r

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