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Video: Has Android kicked the lag problem? bit.ly/Aw9uGM

Android: O2 UK security hole sends customer phone numbers to websites nl4.us/DpMG4T

Mobile – Visa Europe: over half of all its transactions will be mobile by 2020 mwl.me/zmcRMa

Mobile – Turkcell backs own-brand strategy for NFC handsets mwl.me/zcJGhH

Mobile – Apple storms ahead as competitors bury their heads in their hands tinyurl.com/7gow4ej RIM on the road to nowhere as Apple smashes sales records tinyurl.com/7qvsxk4

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The Shift From Watching TV to Experiencing TV | bit.ly/xlaaLw

HDTV Almanac – Will DLNA Become Indispensible?. bit.ly/wYOaBs

ES3™ and Pace Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Smart, Integrated Customer Care TV apps in 2012 bit.ly/x7Yatg

OTT video delivery: A properly engineered network decreases customer churn – bit.ly/AcDjYH

Viewcast debuts Niagra 9100 streaming video encoder line; AT&T U-verse usage caps still on the shelf bit.ly/yJ4HSb

Time Warner Inc. Leads $12M Round In Social-TV Analytics Startup Bluefin – multichannel.com/article/479589…

IMAX CEO: 3D Isn’t for All Movies [VIDEO] dlvr.it/17C3y8

Mobile – Ericsson pursuing Wi-Fi with BelAir Networks buy gigaom.com/broadband/eric… >> Cellular industry finally getting serious about Wi-Fi

Vision247™ Powers TV on Mobile ‘Smart’ Devices bit.ly/ACkIgN

Broadcast TV – Paramount have started selling their own movies d2c via ultraviolet. let the disintermediation begin slashgear.com/paramounts-ult…

dB Broadcast Unveil BVE Focus bit.ly/wqH9L4

Ovum: Android and iOS winning battle for developer hearts mwl.me/zYokeD

IPTV For many, issues watching YouTube on Apple TV vsb.li/8nFyVg

ATIS Spec Vets IPTV Devices, Subscribers: A new specification released by ATIS aims to securely identify and aut… bit.ly/wTOkPy

Get Prepared For 5G Wi-Fi: ZProtocol WLAN, a 802.11ac demodulation software solution for analysis, characterization…bit.ly/xAPF4h

Mobile – UMTS Forum: More Mobile Broadband Spectrum, Please: The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12) has started… bit.ly/xTWAwY

Nokia: We’ve sold 1.5 billion Series 40 phones, and counting cnet.co/yXFwnX

Mobile – Mobile Video Primed, Ad Model In Early Stages mediapost.com/publications/a…

Wireless bandwidth: Are we running out of room? sns.mx/uBg7y1

Satellite  – Globecomm Inks U.S. Government, Maritime Service Deals bit.ly/wxitzj

Satellite – NSR: Smaller, Cheaper Optical Satellites to Become Industry Standard bit.ly/yzkAUU

News from the cloud: Paramount Movies lets you stream UltraViolet films…for a price! inv.lv/zwxEtx

Motorola sues Apple over iPhone 4S, iCloud cnet.co/wQChDF

ATIS Spec Vets IPTV Devices, Subscribers bit.ly/wVIfpY

Battle of the smartphones gu.com/p/35xk6/tw

Telemundo Confident In Comcast’s Support: Telemundo chief Emilio Romano spent part of a NAPTE appearance…bit.ly/wDUrz1

Hybrid Set Top Box Sales Estimated to Hit 100 Million in 2015 bit.ly/xjOemu

Netflix pens a deal with FremantleMedia to bring not-so-fresh content to UK screens tnw.to/1Cw5b

Talked to Motorola Mobility GM of home devices Larry Robinson about cable MSOs replacing DVRs with video gateways.fiercecable.com/special-report…

Ofcom: Digital media demands ‘coherent approach’ to regulation trap.it/cGQgrg

Carrier Ethernet – AOC Connect Selects Global Telecom & Technology to Provide High Performance IP Connectivity Services goo.gl/GjOqR

Carrier Ethernet – IBM and VELCO announce agreement to build communications network in Vermont goo.gl/sxShS

Carrier Ethernet – No more historic SLA reports: Get it (and fix it) in real time goo.gl/jkNLQ

Connected devices will fuel the next rising tide for online video industry – ow.ly/1ENACi

Growth in Connected Devices Puts Consumers in Control bit.ly/wthI6k

YuMe and Nielsen Study Shows Impact of TV Plus Online Video Ads – Streaming Media Magazine ow.ly/1ENDxP

IPTV Youtube NOT Working on Apple TV vsb.li/wbSxHR

IPTV What Should I Use for My Home Theater PC: Apple TV, Nettop, Old Computer, or … vsb.li/GCwN2S

IPTV Boxee now selling Live TV Tuner for cord-cutting users – vsb.li/MPFTz6

IPTV Japan’s NTT Communications buys 74% in Netmagic for Rs 900 crore – vsb.li/cB3mr8

Satellite – Eutelsat Communications…Digital Delivery Of da Vinci (SatBroadcasting) goo.gl/fb/c6AKK

3D – SMPTE Newswatch January Edition. 4K, High Frame Rates, 3D and beyond. bit.ly/A5NgY1

Interesting comparison between live & streaming/VOD TV viewing – cble.co/wuW3qo

Virgin Mobile USA To Reduce Data Speeds for Some Customers: The company explained that customers will receive …bit.ly/zf0Eu6

AT&T Exec Grills Sprint on Roaming: An AT&T executive on Tuesday grilled rival Sprint because the wireless opera…bit.ly/xMWGtX

Amazon looking into taking on Netflix –m.NYPOST.com ow.ly/1ENNZf

OTT – Netflix: Amazon, Hulu Plus have a fraction of our content, and Hulu Plus has ads. We win. Long-term, HBO GO remains our biggest threat. Netflix Rebounds: Company Adds 220,000 Subscribers, Beats Street dlvr.it/17F4NT .  Netflix streaming users now outnumber DVD subscribers 2:1. Netflix Q4: U.S. DVD subscribers down 2.76M. Netflix shares jumped 15% after the company reported 4Q earnings well above analysts’ expectations on.wsj.com/x6Pklp .  No intention to spend the $400M we raised; it’s “merely a stronger safety net.”cnet.co/w39Vs5 .Netflix: “[W]e are just another network competing for viewing time with, and licensing content from, other networks.”  gigaom.com/video/netflix-… Netflix jumping into original business with both feet; SVOD service will have 5 new series by mid-2013 alturl.com/p2q59

Towerstream to present at Merriman Capital Annual Investor Summit 2012 – bit.ly/xCtNLf

NYT: A [Time Warner] Media Lab Will Test Consumers’ Reactions – Advertising ow.ly/1ENPqn

Encore Adds New York Location – Encore, a Deluxe Entertainment Services Group company, has announced its expansion…ow.ly/1gVwt4

Mobile – M-Payments: how to stimulate mass market adoption. Major question at: NDESiliconValley Exec Brainstorm, 27-28 March…

Mobile – Motorola to heavily invest in Android ‘smart actions’ in 2012 bit.ly/wNsQda

FCC will vote on its planned reforms to its Lifeline and Link Up programs at its open meeting on Jan. 31 bit.ly/y3Xs6z

Cable prepares to blend Docsis with EPON… from a provisioning standpoint, as CableLabs preps a new test program bit.ly/xqsu3n