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Connected TV: a new medium and a new business – get the Future Scape white paper here: bit.ly/zE9MA0

Mobile – Experts tips to help you get a better return on your mobile business intelligence investment http://goo.gl/9ftWE

Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): SecondScreen Networks. http://bit.ly/yXmiEa “we’re running ads with a number of Super Bowl advertisers”

Story from Broadcast about slightly foreboding documentary filmed with our GY-HM700U -‘Death of a Forest’ http://goo.gl/ETrsL

Win 8 supports ARM and x86 processors making it a cross platform OS with native support for Smartphones, tablets, etc. bit.ly/zeo3UQ

Broadband speeds boosted as UK’s service providers launch fierce competition http://wp.me/p1CtHA-4x

Mobile TV – Eurosport inks Russian mobile TV deal http://dlvr.it/18hft5

Satellite – Telecompaper: Astra is best for digital HDTV in Germany – study http://bit.ly/z8JxpW

Swisscom inks twelfth fibre-optic rollout deal http://bit.ly/xPaUa7

Mobile/LTE – World’s first voice handover between LTE and WCDMA accomplished http://ow.ly/8PwQI Ericsson and Qualcomm Demonstrate SRVCC Voice Handover between LTE and WCDMA http://dlvr.it/18kDmk

Pay attention broadband operators: the cloud user is here http://ow.ly/8PwNi

HDTV Almanac – A Sound Idea. http://bit.ly/yugEnb

IPTV – Network Instruments Offers In-Depth IPTV Performance Monitoring http://bit.ly/zwcllD

LTE/4G – America Movil selects Alcatel-Lucent as a provider of LTE infrastructure for 4G networks in Latin America  http://j.mp/wVfIa0

Ofcom stats on Facebook and other social networks in the UK: http://ofcom.in/A3dU6G http://ofcom.in/wRoT0shttp://ofcom.in/xgzXKk

Trivia time…which four companies dominate more than US$100 Billion in annual mobility revenue? http://ow.ly/8Pvds

LTE/4G – 4G Lines Will Exceed 500 Million Globally by 2015 – http://goo.gl/N9Ush

IPTV –  IPTV Sky is to enter the IPTV arena bit.ly/ycNGn2

IPTV CNTV, BesTV Partner on IPTV Platform Operations bit.ly/vZL4Mk

More content, more platforms for growing  UltraViolet http://is.gd/WxwfFL

Senator Accuses LightSquared of Bribery – Insists They Promised a Call Center if Deal Approved  http://dlvr.it/18kCMX

FCC Approves Time Warner Cable, Insight – Deal Should Close After July 1 http://dlvr.it/18kCMT

Multi-screen content moves from hype to reality http://dlvr.it/18hHPb Multi-screen services to go “from hype to reality” this year, says IMS: 2012 will be the year the consumer elect… bit.ly/yBzFr3

Mobile – India cancels 2G licences; foreign players mull options http://mwl.me/yY3zM9

Mobile – Survey: Usage of remote health monitoring to reach 3M by 2016 http://mwl.me/yAePYd

StudioCanal buys majority stakes in Tandem Communications http://is.gd/Dn5Fa8

Mobile – Wireless innovations redefine healthcare delivery: bit.ly/wLxevZ (video)

Mobile – Location Based Classified Ads to Hit the Right Spot Geo Messaging| SFGate http://ow.ly/8NGzR

Comcast expands Internet access for more poor families http://cnet.co/x6TnDU

Telecom – France Telecom Orange to increase fiber network spending in 2012 bit.ly/w3AHvM

OTT, recorded TV viewing beats live TV for TiVo owners is.gd/mdurOr

All across North America broadband usage meters aren’t working, and regulators are completely asleep at the wheel: bit.ly/yFutml

Mobile – Wireless companies to face new U.S. disclosure rules in bill: buswk.co/z3f4uf

IPTV – CNTV, BesTV partner on IPTV Shanghai Media Group’s (SMG) I bit.ly/A2aXKt

Research: 2012 is tipping point for multi-screen content consumption bit.ly/yTmWSi

Virgin Media increases broadband price bit.ly/ADgFxB

Mobile – Security: HTC patching Wi-Fi password leak on several smartphones nl4.us/VlLkAi

Cable TV – Portugal ends 2011 with 2.9 million pay TV subscribers goo.gl/fb/Kb4uT

A handy 5.1 surround test video on Vimeo bit.ly/ziXEvn

Mobile – New report published! View “Kenya: Price Wars & Operator Competition Drive Mobile Revenue Growth as LTE Looms” here: ow.ly/8Q2iO

Mobile – Credit Card Readers: Wave of the Future: Just announced by T-Mobilegoo.gl/fb/C1EEn

34 projects applied for new French DTT HD channels is.gd/Kvy3Ec

IPTV/Social TV  – Orange: \”Welcome to the era of Social TV!\”: We speak to Nicolas Bry, Senior VP at Orange Vallée… bit.ly/wMguyh

IPTV Addressing network time protocol synchronization for IPTV, IMS and Femtocells bit.ly/yU4AcN

Mobile – Senate antitrust panel plans hearing on Verizon’s massive AWS buy from four cable companies bit.ly/A4jkOg Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and others headed to DC to be grilled on WiFi spectrum partnership. bit.ly/A9je1w

Doug Lung’s RF Report: FCC Requests Comments on Telcordia Technologies White Space Trial ow.ly/8Q5F1

Symmetricom addressing network time protocol synchronization for IPTV, IMS & Femtocells bit.ly/w83B1v

IPTV – Five trends to watch in Internet-connected TVs: venturebeat.com/2012/01/28/mak…

3D TV – In Demand, UFC To Bring 3D PPV Event To Cable  bit.ly/zguudl

Comcast Going Global bit.ly/y2YT46

Argentine Govt to fund production of HD series is.gd/r7eKT2

FCC Approves Time Warner Cable-Insight deal. bit.ly/wFgxSM

Mobile/LTE – U.S. Cellular plans six-state LTE launch for March, unveils Android-based LTE tablet and smartphone bit.ly/y4FVa7

How does deploying LifeSize HD Connections differ from traditional video conferencing deployments? Answered here: ow.ly/8Kiim