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Time For Video to Step Out From TV’s Shadow http://adage.com/u/4cckAb

Verizon Wireless trials a new payment solution mwl.me/ysfU5q

People are more excited by content than web TV technology http://ow.ly/8QZ3W

Jan/Feb CSI is out! Read about MPEG-DASH & DRM video standards http://bit.ly/ygXyzS

Mobile – RIM’s Future On the Edge: If BlackBerry 10 does not offer real advantages to business customers that make it sta…http://bit.ly/y2rPxr

Mobile – iPhone App Downloads Spike: At the end of December 2011, a record 6.04 million apps were downloaded each day, a …http://bit.ly/wuUVfP

BlackBerry, Microsoft Give Companies New Way to Manage Smartphones: Research In Motion has introduced BlackBerry…http://bit.ly/xbIXDQ

Motorola secures iPhoneiPad sales injunction in Germany mwl.me/w2u34e

Mobile – Report: Windows Phone 8 will include NFC http://mwl.me/wyCUNT

Mobile – Judder-free videos on the smartphone http://bit.ly/xCymfz

Occupy Television: They Are the 4%: Even with TiVo, about 40% of TV is consumed live. But to make the inference… http://bit.ly/A0VsKI

SeaChange says it ‘terminated employment’ of Kanouff; she has 1-yr noncompete http://abea-25rzg1.client.shareholder.com/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1144204-12-5593 – earlier MCN story: http://www.multichannel.com/article/479993-Kanouff_Leaves_SeaChange.php

What Facebook’s IPO filing means for the telecoms industry http://goo.gl/fb/ffY9l

The telecoms weather report http://goo.gl/fb/h7R1c

BT trials “FTTP on-demand” http://goo.gl/fb/YrS3b

Mondo TV to sell Turner kid’s TV rights in MENA http://is.gd/Zl5JIs

Comcast apologizes, resolves Carbondale, CO porno complaint http://www.postindependent.com/article/20120202/VALLEYNEWS/120209991/1083&ParentProfile=1074

Media Companies: Stock Value Doesn’t Reflect Profitability: The value of broadcast TV companies, as well… http://bit.ly/yflZY8

Mobile – From our blog: Prey turns predator as European mobile consolidation takes hold-http://ow.ly/1h7Wtf

Hollywood studios think they have a way to sell and deliver movies online – alturl.com/g5t53 Cloud Goes Hollywood-Major film studios have found a way to sell, deliver movies online. Will consumers buy it?  http://goo.gl/5CO2p

Potential Changes in the Sub-Saharan Africa Telecom Market: Subscriber numbers have grown dramatically in sub-Sa…http://bit.ly/wDDtCF

Cable In the Cloud: Picking the Right BSS for the Business Market: The inherent cost savings of cloud services… http://bit.ly/y3gAkr

Satellite – Launch delays: Sirius-FM6 & Intelsat-22 http://bit.ly/y2AccY

Connected TV – Major expansion for connected TV association CTVMA http://bit.ly/yyEecd

VideoNuze Podcast: YouTube‘s Original Channels bit.ly/zAWR13

LTE- Jointly utilizing LTE networks http://bit.ly/xYt5mk

Google TV goes Android 3.2, next up Ice Cream Sandwich bit.ly/xejiGp

EBU starts fast-tracking HbbTV deployments bit.ly/yx3EpG

BTVision passes 679k subscribers bit.ly/Ah5hm0

Argentina Moviecity refreshes PayTV offer bit.ly/Ateqnx

IPTV – China integrates two IPTV platforms bit.ly/xR8ZKT

IPTV – Performance Management Platform analyzes IPTV applications. http://bit.ly/AhvJ18

Mobile/LTE – HSPA, LTE to drive Latin America’s mobile connections growth to 750M by 2015: HSPA and LTE connections will be…http://bit.ly/AqZIkt

BTVision throws Microsoft Mediaroom under a bus for Linux STB software to be replaced over the net bit.ly/xgLltq

MA: it’s time for the government to figure out exactly what led to the LightSquared fiasco http://bit.ly/zSu44V

Two small, rival cable vendors merge | Ex-SEAC Pres. has 1yr non-compete | 3D comes to pay-per-view TV http://bit.ly/wrTxYR

Cablevision develops technology for WiFi-based mobile phone service. http://bit.ly/zbJhD8

Study: Second Screen – 44% Of Mobile Owners Research A  Purchase After Watching A TV  Ad http://www.appmarket.tv/news/1535-study-second-screen-44-of-mobile-owners-research-a-purchase-after-watching-a-tv-ad.html?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews

Editor’s Cut Everything Everywhere: telecom brand turmoil: Today Total Telecom publishes it’s annual ranking of … http://bit.ly/y4E2wg

IPTV If Apple TV is real, here’s how it should work bit.ly/AmPU19

Mobile – 16% of U.S. Mobile Users Engage in Mobile Banking http://bit.ly/Acp2nd

Next level technology: Kinect for Windows PCs & Laptops adds gesture recognition http://inv.lv/zstrmk

Display ad file size debated as standards come under review – The IAB’s move to re-evaluate the file-size standard…http://ow.ly/1h8dkT

From our blog: The Verizon/Comcast cooperation depicts the odd circumstances driving telecoms partnerships http://ow.ly/1h8e3X

Satellite – Newsat CEO: Jabiru Capacity Deal with Measat Puts Company Closer to Financing http://bit.ly/zmZtMz

Satellite – Redu Space Services Wins EDRS Mission Contract from Astrium http://bit.ly/yN9FMz

Mobile – Apps, QR Codes To Lead Marketers’ Mobile Investment In 2012 http://ow.ly/1FtkiK  eConsultancy: 57% of company marketers plan to invest in..