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Light Reading – Ethernet – Intro: Cloud Intelligent Networks – Telecom bit.ly/wru0jv

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SIP Trunking – Making Smart Investments in Infrastructure bit.ly/AcYL8W cites SIP trunking as one of the best investments, based on Infonetics data

AT&T’s U-verse iPad App Lacks Live TV – multichannel.com/article/480233…

FCC commissions a study of how current communications marketplace meets critical info needs of the American public ow.ly/8VBSe

Social TV- Building an Organic Experience bit.ly/xraTmT

Broadband – Governor Kasich announces 10-fold boost to Ohio’s broadband network  http://bit.l0/Ae9Lh7

Social TV Startup Flingo Banks $7M In VC Funding | Multichannel News bit.ly/z1RLtA

IPTV – Over 300,000 households use IPTV service – http://bit.ly/yQQcBS

IPTV – Altibox: “Tackling customers with problems will greatly reduce early churn” – IPTV News  http://bit.ly/zMeT3O

LightSquared asks FCC for stricter GPS gear standards to ensure that its network can co-exist http://cnet.co/A8442D

Intel to Integrate Video Advertising Tech into Wi-Fi Direct SDK | VAN ow.ly/1FQXiR

Big ups to our pals at http://allmovie.com, who just relaunched with metadata, search & recommendations from Rovi Cloud Services

Disney’s media nets segment posted growth in rev (+3%) and operating income (+12%) owing to cable nets’ respective increases of 8% and 25%.

Canada clears Dish’s acquisition of TerreStar, FCC approval still pending http://bit.ly/zZDSRp

Broadcast TV – Stations face more competition as print outlets increase online video http://ow.ly/8X5iW

Streaming Video – Paul McCartney concert stream will test the waters on live Apple TV viewership: http://arst.ch/sf0

FCC Enforcement Bureau Recommends Denying Comcast Request to Stay Tennis Channel Decision – http://www.multichannel.com/article/480275-Enforcement_Bureau_Recommends_Denying_Comcast_Request_to_Stay_Tennis_Channel_Decision.php

Read new guide on TV and Movie streaming services from Love Film Blinkbox and Netflix  http://wp.me/P21IhE-1eJ

Teenagers ‘prefer social media to TV’ – Telegraph http://ow.ly/1FQTCE

Boxee Warns of Push for Basic Cable Encryption – Cable Industry Busy Building Taller Walls  http://dlvr.it/19yzVJ

FCC – We’re making efforts to expand broadband in Rural America, read blog post to learn more about our progress: http://fcc.us/expbpvsra

Forrester: The traditional 30-second spot will be replaced with bundled advertising packages that target viewers across multiple screens

TVTechnology: Panasonic Delivers AG-3DP1 Shoulder-Mount Camcorder  http://www.tvtechnology.com/article/panasonic-delivers-ag-dp-shoulder-mount-camcorder-/211736

Streaming Video –  Amazon signs streaming TV video deal with Viacom, reports  Savitz. http://bit.ly/xcvCsE

Broadband – Howard Baldwin takes a holistic view of National Broadband Policy http://csc0.ly/6011R0d7

Google may be working on digital eyeglasses – http://bit.ly/AhGvgi

Mobile – High-profile network outages prove how debilitating excessive Diameter signaling traffic can be to mobile operators http://bit.ly/wasERo

TW’s Bewkes: UltraViolet set to grow http://mvpx.tv/yfMX7U

Boxee, cable spar over video encryption http://bit.ly/yQ9eBA Boxee Warns of Push for Basic Cable Encryption bit.ly/zoCHY1

Some mobile operators (China Mobile, SK Telecom, MegaFon…) finding success with “RCS-like” service  http://bit.ly/yfS7pC Rich Communication

Small MSOs need small TV everywhere solution http://bit.ly/z0wtb3; EchoStar brings Aria with Sling – http://bit.ly/zHaijy

IPTV New Samsung Upgradable TV Goes On Sale Google TV Confirmed For Late 2012 bit.ly/zTBe7G

LTE/4G – Test Finds U.S. 4G Networks Work as Advertised: http://bit.ly/wH7Kg6

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WiMAX Buenos Aires a Success in Latin America! is.gd/J55GKS

Russian operator TTK plans to launch WiMAX services in 27 cities and towns across the country this year – is.gd/cvtmhX

US Mobile Apps Industry Accounts for 500,000 Jobs | TNW

Broadband – Top 2 reasons broadband providers are deploying home automation services: http://bit.ly/yS601i

Smart TV – IEEE Fellow Dr. Stefano Galli on understanding and designing the Smart Grid bit.ly/znwsde

Broadcast TV – KATV Acquires JVC Cameras http://bit.ly/Ahqok0

Satellite – O3b Networks Awards Satellite/VSAT Contracts bit.ly/z2bieu

LTE infrastructure spend shrugs off EU debt crisis | Mobile Business Briefing: mobilebusinessbriefing.com/articles/lte-i…

Mobile – AT&T’s network had quite the Super Bowl-carrying over 215 GB of traffic: wifi-cs.co/x4kRyz

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Satellite overtakes cable in Germany bit.ly/wkgqex

IPTV – 300,000 Australians are now using IPTV services bit.ly/yQwMMP