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Satellite – Eutelsat to broadcast HD walk through Leonardo Live exhibition is.gd/ZDtJ4Q

STB – Are set-top boxes on the way out? – ow.ly/1FVx8o

Bills Eliminating Cable, Satellite TV Licenses Draw Fire from Broadcasters, says BNA/Bloomberg tinyurl.com/86rlzn5

Shaw Unveils New ‘Exo’ Branding – Like Comcast ‘Xfinity’ and Telus ‘Optik’ dlvr.it/1BBZNp

CSIS looked into Huawei equip in Canada: bit.ly/t1Coph IOerror: Bad ideas include: Trusting Huawei (hardware/software/whatever)

Satellite – Introducing the NEXT generation of global maritime communications – IridiumPilot. IridiumPilot.com. pic.twitter.com/PCbVwZGD

How Roku Wants To Beat Apple By Treating Your TV Like A Smartphone trap.it/94HEPC

IPTV Swiss company SmartData sues Apple over Apple TV, iPhone bit.ly/wyWqbi

Its finally happened! KT stops OTT IPTV content on its FTTH Broadband network Connected TV bit.ly/ABY90T Huge story.

Good overview on DASH standard for adaptive streaming bit.ly/wTK0bq

Mobile – Consumers may love the iPhone, but carriers hate it bit.ly/woAwyk

OTT – Technology decisions ‘dramatically influence OTT business models is.gd/7E2zy4

OTT – Roku adds BBC iPlayer channel as it starts shipping in the UK http://t.co/nPZqYGe4

Arris says it might extend support for retail Moxis beyond 2013. Estimates fewer than 5K of them are out there http://bit.ly/xivM4J

Fibre Driving Surge in Next Generation Networks Says Netadmin Systems http://bit.ly/A6hG6n

LightSquared Would Ruin Aviation With System, Carriers Say http://bloom.bg/AirzrC

IPTV – UTStarcom wins China Telecom IPTV contracts UTStarcom, a provider of inter http://bit.ly/zf3dxX

Israel plans ultra-fast national network Four groups have submitted pre http://bit.ly/xVSw4i

Broadcast/broadband homes watch half as much television as general population & twice the amount of Internet video! http://bit.ly/zLECvq

Viacom-18 losses Viacom-18 is the Indian joint- http://bit.ly/xDNj2U

Netflix and Hulu look to Russia: Netflix and Hulu are both –  http://bit.ly/yEHFI6

Poll: Providers Need CDNs for OTT Video Monetization: Seventeen percent indicated that they have already deployed…http://bit.ly/xuA9Up

FreedomPop Replacing LightSquared With Other Carrier As ‘Free Broadband’ Launch Partner – Forbes  http://onforb.es/xcZ3lf

Question marks over possible Chinese App Store frauds http://mwl.me/Ajrs8x

Cable TV – Primacom second restructuring: The owners of German cable company http://bit.ly/zcgBqw

Why cable operators don’t have choice to carry ESPN on a sports tier –  http://bit.ly/xDP3m9

OTT – AP Review: Netflix and Hulu’s new scripted originals – very TV-like but not great  http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Review-Netflix-Hulu-new-apf-3238525265.html

Broadband – Verizon Wireless reports its customers’ data usage at the big game was almost triple that of last year’s SuperBowlhttp://ow.ly/8YKt8

Putting the Digital Future in Focus – 5 Stories that Will Shape the U.S. Digital Industry in 2012 –http://bit.ly/AwBAIY

For cross-platform, content-centric apps, a hybrid approach saves time and money – and the results can be astounding. http://bit.ly/A5Pqf3

OTT – Number of US households preferring Internet to pay-TV rises 23%: The number of US homes with broadband In… http://bit.ly/xvm5NZ

Broadband – Fixed broadband services to generate US$ 191bn worldwide this year: Strong growth in terms of both subscribers… http://bit.ly/wZHFVc

Internet Usage Predictions for 2012 infographicsshowcase.com/internet-usage…

Virgin Media COO Defends Walled Garden TV Apps Ecosystem http://ow.ly/1FZYNU

Verizon: We Already Selected VOD When ActiveVideo Came Calling – http://www.multichannel.com/article/480375-Verizon_We_Already_Selected_VOD_When_ActiveVideo_Came_Calling.php

4G/LTE phones on the rise bit.ly/zvDySX

Connected cars; Alcatel-Lucent NGConnect introduced this 2 years back. Great to see the progress  http://sbne.ws/r/a0BZ

If you missed it before, TELUS is using Cisco Videoscape to bring Optik TV to mobile devices. This video explains: http://bit.ly/wrmSua

Seven Network Queensland chooses Quantel for news – http://bit.ly/xAWAZZ

TVTechnology: Are We CALM Yet? http://www.tvtechnology.com/article/are-we-calm-yet/211585

Google the FTTH operator: a step closer http://bit.ly/x977f9