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IPTV is approaching 55 million subscribers globally bit.ly/AvBq04

Nielsen: 66% of Americans ages 24-35 own a smartphone –http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/02/20/nielsen-66-of-americans-ages-24-35-own-a-smartphone/

Mobile – Intel Chefs Bake WiFi Into Mobile Chips – http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/02/rosepoint/

Social TV – Google files for patent on Siri-like TV user interface – http://cnet.co/wOT6Lb

LTE/4G – Clearwire to have 5,000 LTE sites running by June 2013 – http://goo.gl/KJohU

Mobile – 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi coming together in small cells – http://goo.gl/GCt1n

Verizon Courts Apartment and Condominium Residents in Hyperlocal FiOS Campaign –http://shar.es/gW9k2

Mobile RAN Revenues Increased 15 Percentage Points in 2011http://bit.ly/waJsJg

Traditional TV Viewing on the Rise in Australia Despite New Gadgets http://bit.ly/woyXHk

Mobile network providers missing out on billions of dollars in new revenue, suggests findings from TNS research  http://bel.ai/wrpRET

Nokia Siemens Network, Qualcomm Prepare MultiFlow HSPA+ To Keep Data Signals Strong  http://tcrn.ch/zJGm2X

Mobile – Amdocs Launches OSS Rollout Solution for LTE Base Station Planning and Design http://bit.ly/wOkZ81

IPTV reaches 55 million worldwide: http://bit.ly/ya7Xn5

IPTV NTT Communications Ticks All the G-Cloud Tender Boxes bit.ly/ADmf3D

Cable TV – Moscow’s National Cable Networks reconfirms commitment to Conax security  http://goo.gl/fb/uPSCK

VoLTE – Voice and video calling over LTE – a step towards future telephony http://ow.ly/9aYVk

FCC Still Looking For Home Speed Test Volunteers – Provide Custom Wireless Router For Network Testing http://dlvr.it/1DGsNW

Mobile – Future 3G Devices Will Be Able to Connect to Multiple Cells at Once http://bit.ly/yF468a

Social TV –  the Socialisation of TV: Tips for broadcasters & advertisers http://ow.ly/9ayz3

Android: LG Introduces NFC Wielding Optimus LTE Tag http://nl4.us/Ndnt5t

IPTV Brightcove raises USD 55 mln in IPO bit.ly/y8Erl9

IPTV S3 for Swisscom IPTV STB testing bit.ly/ytJYwt

Google Developing Siri-Like User Interface for Google TV – bit.ly/zQMW35

LTE/4G – F5 Sends LTE Signal With Acquisition – F5 sets itself up as a key tech partner for mobile operators migrating to LTE. http://www.lightreading.com/document.asp?doc_id=217667

Engadget “so impressed” with new Exede satellite broadband they forgot to mention it has lower caps than ever before:  http://goo.gl/cOcRu

Globe Telecom launches new apps portal under ‘MyAppsMall’ | Wireless Federation http://ow.ly/9avb1 Globe Telecom’s new app store offers benefits for own subs, but is also available to other networks’ users – http://wirelessfederation.com/news/91479-globe-telecom-launches-new-apps-portal-under-myappsmall-philippines/

12 Communication Trends Worth Your Attention in 2012: However you slice it, the pace of change, pressure of customer – http://bit.ly/wkvKUf

Broadcast TV – Blackmagic Design adds timecode and DNxHD QuickTime support to HyperDeck SSD recorders http://bit.ly/whW2u6

Comcast Media Center Lets Ops Tap VOD In The ‘Cloud’ – http://goo.gl/5onRy

Satellite – Inmarsat + Frontline… Bundling With Oil (SATCOM) http://goo.gl/fb/1XOTV

Satellite – Newtec… SatPlaying Around (SATCOM) http://goo.gl/fb/3GyPj

Satellite – Telesat + SkyVision… Satellite Broadband Expansion In Africa (SATCOM)  http://goo.gl/fb/NQ1iH

Google TV – YouTube enlists big-name help to redefine channels http://trap.it/kYPbCZ

48.0% Return Seen to Date on SmarTrend Sigma Designs Call (SIGM) http://bit.ly/w5ikwu

Satellite – LightSquared defaults on Inmarsat payment – http://goo.gl/NZVna

Ericsson to acquire North American carrier grade Wi-Fi company BelAir Networks – http://bit.ly/AE5Gjb

The Internet won the mobile broadband war (but you could still lose) http://dlvr.it/1DRp3Q

Carrier Ethernet – Marc Halbfinger, PCCW Global: The cost of capacity http://goo.gl/wO7WH

Carrier Ethernet – Navos Equips New Mental Health Facility with Comcast Business Class Ethernet Service; Saves Thousands and Reduces Ihttp://goo.gl/DaOAZ

Carrier Ethernet – Akado offers symmetric speed for Ethernet subs http://goo.gl/n7wnA

NSN claims it can “double data speeds” at cell edge http://goo.gl/fb/JlHXP

Mobile – Orange Africa brings Facebook to masses http://goo.gl/fb/9uWPR

FTTx – Between China Telecom & China Unicom, in 2011, something like 45M FTTx lines deployed in 2011 alone

Sunrise Chooses Entone http://bit.ly/zJXwgr

Interesting article by Techland that demonstrates how the Connected Human is about to make the world even smaller – http://inv.lv/x6hBvH

TV pros help YouTube boost appeal http://trap.it/4p4ntS

Qualcomm Krait S4 SoC fully benchmarked, diagnosed as ‘insane’ – http://dlvr.it/1DRh98 – Effect on Battery life Unknown….

PPTV Formed Alliance with CNTV Subsidiary http://bit.ly/zLU9ks

“TV ad time is mobile primetime – capitalize by integrating mobile ads that complement TV ad placements”  http://goo.gl/khx8x

Splitflix: A Netflix Sharing Start-up That’s Crazy… Like A Fox http://mvpx.tv/zmWJBJ

Video Streaming – Video streaming is easy, cheap http://mvpx.tv/AATLNB

Mobile Networks Lost $13.9bn in 2011 Due to Social Messaging http://bit.ly/wKEVs1

Mobile – Sorry, America: Your wireless airwaves are full http://cnnmon.ie/yOJD1P

Satellite – Inelsat-20 & Intelsat-23 launches slip in 3Q 2012 http://bit.ly/A6Sr8C

Comcast gives subscribers one more reason to quit Netflix — Online Video News http://t.co/HAcnYxS8 Media Decoder Blog: Comcast to Start ‘Streampix’ Video Service nyti.ms/wg2vWz Comcast is unveiling online video streaming for a selection of old TV shows and movies. DirecTV could be next. on.wsj.com/zCQ1U5 . Comcast unveils $4.99 per month Streampix service, taking aim at Netflix, Hulu and others… geekwire.com/2012/comcast-u… techmeme.com/120221/p41#a12…

Filipino TV channel GMA News launches in UAE http://is.gd/K4yWtD

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile All Claim ‘Largest 4G Network’ – Apparently Everybody Wins.  http://dlvr.it/1DVN9M

31% of U.S. advertisers will test second screen syncing http://www.v-net.tv/31-tell-advertising-survey-they-will-sync-with-second-screens/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter via videonetnews Have you tried SyncAds? Ad survey ANA Forrester > Videonet ow.ly/1GNXCB > US advertisers: 18% have already implemented synchronized ads, 31% in 2012.

Zfere Announces Brocade as Strategic Partner for Network Hardware bit.ly/xCAnRd

Airtel Fights SIM Box Fraudsters bit.ly/zOUQOH

High-growth carrier VoIP and IMS equipment segments kicking into gear in 2012: bit.ly/yAWNAA

Asia and Latin America boost enterprise voice equipment market in 4Q11; Avaya, Cisco end strong: bit.ly/AvJOB8

Satellite – Compass-G5 (BeiDou-2) launch window bit.ly/A9Y6FE

IPTV – Harmonic selected for Swiss hosted IPTV platform: Swiss IPTV wholesaler Netstream has selected video encoding… bit.ly/Apbkoc

OTT – Netflix Signs Multi-Year Agreement with The Weinstein Company blog-u.com/1DVthV

Where are we going with IP delivery? – http://goo.gl/6KAfR

IPTV – More IPTV for Poland bit.ly/wrohEQ

Over-the-Air TV Catches Second Wind, Aided by Web – WSJ.com on.wsj.com/xusv5F

New VideoMind Post: People Watching Online Video Longer shar.es/gr1vt

Infonetics’ enterprise & carrier VoIP research newsletter is out: bit.ly/zpdC5R Top PBX vendors, top carrier VoIP & IMS vendors…

GoogleTV: We Interrupt This Broadcast trap.it/cHnv27

IPTV Patent application hints at Voice Actions for Google TV bit.ly/vZzf16

IPTV Sony Google TV devices rooted, Hulu and other streaming video apps enabled bit.ly/w7es73

IPTV Tennessee Telco Taps Harmonic Transcoder for 200-Channel HD/SD IPTV Service bit.ly/xaMUKc

PlayCast Media: \”Cloud-based media will become imperative for the entertainment industry\”: We speak to… bit.ly/zoxFHR

New Video: SIP Trunking over Internet with Class of Service Capability: lnkd.in/Kvb3dU

TVTechnology: Volicon Introduces New Loudness, MPEG Transport Monitoring Products at NAB tvtechnology.com/article/volico…

OTT – Netflix discussing deal with ex-HBO Films chief Colin Callender via LA Times lat.ms/xsiK5f Another twist in the Netflix vs. HBO saga

Mobile – Yankee Group: both communications and connectivity could become feature rather than product bit.ly/ygScn4

Video Streaming Jumps 88% as Mobile Data Nearly Doubles: The report also found that Android Market traffic grew … bit.ly/zyAzy6

ICYMI: The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom ow.ly/9cO6R

£180m to fix 4G TV interference | Advanced Television dlvr.it/1DXVTj