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Stay tuned! SeaChange shortlisted for Best Multi-Screen TV Solution: http://t.co/NC3vA2rz

IPTV: Fernsehen emanzipiert sich vom Fernseher – http://www.faz.net/-gqm-6xubj  http://bit.ly/zy4dpH

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OTT – Netflix Bombs in Customer Satisfaction: Amazon, however, is probably stoked. http://bit.ly/z7ltYp

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UK Networks to Fund LTE Interference Mitigation Costs – http://www.cellular-news.com/story/53164.php

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T-Mobile Wary of Verizon Cable Deal – Warns FCC of ‘Excessive Consolidation’ of Airwaves dlvr.it/1Dg1z0 Verizon Wireless’s $4 Billion Spectrum Purchase Facing Obstacles bit.ly/wSZGxH

T-Mobile Sets March Ablaze with Blaze 4G Launch: T-Mobile USA today announced that the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G… bit.ly/wvIFQJ

FTTH – 56% of households in the UAE deployed with Fibre-to-the-home technology bit.ly/xugi7e . UAE ranks second in FTTH connections bit.ly/zbeZzr

FTTH – Malta announces plans to roll out nationwide FTTH network bit.ly/wsBTys

FTTH – First FTTH Enabled Residential Community in Egypt Empowered by Zhone … bit.ly/y1fHwd

Brightcove CMO, Jeff Whatcott, to present webinar today (Feb 22) on the appification of digital media & rise of hybrid apps bit.ly/A7UNfq

Analyst Angle: Personal Argentina sees data ARPU surpassing voice ARPU, a milestone in Latin America: Editor’s N… bit.ly/wNMlfc

Video Streaming continues to show significant growth with an 88 percent increase during the second half of 2011 ow.ly/9dIw9

According to Frost & Sullivan, the size of the market for Unified Communications (UC) in India was $465 million in 2010, a growth of 30 percent from the $357 million in 2009 … bit.ly/wvRvYW

CeBIT 2012: Test Gigabit Ethernet, ADSL, VDSL and SHDSL Now With Just one Device bit.ly/wg90VJ

Vision247 Shortlisted for Content Delivery of the Year in the Digital Studio Awards 2012 bit.ly/zRSYXb

Verizon 4G LTE outage hitting parts of the US dlvr.it/1Dgm5f

Talking TVs are on the way. latimes.com/business/techn…

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OTT digital video receivers grow in popularity among U.S. broadband households, says Parks Associates shar.es/g2Glz

Broadcast TV – LIN TV threatens to pull Fox and CBS stations from Cox, says Fierce Cable tinyurl.com/6u7mhuc

Google TV’s Revamped YouTube App: #YouTube‘s quest to rival Hulu and Netflix advances, slowly ow.ly/9dpJn

Panasonic to take on LG with passive 3D HDTV digitaltvselector.com/3d-hdtv-passiv…

“We believe DASH is the only way to effectively scale video over the Internet.” bit.ly/xKArzI Meet the DASH Promoters Group! MPEG-DASH group to promote universal delivery format for Internet based on best elements of proprietary streaming tech. bit.ly/ye4Kg9

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Broadband performance testing volunteers sought by FCC ow.ly/9dRXH

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Center for Digital Democracy Petitions FCC for Google Privacy Ruling bit.ly/x38n9b

Facebook Planning Big, New Ad Platform bit.ly/Aj9W9x

Avid Motion Graphics Debuted bit.ly/AyOYjq

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