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Wal-Mart to Help Hollywood With UltraViolet Consumer Video-Storing Service  http://on.wsj.com/wqWOZM

We need a $50 tablet says Bharti Airtel chairman goo.gl/fb/YfVKa

Informa’s MWC Round Up – Day Two goo.gl/fb/kDk2a

BBC iPlayer Android app now streams over 3G networks – read more on the BBC blog: bbc.in/wkbXAk iPlayer available on “overwhelming majority of platforms” dlvr.it/1G5L4y

Mobile – How modernized GSM supports smartphones |  Maik_Braun bit.ly/yzwOuX

First Steps Toward TV Band Clearing Start : CommLawBlog ow.ly/9md3Y

Telus selects IPTV testing solution from Witbe: Canadian telco Telus has selected an IPTV testing solution… bit.ly/yO145w

Attending IPTVWF? Download primer on adaptive streaming bit.ly/yKOxDl

Connect TV Delivers 45 New Channels via Broadband to UK Freeview HD Boxes ispreview.co.uk/story/2012/02/…

Dixons UK Launch Broadband Internet Film Rental and Download Service ispreview.co.uk/story/2012/02/…

IPTV Under 1 million Google TV devices are actively used bit.ly/zurDJ7

Why Australia lags in targeted online video advertising. bit.ly/zW41iy

IPTV – A report from MRG predicts that total no. of subscribers to IPTV services worldwide will grow from 53mn in 2011 to 105mn in 2015.

TOT begins IPTV trial service in Thailand goo.gl/fb/oJC5w

GOODBYE, CABLE TV: 2.3 Million Americans Have Pulled The Plug Since 2010 –

If Broadband for 100% of Wales = £2.6bn in new revenues according to a Gov study, why wouldn’t it have been done already?

IPTV Pampers to livestream web TV show within Facebook bit.ly/w6xrWg

Telco networks are opening up: AT&T reports growth in API transactions: 300m in 2009, 4.5bn in 2011. Forecasts 10bn in 2012 MWC2012

Multiscreen TV and we’re securing it -TV Komm. :tablet-PCs and smartphones will accompany TV viewing – bit.ly/zllbDP

Sprint TV finally comes to iPhones bit.ly/x3ZZU4

DTG unveils next-generation features for Freeview platform goo.gl/fb/0GNIM

North America Broadband Subscribers Near 100M in 2011; Cord-Cutting a Non-Event bit.ly/AplGrG Cord Cutting Can Wait: Subscription TV Added 343,000 Subs in Q4 – Yahoo! Finance finance.yahoo.com/news/cord-cutt…

FTTH Council Europe Conference Take-Aways bit.ly/x9xejw

OTT – Verizon, Redbox JV launching in August; telco expects better content deals – FierceIPTV: bit.ly/ymP5Fg

Only 1 Million Google TV Devices in Use – Half of Those Are Discontinued Revue Units dlvr.it/1G6mRm

Comcast Still Not Interested in Usage-Based Pricing – Doesn’t Want to Hurt Customer Satisfaction Rankings dlvr.it/1G6mTJ

In the future, what % of mobile traffic will go macrocell vs. small cell vs. WLAN? And will it matter?  how much will operators charge users to authenticate on WLAN via EAP/Hotspot 2.0? MWC2012

LTE/4G – UK Broadband switches on 4G LTE network in London bit.ly/z0DQm8 [4G wholesale with almost Clearwire-esque amount of 3.5GHz spectrum].

Mobile – Report shows January was stellar for apps: 12% more downloads, 59% lower marketing costs tnw.to/1DUrc

Chyron Enhances Channel Box2 for 2012 NAB Show bit.ly/wCA4su

MWC2012: Nokia Siemens focused on North American growth: BARCELONA, Spain – Nokia Siemens Networks is looking t… bit.ly/y1RPKt

Telecom – Video: Main Agenda at MWC2012: taking the HSPA path towards LTE tinyurl.com/7z37wal

Mobile – Hear what John Chambers and CTOs of Shaw, Orange, and AT&T are saying about mobile strategies bit.ly/xRfCaN

Saudi TV Synchronises With Trilogy bit.ly/z1uTYx

Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing and Telepresence Market Reaches $2.7 Billion in 2011, According to IDC: bit.ly/zMqnsY

ABC affiliates threaten to pull signals from Time Warner Cable in Milwaukee and Albany, N.Y. fiercecable.com/story/abc-affi…

Harman Struder And RTW Announce Deal to Integrate Loudness Metering bit.ly/wZbKOD Studer and RTW announce deal to integrate Loudness Metering with Vista range of consoles audioprointernational.com/news/read/stud…

Better user experience coming to a smartphone or tablet near you with Category 4, the next step in LTE evolution: ow.ly/9mmb8

Huawei Ascend G300 announced at the MWC 2012; Heading to Vodafone UK bit.ly/zfeyXh

Spain‘s PRISA ends 2011 with 1.84 million pay TV subscribers goo.gl/fb/792j1

First live TV broadcast in Spain using LTE and lightRadio j.mp/woR0GJ

Motorola launches trade-in program with MotoAssist IT service to help businesses switch to Android bit.ly/zc6JOg

Milestone for VoLTE voice handover ow.ly/9mvbm

Streaming Video – Soon, H265 encoding will dramatically decrease streaming video file sizes. Qualcom’s Snapdragon S4’s are ready (video): youtu.be/vZfsULKG2Zo

OTT on the inside gigaom.com/mobile/threate

Video: ZTE Mifavor UI bit.ly/ybNSxc

Ericsson demonstrates world’s first 150Mbps LTE connection on a live network ow.ly/9mv1F

Push Against AT&T Throttling On Change.org bit.ly/Ama0OO

SocialTV Numbers: Tuesday ow.ly/9mFSu Get the data on Trendrr.tv’s top shows for cable and broadcast!

Harris Corporation Introduces HView SX Pro bit.ly/wHpcgX

T-Mobile emphasizing services over speed while waiting for LTE cnet.co/wLuhtr

WiFi comes of age at Mobile World Congress MWC2012 bel.ai/wTDDip

The Unbreakable Smartphone That Lasts For Weeks Without Recharging bit.ly/xzmTG3

FCC – Checkout the Small Biz Cyberplanner , a tool to create & save a custom cybersecurity plan for your company http://.fcc.gov/cyberplanner.

Broadcast TV – 39.3 million people tuned into broadcast TV to watch the Oscars on Sunday!

Cable TV – Time Warner Cable closes Insight deal (press release) fiercecable.com/press-releases…

Satellite-Update, TV-Archiv Ausbau, PM Update Android: In den letzten Tagen gab es eigentlic… bit.ly/z5zOxB

HBO Go app coming to Xbox Live April 1 aol.it/w8tY9d

Vodafone TV – Vodafone DSL plus TV Paket zum Sparpreis: goo.gl/tdOaG

Pay TV – Telefónica ends 2011 with 3.3 million pay TV subscribers goo.gl/fb/x7bWH

Ohne HD-Plus-Einschränkungen: Entertain mit ProSiebenSat.1-HD-Kanälen: kress.de kress.de/tagesdienst/de…

Telekom Entertain mit neuen HD-Sendern –10 Prozent Rabatt auf Entertain Tarife telefontarifrechner.de/news12192.html

The Internet Was Made for Television news.yahoo.com/internet-made-…

Colombia’s Emcali to launch IPTV very soon: Colombian telco Emcali will be launching its new IPTV service … bit.ly/zHi8wp UNITED STATES : Emcali Deploys Verimatrix Revenue Security for Enhanced Protection of IPTV Service… bit.ly/Ai7s2l

HDD supply woes hit DVR shipments, prices to drop in 2013: After suffering severe supply problems as a – bit.ly/xuftWD

IPTV – Jetzt muss Deutschland nur noch gewinnen – bit.ly/yD8bUM

Focus On: Multiscreen bit.ly/zhYO8h

Mobile – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: WTA ranks du’s SAMACOM teleport in global top ten bit.ly/yNiUpl

Mobile – PAKISTAN : PTCL’s products & services setting trends for 2012 bit.ly/wCu2tg